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Offsides: Saints' Victory Parade Draws a Crowd


↵ ↵The estimated turnout for the Saints' "Lombardi Gras" victory ride drew over ↵800,000 revelers, according to parade organizers, making it the largest parade ever held in New Orleans. ↵ ...

Peyton Manning Pulls a Belichick, To a Very Different Reaction


Two years ago, Bill Belichick famously rushed off to the locker room with a second remaining in Super Bowl XLII, rather than offer congratulations on field to the champion New York Giants. That the...

A Super Bowl Shirt Story That Doesn't Involve an Impoverished Country


Those versed in sports media on the margins know that in the days following the Super Bowl to look for the inevitable sidebar story about how the losing team's merchandise store accidentally...

The Most Watched Moments of the Most Watched Telecast Ever


If you were ever concerned that your cable box is smarter than you, it is. TiVo boxes, and presumably the run-of-the-mill DVRs the cable companies give you, can track our every movement. They can...

Drew Brees Is One Likeable Fella


↵It's always fun to look back at a season and try to figure out – based on nothing but keen observation and a complete lack of any insider knowledge – if those in charge of the major sports...

Shanoff's WUC: Saints Prove Champs for Ages


Today's Calls: Super Bowl vs. MASH finale, Peyton Manning vs. 2010, Sean Payton vs. Jim Caldwell, Tiger vs. Tavistock, Villanova vs. Texas, Purdue vs. Michigan State, Kobe vs. All-Star Game, Vince...

Looking Back at TSB's Week in South Florida for Super Bowl 44


After Sunday night's Super Bowl I slept all of about 45 minutes before I had to jump in a rental car and head to Miami International Airport. That little nap led to me sleeping away the better part...

Sean Payton Introduces the NFL's New "Moneyball"


Amongst the blizzard of Super Bowl articles out today there is a certain genre that compliments Sean Payton on his cojones. An example from this here blog: ⇥⇥⇥⇥⇥⇥⇥⇥Blind...

A Factoid That Should Interest Everybody: Remi Ayodele's Incredible Ink


I know there is much antipathy for Peter King (all sorts of salty language) on the Interwebs. (Stampede Blue's chit-chat with King is a nice counterpoint.) But I respect King's work ethic, and his...

Forget Film Study: For Tracy Porter, It Was All About the Hair


Look, I know that Tracy Porter's superb film study is what actually enabled him to pick off Peyton Manning's fourth-quarter pass and return it for the Super Bowl 44-sealing touchdown Sunday night....

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