Talking Points

Talking Points: Some Reading Material To Hold You Over For The Weekend

The sports world moves a little slower this time of year, so take a few minutes this weekend to enjoy some longer reads from today and yesterday. Beginning with the black-and-white Kings, and ending with Young Jeezy's documentary.

Randy Moss Returning? We Should Be So Lucky

Randy Moss is ready to return to the NFL, he said Monday, but will any teams try to sign him? Hard to say, but the reason teams might be reluctant is the reason his comeback would be so great.

Super Bowl Talking Points: Rob Gronkowski Will Play On Sunday (Of Course He Will)

Rob Gronkowski has been in the news for the past ten days, as everyone wonders whether a severe ankle sprain will keep him out of Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis. Thursday we got an answer.

Super Bowl Odds Favor The Patriots, But Everyone's Picking The Giants

Tom Brady and the Patriots are still Super Bowl XLVI favorites, but even so, the majority of betters in Vegas are picking Eli Manning and the Giants to pull off the upset. Plus: more news from Super Bowl week, and some blasts from Super Bowls past.

Super Bowl Media Day Highlights: No, Tom Brady Will Not Touch Your Dragon

Super Bowl media day came and went on Tuesday, and we didn't learn anything new from the Giants and Patriots, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun! Get caught up on all the highlights.

Lil Wayne, Todd Haley, And The Magic Of Rhetorical Questions

When is a Lil Wayne concert news? When an NFL head coach decides to take the night off to attend one, and it gets blown out of proportion by everyone else.

Pat Summitt Is Human

On Tuesday, Tennesse women's basketball coach Pat Summitt announced that she's suffering from dementia at 59 years old, and while she'll try to continue coaching, it doesn't distract us from the most shocking news of all: She's human.

Terrelle Pryor And The Roger Goodell Reality Check

On Thursday, Terrelle Pryor was declared eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft, but under one condition. Wherever he goes, Roger Goodell will make sure Pryor still serves his NCAA suspension.

The NCAA Investigation At Miami, Nevin Shapiro, And A Whole Hurricane Of Crazy

With a new NCAA investigation that's set to engulf the University of Miami, meet Nevin Shapiro, the man at the center of all the chaos, and the most awesomely insane college sports villain we've seen in years.

Mark Sanchez Is Who We Thought He Was (But Cooler Than You Think)

In the latest issue of GQ, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez says he almost punched Rex Ryan, poses in skinny jeans, and admits to being a fan of Justin Bieber. But the thing is, he's still sort of great.


Tim Tebow (And LeBron James) Vs. Merrill Hoge: Who Ya Got?

Tim Tebow has been in a heated battle with Kyle Orton for the starting quarterback job out in Denver, and this week, some voices from around the country (LeBron James, ESPN's Merril Hoge) decided to add their two cents. Whose side are you on?

David Stern Takes A Lockout Pay Cut, And The B.S. Express Rolls On

David Stern has been on a public relations blitz during the NBA Lockout, and he's doing it all free of charge. But look a little bit closer at what he's saying, and the picture gets a lot more complicated.

The NBA Lockout Just Got Real

On Tuesday the NBA announced that they will file two lawsuits to prevent the players' association from decertifying, and after a quiet month of July, the NBA Lockout has already gotten considerably more heated in August.

Long Live Albert Haynesworth And The Redskins, The Ultimate Cautionary Tale

Two years after signing with the Redskins, Albert Haynesworth was reportedly traded to the Patriots on Thursday, and he leaves behind quite the legacy in D.C. He might be the biggest free agent bust of all time.

The Nnamdi Asomugha Free Agency Sweepstakes: Why The Losers Could Be Lucky

Nnamdi Asomugha could go to the New York Jets. Or the 49ers. Or maybe the Houston Texans. But wherever he goes, it'll be the teams that don't win the Nnamdi sweepstakes that get luckiest in NFL Free Agency.

Kobe Bryant In The Philippines, And Why The Mamba Needs Manila In 2011

Stars like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Derrick Rose played in the Philippines over the weekend, and made hundreds of thousands for their trouble. If they're smart? This weekend was just the beginning.

The NFL Lockout Will Never, Ever End

The new buzzword in the NFL Lockout talks is "recertification." Even though owners and players have a deal in place, recertification has kept this lockout going. And at this point, we may as well expect it to go on forever.

David Salinas, College Basketball, And A Scandal The NCAA Will Probably Just Ignore

David Salinas, a prominent AAU coach and investment manager, died of an apparent suicide on Sunday. In the days since, his extensive ties to college basketball have been possible to ignore. Will the NCAA pay attention?

The NFL Lockout Is Almost Over, And Free Agent Chaos Is About To Begin

The NFL Lockout is nearly over, which means we're inching closer to the craziest free agent season the NFL's ever seen. You know the offseason that usually lasts all summer? Now it all happens in about ten days.

The Women's World Cup Final, And A Midsummer's Dream From The Sports Gods

Team US and the Japanese women staged a women's World Cup Final for the ages on Sunday, and it helps explain why we watch sports, in general, and why the people that don't are missing out.

Oregon Football And Willie Lyles, The Most Dangerous Man In College Sports

Oregon football is at the center of the NCAA's latest college football scandal, and it all comes back to a scout named Willie Lyles. So what does Willie Lyles have to say about that?

Finally, The Derek Jeter 3,000 Hits Reality Show We've Always Wanted

All eyes are on Derek Jeter as he closes in on 3,000 hits for the New York Yankees, and that includes an HBO camera crew that's prepared to document the chase for a reality show.

The NBA Lockout Begins, And For David Stern And Players, The Devil's In The Details

The NBA Lockout officially begins Thursday night, and it looks like the league could be in for a long, ugly fight. Why? It all comes down to details.

If Roger Federer Falls In The Forest, Why Does Anyone Care?

Roger Federer fell to 12-seed Jo-Wilfired Tsonga at Wimbledon on Wednesday, losing the final three sets, and perhaps signaling the end of an era. But with everyone getting sentimental over Federer, it begs the question: Why?

The Terrell Owens Injury, And Why Drew Rosenhaus Is A Magician

Despite news of Terrell Owens' ACL injury, his agent Drew Rosenhaus says that TO won't retire. Instead, he could be ready by opening day of the 2011 season. The magician has done it again, folks.

Serena And Venus Williams Out At Wimbledon Early, And Why Upsets Hurt The Game

Serena Williams went out early at Wimbledon Monday, and a few hours later, her sister, Venus, followed suit. What does that mean for the rest of women's tennis?

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