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Usain Bolt: Still Considerably Faster Than All of Us


OK, maybe the headline is misleading. Saying "all of us" implies that Bolt set a world record in the 300M video below and that's not the case. He actually came up .12 short of Michael Johnson's...

Tyson Gay Plans to Break Obscure 200m WR, Is Completely Delusional About Usain Bolt


↵In 2009, organizers for the Manchester Great City Games constructed a 150m track down the middle of a city street so Usain Bolt could break another world record. Clearly, the gimmick worked,...

Video: Usain Bolt Runs 100 Meters in 8.79 Seconds at Penn Relays


It's a treat of this life that we all get to see Usain Bolt run. This video isn't particularly good, but in it you get to see Bolt run the anchor leg of a 4x100 meters relay in 8.79 seconds at the...

Usain Bolt on Club Hopping, Guinness, Breaking Another WR & the Probability of Running 9.4


Usain Bolt is living a pretty good life right now. The fastest man in the world, and most famous man in his native Jamaica, Bolt hasn't run a competitive race since the World Championships last...

Japanese TV Continues to Confuse, This Time With Usain Bolt


This has pretty much everything you need for a good, confusing Japanese TV bit. Guy in blackface? Check. Inflatable character? Check. Woman dressed as bunny awarding Olympic medal? Check. ↵ ↵ ...

The 2,000-Yard Rusher Possibly Squaring Off Against the World's Fastest Man. (Or Maybe Not.)


↵ ↵Now that the Titans season is over, Chris Johnson can finally concentrate on what appears to be a singular obsession of his: staging footraces against every professional athlete in the...

Usain Bolt Adopts a Cheetah (Yes, Really)


Some things just seem too incredible to be real, such as the guy who's pledging to push the 100-meter mark to unthinkable lows adopting one of the world's fastest animals. And yet, to the right of...

Our Fancy Modern Athletes Have Nothing on Prehistoric Subhumans


When people compare athletes of today to those of bygone eras, you immediately hear the notion that athletes of today are bigger, stronger, more sophistically trained and provided with better...

End This Summer: What Mattered, What Didn't


With the non-football portion of 2009 mercifully drawing to a close, subjective observations about the meaningful and meaningless of the summer of 2009 seems like a good way to kill time. ↵ ...

Usain Bolt: What Is He Doing Here On Earth?


Forget gender tests. They need to whip out something a little more sophisticated over at the track and field world championships in Berlin, some test that can ascertain beyond the shadow of a doubt...

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