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Spoiler Alert: Day 2 of testing at Charlotte (more photos) - Updated


Spoiler Alert: Day 2 of NASCAR testing at Charlotte (more photos)

Don't Just Sit There, Do Something AboutIt!


And that is just what Kevin Harvick did. In the absence of any solid drug testing by NASCAR, and given the recent Aaron Fike admission, Kevin Harvick took it upon himself to at least do...

"Kyle Busch Is a Jerk"


That is what Earnhardt fans are saying at least.   To me this is how the whole thing played out at Richmond last night.   Busch is a brash win at all costs 23 year old who got in over his...

Richmond's Two Other Controversies


Saturday night's race at Richmond was not just about the Busch/Earnhardt incident, there were other things going on too. As much as we have been caught up in the controversy that is Kyle Busch and...

Rookies Are Earning Their DarlingtonStripes


With the Darlington race this weekend there have been quite a few rookies earning their 'stripes' early in practice. Those who have earned their stripe include; JJ Yeley (who really isn't a...

Darlington Proving To Be "Too Tough ToTame"


My post from yesterday talking about rookies earning their "Darlington Stripes" foreshadowed things to come for today as many drivers, veterans and rookies, earned their stripes today if they...

The 'Lady in Black' Swept Away By KyleBusch


Now some of you are probably wondering how I predicted that someone with the last name beginning with a "B" would win the race (Kyle Busch) and that Dale Jr would get a Top 5 finish (he...

I've Changed My Opinion


OK, I couldn't wait with this post so I'll post my regular race review tonight instead of now. I hope you don't mind.Initially I took the stance that the incident between Kyle Busch and Dale Jr was...

It Appears That The New Darlington is TougherThan the Old Darlington


Saturday's race at Darlington wasn't a 'wreck-fest' like I thought it was going to be as 41 of the 43 cars that started the race actually finished, but I think I've never seen so many cars with...

Why Kyle Busch Is Needed In NASCAR


Love him or hate him, Kyle Busch is good for NASCAR. Why? Because NASCAR needs a 'bad boy' right now, and Kyle easily fills those boots.   'Bad Boys' generate interest, and the more interest...

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