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Virginia Tech Coach Seth Greenberg Sinks First Big Shot of Men's ACC Tournament

The men's ACC Tournament gets under way today with four games, but the Virginia Tech Hokies don't take the floor for game action until Friday. That didn't stop coach Seth Greenberg for nailing the...

Ike Whitaker's Revival: From A Bag of Alcohol to NFL Draft Hopes

Brandon Crawford's NFL dreams are inspirational because he's taken the long road to this point. But for sheer degree of difficulty, former Virginia Tech wideout Ike Whitaker has Crawford licked.W...

This Week In Schadenfreude: Sept. 8

↵This Week In Schadenfreude chronicles the rended garments, ↵destroyed lives, and all-caps, more-misspelled-than-not internet bile ↵generated by college football every weekend....

Hokies Go for Physical Challenge, Get Slimed

Another day in conference tournament play, another bubble goes boom. Today, it was Virginia Tech, who came oh-so-close to taking down a Ty Lawson-less UNC team. The win would’ve probably made the...

Va Tech Wants Some Hokie-on-Paulus Action

One day, when we're all old and sitting on the porch reminiscing about our mispent youth, we'll regret terrorizing kids like Greg Paulus. ↵ ↵Until then, we are just going to laugh,...

VA Tech Linebacker Fills Out His Comment Card

↵ ↵Are you aware that Virginia Tech is really good on special teams? And that their coach is named Frank Beamer, and when you combine the two you may call it "Beamerball?" Good. You're...

Perhaps You'd Like to Play QB for VA Tech

Can you take a snap from under center? How's your ability to hand off to a running back? Can you throw the ball 15 yards with velocity ... any velocity, really? ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵If...

Virginia Tech Receiver Blows a .33 BAC, Gets Arrested, Blames Beamer

You know it's a good article when this sentence appears in the body: ↵ ↵⇥He wasn't looking to get in to any trouble, he said, but he ended the night in handcuffs. ↵ ...

Beamer Outsmarts Himself, Va Tech Suffers

↵Late this week, Virginia Tech announced sophomore QB Tyrod Taylor would red-shirt the season, handing the starting job to senior Sean Glennon. Taylor played his tail off last year, beating...

Frank Beamer Gets This Party Started Right

Coffee. Bagels. Frank Beamer's goitered grill getting down in a locker room. Just your basic breakfast menu. This is video of Beamer flexing his soul glo in the locker room after the Hokies pulled...

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