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It's Hard To Believe The Super Bowl Used To Suck

We're now a full week removed from Super Bowl XLVI, but before we bury the NFL season, there's one final note that needs to be made, and that's that this generation has been unbelievably lucky when...

New Giants Stadium Possibly to Host First Outdoor Cold Weather Super Bowl


↵ ↵Citing budgetary concerns pertaining to security cost of the event, the Arizona Host Committee removed itself from contention for Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, leaving as the remaining bidders...

Wes Welker's Scrappy Title Safe for Now


During the Colts portion of Media Day, I had to set the record straight among the NFL commentating class in regards to which NFL wide receiver is the league's most "scrappy".The candidates I set...

Tebow Family Tabbed For Super Bowl Ad With Probable Pro-Life Spin


This is how Tim Tebow's professional career begins (or, at least, the highly visible part): As part of a Focus on the Family commercial set to air during the Super Bowl. The Denver Post confirms...

Ranking the Possible Super Bowls: From Who Dey-Who Dat to Manning-Favre


Back when I wrote for a site that wasn't this one, I ranked possible Super Bowls before the playoffs began. It was pointless. But it was fun.It's something I hope you enjoy, too.Caveats: I'm...

Moment of the Decade: An Ape, a Parrot and One for the Thumb


Today at TSB, we're each giving our personal moment of the decade in sports.Were it not for Super Bowl XL, I wouldn't be writing this post today.It was while watching that game at a Steelers bar in...

The Greatest Weekend In Sport Ever (For This Year) In One Easy-To-Use Post


↵ ↵Fact: All you need to know about the Super Bowl you may learn by reading nothing but TSB this weekend. This website will, for one weekend and one weekend only, turn into a three-ring circus...

The Wingaggeddon Is At Bay...For Now


If you were concerned about the dreaded chicken wing shortage rumored to be spreading despair about the fine, wing-devouring people of this great nation...be not concerned, fair citizen. Stephen...

Super Bowl Ads Almost Sold-Out, Non-Veggie


You may be selling pencils on the streetcorner and reading this on a jerry-rigged Tandy sucking power from a tapped pipe underneath an overpass, but someone is doing just fine in this economy. NBC...

FirstCuts Would Like a Word With You


And now a word from Chris Littmann, who writes for the Sporting News' own FirstCuts blog. He calls FirstCuts "a little brother" of TSB; we like to think of him as the thinner, more attractive and...

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