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Offsides: The Future of the Big 12


↵ ↵Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville is concerned about the inequality that exists in the Big 12 and says the league will not last long. ↵↵This post originally appeared on the Sporting...

Texas Technicalities: Craig James Denies Role in Leach Firing, Son Calls Shed Treatment "Funny"


Mike Leach has been fired, is now in the news for being a coach (NSFW language), and has no chance of getting his job back. Because of that, we haven't checked on the hit courtroom drama As Texas...

Gasp! Mike Leach Curses at His Players Like Most Coaches


Mike Leach has taken his act away from Lubbock, Texas, but his voice still rings out at Texas Tech thanks to two locker room rant videos first obtained by Orangebloods.com and also posted over on B...

USF Didn't Hire the High School Kid, But Some Schools Should Have Taken a Look


↵ It's too bad South Florida hired Skip Holtz, because if they were any of a half-dozen schools that made wacky hires in the recent past it would be easy to point to this kid… ↵ ↵ ↵⇥ ...

Tommy Tuberville As That Guy From Memento


↵Tommy Tuberville at Texas Tech is sort of an odd fit, what with his well-publicized disastrous switch to the spread offense. Tuberville hired Tony Franklin from Troy, failed to commit...

Leach Is Out At Texas Tech, But Who's In?


↵Texas Tech athletic director Gerry Myers is advised to tread ↵carefully in his search for a new football coach. Tech fans tend to be ↵gun-happy and lawless in the best of times, and most of...

Weekend Wake Up: The Saga of Mike Leach and Texas Tech Continues a Descent Into Madness


It Gets Deeper. Texas Tech won the Alamo Bowl Saturday night, beating Michigan State 41-31 behind 473 passing yards from Taylor Potts and Steven Sheffield and 182 combined rushing and receiving...

A Bad Week for Pirates: East Carolina's Sour Over Sweets, Leach Fires Back


How do you get your relatively obscure Conference USA team a little bit of burn during an otherwise packed bowl week? Well, if you're Jonathan Williams and Leonard Paulk, you squabble at a team...

The (Bleeping) Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the (Bleeping) Tree in the Knight Family


Welcome to TSB, where we write about nothing but Texas Tech now. (Kidding, I think.) I couldn't help but kind of chuckle at the clip below, which followed the Red Raiders' 90-75 loss to New Mexico...

Is This Adam James Trapped in the Closet?


↵ ↵An interesting video popped up tonight (Wednesday, for those of you reading this Thursday morning) on YouTube, which appears to portray Adam James in an electrical closet just off the media...

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