Most Random News Of The Week? Pusha T LOVES Him Some Tennis


Somewhere in the middle of Pusha T's new (and highly recommended) freestyle, "At the U.S. Open, there’s much more to Queens, Versace blue-blockers, row behind Oracene" I found myself asking: "Wait, who is Oracene?" And then: "Wait, since when does a gangster rapper like Pusha T admit to chilling at the U.S. Open?" 

It's one thing for Lil Wayne or Kanye West to show love for break points and such, but Pusha's a whole different kinda rapper, right? In case you're not familiar with his work, he's Kanye West's sidekick, and he's spent his entire career rapping about drug dealing in Virginia Beach. All of which makes it that much cooler that he's loved tennis his entire life.

From an interview with The Tanning Effect:

I heard you’re a huge tennis fan. How did you get into that?
You know what? For whatever reason, it was always interesting to watch. I always looked at that shit as combat. I’ve really been watching forever. I’m really a huge tennis fan.

That’s really interesting. I actually played in high school, and I was always the only black kid on the courts.
[Laughs.] Yeah, it’s just an amazing sport. I actually just left the U.S. Open.

Do you play tennis yourself?
No, man. I’m not any type of good.

Did you get into it as a kid? Or was it later?
As a kid. Totally. Every game system I had, I had tennis for it. Nintendo, I had it.

I feel like people would be surprised to hear that Pusha T is into tennis.
They always are when I’m watching it or Tweeting about what’s going on. The Open really sucked for me. Serena lost and Nadal lost. I’m like, “What the fuck?” Nadal, not only did he lose, but he got destroyed.

It’s just Djokovic, man. He’s good.
The funny thing about it is that the only reason people didn’t kill me is because, for the past two years, I’ve been saying that he’s the only one who scares me. Djokovic is the only one. I wasn’t scared of Federer, or anybody. And he really showed improvement. He really came out there. He’s really awesome.

He’s the only person that can beat Nadal, consistently.
Yeah. I don’t like that. He wins so decisively. You know how someone has your number? I feel like he just has Nadal’s number. That’s going to be the one, that if Nadal has to play him, he’s going to lose to him. And I don’t like that. [Laughs.]

How has working with Kanye influenced your audience?...

The transition from Nadal-Djokovic to Kanye might be my favorite part about the whole exchange. And in general, between Kanye, Weezy, and now Pusha, if we don't get a tennis-themed mixtape soon, I'm gonna be pretty disappointed in hip hop. Like, almost as disappointed as I am that Drake's still allowed to make music.

Wildin Out At Wimbledon needs to happen ASAP. Preferably hosted by Funkmaster Flex.

"Ayo shoutout to the Queen! All-England Club we so outchea!"


"Let's goooooo!"


Until then... Add Pusha T to the growing list of tennis fanatics in Hip Hop. The more you know...

(HT: Reeves Wiedeman)

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