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Sure shot Title or not?! IBRA

Striker.... Ibra??! If we sign a striker we’ll win the league. We become super favorites for the title.As F.Perez says good players pay for themselves. Say we get Ibra for 15mil euro(12mil pounds)...

Is there a football "poster" like basketball has?


There are football posters, and basketball posters. One is a photo, the other is destruction.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants lesbian sex


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Spanish soccer player caught seemingly getting intimate with a teammate last week (in the brown jacket), was asked about it over the weekend. His answer to all the rumors:...

Speculation over Barcelona soccer players


It's not a big deal to see European athletes seemingly in romantic embraces or kissing. It happens all the time, particularly in soccer. But this photo of Barcelona soccer players Zlatan...

Our story thus far...


Considering the fact that Inter doesn’t have another friendly until the SuperCup in China against Lazio on Saturday – a game that I hope we have the proper mentality to win – I would like to spare...

Goodbye Ibra or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


iacta alea est - There is nothing left but the ink on paper. The deal is done, Ibra is gone and Eto'o has agreed to Inter's terms. Samuel Eto'o will sign a five-year contract worth 10.5 million...

Tu sei tutto quello che


This was supposed to be just a regular post that was going to go on the bottom of the last blog entry. But I got a little carried away, the way I always seem to around this time of year. As I...

I Like the Motta/Milito Signing. Am I alone in this?


We say goodbye to a beloved Inter player in Julio Cruz this week, but also we say goodbye to an Inter Philosophy this week too. First, I have a few thoughts about Cruz. Cruz has something, a...

No News is Good News, Right?


It has been a relatively quiet, yet paradoxically stressful, week for Inter and us fans. The sword of Damocles still hangs over our heads as Maicon is courted by loathsome English clubs, though "As...

What if… A Tale of the Silly Season


Okay, thinking outside the box a minute, I am trying to understand some rumors I read lately. Basically they boil down to Inter officials going to Spain and talking to the Big Two clubs there –...

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