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Yes, Tim Tebow Can Hit Home Runs, Too


It's tough to dispute Tim Tebow's current rockstar status with his jersey topping NFL sales charts before ever playing a game in the league. But being the Justin Bieber of the football world has...

Shanoff's WUC: Broncos Steal Show With Tebow


Today's Calls: Tim Tebow vs. Josh McDaniels, Sam Bradford vs. Jimmy Clausen, Ndamukong Suh vs. Lions fans, NCAA 96 vs. NCAA 68, Kevin Durant vs. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James vs. Derrick Rose, David...

Video: Jerry Jones Slurs Interesting Comments About Tim Tebow, Bill Parcells


Late Tuesday, Deadspin posted a grainy video likely from an iPhone camera of Jerry Jones sounding slightly slurred and saying some interesting stuff about Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow. (NSFW...

Press Coverage: Mariotti, Doyel, Penner, Tebow, ESPN3D, CBS & The Eternity of 11 Seconds


Did Jay Mariotti really write a column this weekend with the lede, "why must the man SCREAM AND YELL ALL THE TIME," and do so without any semblance of irony or self-awareness? The column was on...

It Turns Out We All Need 20 Minutes With Tim Tebow


↵So a couple days ago I compared ↵Deonte Thompson to Terrell Owens on this here site because of a quote that found its way onto a blog post by Jeremy Fowler, a Florida beat writer. This makes...

Tim Tebow Doesn't Get An Amen


UPDATE: Tebow denies the following story, telling Pro Football Talk editor and SN contributor Mike Florio, "Not one single word of it is true." ↵ ↵As anyone with a shred of familiarity with Tim...

Deonte Thompson Needs 20 Minutes With Tim Tebow


There turns out to be one person in Gainesville who doesn't   Tebow as a holy person. Surprisingly, it turns out to be a Florida wide receiver in desperate need of some time with Thom...

Tim Tebow Unlikely To Attend The Draft; Can Mope In Privacy


Peter King, who is bound to be a trusted media confidant to Tim Tebow for as long as the former Gator plays in the NFL, comes through with a quote in his latest weekly column that indicates that T...

Sam Wyche The Latest To Stump For Tebow


Tim Tebow is easily the most divisive player in this year's NFL Draft. Many assume he will crash and burn, chortling at his unorthodox throwing motion and most recently his reported low score on...

Greg Paulus Will Outshine Tebow, Beat Up Clausen ... Or So He (Jokingly) Says


I don't think anyone sees a decade-long career in the NFL for Greg Paulus, so I tend to take the media tour he's on during draft workouts as more of an audition for a broadcast career than a...

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