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Pete Carroll Wins Forever, Also Forever Changes Where Books Can Be Promoted


Former USC and current Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is briefly out ↵on the promotional ↵circuits hawking his new book "Win Forever," which hits stores ↵today, while at the same time...

USC Apologizes to Schools For Saying Dillon Baxter Was Illegally Contacted


You may recall that in June, the NCAA ruled that schools could contact USC's juniors and seniors following the punishments handed down by the NCAA Infractions Committee. You may also recall that...

Offsides: Lane Kiffin, Seantrel Henderson Star in "Free Signee"


↵ ↵Lane Kiffin and USC released highly touted lineman Seantrel Henderson from his letter of intent on Tuesday. With this move, he was released back into the wild for the likes of the...

Derek Dooley And Tennessee Win A Transfer Battle For A Change


↵Derek Dooley's tenure as Tennessee's head coach got off to a weird, unpleasant start when he demanded that transferring offensive lineman Aaron Douglas go to a school at least eight hours away....

The Fan Billboard Crusade Now Targets Lane Kiffin


In recent years, the fan billboard fundraising gimmick has typically been done to achieve a practical aim: to protest an owner or to campaign for a player, coach or general manager to be hired or...

On Second Thought, The NCAA Should Have Given USC The Death Penalty


↵Is it possible the NCAA  can go back and retroactively give USC the death penalty? No? That's a shame, because the spreading arrogant defiance of the NCAA decision is both unprecedented and v...

Picking at Ozymandias: USC's Dillon Baxter Alleges Illegal Contact


Friday, the NCAA announced that USC juniors and seniors can transfer without sitting out a season, a benevolent decision for the players who had the rug tugged out from under them earlier this...

Does Anyone Think USC Basketball Got Off Light?


↵Judging by reaction across the Internet, everyone not named "Garrett" or "Kiffin" thinks the NCAA got it basically right when they smacked USC with penalties severe enough to create a five-year...

Offsides: Kiffin and Current Trojans Can't Escape the Bush Era


USC was hit with a two-year postseason ban and scholarship reductions on Thursday. While those responsible have moved onto big paydays in the NFL, it's the current regime that will pay for their...

USC Hammered by NCAA Investigators


↵ Moses has come down from the mountain, and he is seriously annoyed at USC's golden calf (PDF). And how: while the Trojans have received the two-year postseason ban that had been rumored over...

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