The Hook

Hello Brooklyn, goodbye Magic

From Hello Brooklyn to Goodbye Magic, this was a very, very odd NBA summer. We review it from top to bottom.

Brooklyn Nets: born again

A new team is born in Brooklyn, but can the Nets make us forget that they are the Nets?

Maybe David Stern Isn't So Bad After All

A year ago, David Stern was driving the NBA through a nasty lockout, alienating fans everywhere. Thanks to his colleagues in the NHL and NHL, he looks like a saint among devils now.

The NBA's Most Terrifying Men

There are a handful of NBA players who you absolutely want nothing to do with. Jerry Stackhouse is the undisputed champion of this group.

23 Lessons Dwight Howard Learned From LeBron

Dwight Howard interpreted the backlash from LeBron's "Decision" all wrong. The Hook helps set him straight.

Which NBA Teams Win When They Shouldn't?

If there is a Basketball Unicorn, he is a Cleveland Cavalier. The Hook discusses the presence or absence of clutch.

The NHL Lockout Is A 2017 NBA Lockout Preview

Want to see what's coming in 2017, NBA fans? Pay attention to the NHL lockout, (not) coming to a rink near you.

LeBron James' Agent Bombshell And The New Tentacles Of Worldwide Wes

LeBron James has a new agent: childhood friend Rich Paul. How does William "Worldwide Wes" Wesley fit in to the New 'Bron Order? More closely than you might think.

How Relocation Math Could Save The Sacramento Kings

Seattle's Chris Hansen is expected to make a huge offer to buy the Kings at some point. But certain relocation costs will make a Sacramento-based purchase of the club a lot cheaper, if the Maloofs decide to sell.

The Mavericks Are Not Better Off Without Deron Williams

Mark Cuban continues to claim that the Mavericks are better off without Deron Williams, an All-Star they chased hard. In other news, Mark Cuban continues to think he's smarter than everyone else in the room at all times.

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