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UConn Joins The NCAA Sanction Party: How Much Trouble Are They In?


↵ ↵With UConn's receipt of a lengthy Notice of Allegations after an investigation spurred by a Yahoo! investigation into the recruitment of small forward Nate Miles, one thing is for certain:...

Randy Edsall Wants The Big East To Get Machiavellian With Notre Dame


↵A few weeks ago, Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick kicked off a round of Internet speculation about the Irish giving up their independence by suggesting that if a meteor hit college...

Because One John Wall Post Isn't Enough


Did you miss Wednesday night's UK-UConn tilt at The Garden? Two must-see videos for your viewing pleasure. First, early on as Kentucky jumped out to a 12-0 lead: ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵And then,...

Press Coverage: Tim McCarver, Gus Johnson, Rethinking Blackouts and UConn's Levels of Loss


Yeah, yeah, I said last week Phils in five. Cue the laugh track now, Yankees fans. But here's the thing about the Phillies...

This Week In Schadenfreude: Sept. 14


↵Right, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm insufferable in this one. ↵On Saturday, Michigan hit the quad, winning in dramatic fashion as all ↵three of their primary rivals went down in...

Hartford Courant Has Hands In Auriemma's Pockets, Perhaps Literally


The Connecticut basketball media horde has long been more ‘friend of the program’ than anything else. How can you blame them when the two coaches -- Jim Calhoun on the men’s side and Geno Auriemma...

Jim Calhoun Not Quite Comfortable


↵ ↵For someone in a stadium filled with 70,000 other human beings, Jim Calhoun looks awful lonely. ↵ ↵Calhoun stayed in the "dugout" for a while before ascending to proper screaming...

Levance Fields Laughs at Your 'Diagnosis'


With No. 4 Pitt hosting No. 1 UConn in CBS' early game, each team needs all hands on deck. Last time the teams battled, DeJuan Blair took the headlines by literally beating the hell out of touted...

Like Calhoun, Greg Gumbel Won't Suffer Jerks


During halftime of Georgia Tech-UNC, Jim Calhoun refused to apologize for blowing up on an activist last week. But as Awful Announcing notes in posting the clip, Greg Gumbel ended up with the most...

Calhoun Most Impressive of the 800-Win Club


Words by Sporting News writer Dave Curtis. ↵ ↵After watching UConn Coach Jim Calhoun win his 800th game Wednesday night at the Bradley Center, I kicked around the names of the seven men to...

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