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"Seven to 10" Vols Involved in Bar Brawl: Two Charged, Two Suspended, One Booted


Update 7:30 p.m.: Darren Myles was charged with assault and resisting and evading arrest, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, and has been kicked off the team by Derek Dooley. Two other...

Derek Dooley And Tennessee Win A Transfer Battle For A Change


↵Derek Dooley's tenure as Tennessee's head coach got off to a weird, unpleasant start when he demanded that transferring offensive lineman Aaron Douglas go to a school at least eight hours away....

The Fan Billboard Crusade Now Targets Lane Kiffin


In recent years, the fan billboard fundraising gimmick has typically been done to achieve a practical aim: to protest an owner or to campaign for a player, coach or general manager to be hired or...

Are College Basketball's Handshake Deals Still Viable?


↵ ↵Terrence Jones' recruitment was the weird story of the college basketball silly season this year. Jones originally committed to Washington, going so far as to do the...

A No Longer Depressed Aaron Douglas Is Planning A Dooley End-Around


↵Freshman All-American offensive lineman Aaron Douglas was one of a few critical transfers suffered by new Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley but the only one to garner a seemingly arbitrary d...

Two More Examples That, In The End, College Athletes Have Almost No Power


Two players from two sports in one conference give us our latest reminders that college athletes are often nothing more than cannon fodder for college coaches, left at the mercy of one-sided aid...

Spring Gleaning: 'Bama's Backs Still Thrill, Robinson Leads Michigan QBs


Breaking news out of Alabama: Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson are both very, very good. Ingram ran for 90 yards, including a 60-yarder, and Richardson had three catches for 63 yards and a score at...

Sorry, Vols: Tennessee Is The New Michigan


↵Tennessee and Michigan have been programs operating in parallel for a ↵while, both traditional powers with hated rivals one state over (Ohio State and Alabama) that they operate at a...

J.P. Prince's Halfcourt Heave Didn't Have a Shot, And Neither Does the Box Score


Michigan State fans will remember their Elite Eight game yesterday for the Spartans' smart play in the last half-minute, but Tennessee fans will remember the half-hearted halfcourt heave by J.P....

Michigan State Survives Tennessee's Shooting With Smarts in Crucial Seconds


For a day, St. Louis was almost Sparta.But it was the smart plays, not the savagery that preceded them, that helped Michigan State beat Tennessee and advance to Tom Izzo's sixth Final Four.With the...

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