The Hook

Why Kyrie isn't leaving Cleveland anytime soon

Unless Kyrie likes taking insane financial risks, he's stuck with the Cavs until at least 2018. That's unless they decide he's not worth the trouble.

Judge All-Stars on merits, not narratives

No one flavor of All-Star candidate is better than another, which is why it's important to judge all candidates on the merits, not on the narratives.

How Silver can end the lockout pattern

David Stern's NBA had four lockouts -- two of them costly -- in two decades. Can the next commissioner break the pattern? It won't be easy, but he has to find a way.

Cap space is often a pit of despair

Clearing out tons of space for free agency has recently worked out for exactly one team: the Heat. Teams should probably avoid putting their eggs in that basket.

Are NBA salary limits institutionalized collusion?

Jimmy Jackson alleges David Stern and owners colluded to hold down rookie contracts before the rookie scale was adopted. If true, it wouldn't be surprising.

Wins don't make the All-Star

Minnesota has a losing record. That's not on Kevin Love, and it shouldn't hurt his All-Star case.

The 7 most desperate NBA teams

What makes a team desperate? Which teams currently fit that definition? If you answered "unfilled expectations" and "the Knicks," you're right! The Hook looks at six more teams under the gun.

Picking up the pace

Scoring outbursts have been more common this season. Why? It's not because teams are being more effective. There's another reason entirely.

Lakers picked a good year to stink

It's finally happened: the Lakers are horrible and have a lottery pick. They are totally going to be great again very soon.

Stop slandering Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is not the player holding the Clippers back from title contention.

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