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NBA must stop Thunder from denying rookie full pay

The Thunder may have found a loophole that allows them to strong-arm their first-round pick into accepting a D-League salary for one year. The NBA can't allow that to happen.

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Emmanuel Sanders inspires the next generation


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Daryl Morey can't live up to his own hype


The Rockets' Daryl Morey isn't a bad general manager, but he hasn't done anything to prove how great he is either.

Kobe is why the Lakers will stink again

In the new NBA, with tougher caps on payroll and wider contract parity, Kobe Bryant's massive contract is too much for L.A. to overcome.

How the Spurs can overpay role players

Boris Diaw and Patty Mills will make a lot combined for role players next season, but thanks to the Spurs' stars being underpaid, it doesn't matter.

LeBron has a Dwyane Wade problem

LeBron's co-star is declining, presenting a complication that could drive him out of Miami.

The Lakers might be Melo's best option

A combination of ethereal and concrete reasons make L.A. a really attractive destination for Melo.

This year's LeBron derby has 1 key difference

The conditions of this year's LeBron James chase mirror 2010's in a lot of ways, but there's one very different quality that changes a lot ... and it isn't a TV special.


Raptors lock up an elite, affordable backcourt

With Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan in tow, Toronto is paying low overall rates for a potential double All-Star backcourt.

Why a Rondo-Thomas swap makes sense

The Celtics already have two premium point guards on their roster, so why would they be interested in Kings' free agent Isaiah Thomas? For that matter, why would the Kings let Thomas leave? We...

How the Suns can rise to NBA glory

With cap space, assets and Eric Bledsoe, no one is in better position heading into free agency than the Suns.


NBA teams should be able to trade everything

Why stop at players, coaches and draft picks? Let's treat everything like a commodity.

Sixers' rebuild turns sadistic

Sam Hinkie did it again: He has committed to being awful in June by taking two players unlikely to suit up next season. Will the Hinkie Gambit survive the scrutiny?

Superstars have always used their power

By terminating his contract and becoming a free agent, LeBron James is putting pressure on Miami to improve. It's a power move straight out of the playbook handed down by Michael Jordan and Kobe...


Gay opting in was ideal for the Kings

The veteran wing will make a lot of money next year and put the Sacramento Kings over the salary cap, but for a team in transition having Rudy Gay around for one year is better than not.

Even in defeat, all eyes are on LeBron

He just lost the NBA Finals. He's still the focal point for the entire NBA. That's life for King James.

The Heat will be back, just look at the Spurs

All is not lost for Miami. Need an example? Look across the court at the champs.

Melo in Miami would make other owners livid

If Miami does land Melo, expect a lot of angry owners and another lockout in 2017, with those same owners looking for a hard salary cap.

11 things to know about Melo to Miami

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to this Melo-to-Miami rumor. What are some of the ripple effects of this potential union?

Stop crediting others for Kawhi's success

Two things seem to get most of the credit for Kawhi's stardom: his hands and the Spurs. By doing this, we sell Kawhi himself short.


The lockout is why Derek Fisher is overpaid

There are fewer ways for spendthrift owners to burn cash these days. Unproven coaches is one.


The Spurs and Heat have mastered offense

Sharing and spacing rule the offenses of the Heat and Spurs. More teams should copy that, even if they can't copy LeBron James or Tim Duncan.

The Spurs' fever dream 4th quarter

Despite the oppressive heat, San Antonio went bonkers in the final eight minutes to seal (or steal) a Game 1 victory. What sorcery is this?

Stop hating the Heat for the wrong reasons

Four years later, the negative feeling over how the Heat were built persists. Why is Miami's form of team-building considered improper, whereas San Antonio's is considered the gold standard?

Durant's free agency will define Thunder fans

Oklahoma City was ejected from another postseason without a shot at the title. We're getting close to KD's shot at free agency. What happens with KD could change Thunder fans for generations to come.


Silver shines during Clippers saga

A month ago, Adam Silver faced a huge test. He's aced it.

Yes, LeBron actually made the right play

LeBron James passed to an open Chris Bosh for the game-winning shot and is being second-guessed for it, again. It's really a shame that the world's best player gets criticized for playing smart...

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