The Hook

50 reasons to hate the Lakers


The NBA season begins on Tuesday. Tom Ziller, an expert Lakers hater, gives you 50 reasons to root against L.A.

Don't impose your values on James Harden


If you criticize James Harden for choosing money over the chance to compete for titles with the Thunder, you're imposing your own value system on a 23-year-old who's doing just fine.

That moment when the Thunder became the new Spurs


By sending away a max-seeking James Harden, the Thunder have set up the franchise for long-term success at the cost of their odds to win it all in 2013. This is life in a small NBA market.

Lakers preview: Rebirth of a dynasty


The Lakers sure had an eventful offseason. But enough about Jordan Hill: let's talk about that new starting lineup!

Spurs preview: One more time?

The San Antonio Spurs reinvented themselves in 2011-12, and peeled off a 20-game winning streak and the No. 1 seed. Is that sustainable?

The Wizards' strange new traditions


The Wizards have been bad for a while, but aren't going the route other teams have taken to improve. Instead, there are placing their faith in expensive non All-Stars and Randy Wittman. Good luck.

Four issues Stern and Silver face right now


David Stern has 15 months left in his tenure as NBA commissioner. The Hook considers what he still has left to do before walking away, and what his successor Adam Silver will face in his first months on the job.

The Hornets aren't as bad as you think


Don't get us wrong: the Hornets are not going to be good. No, no, no, no, no. But New Orleans has some strong pieces right now and won't be completely awful. Woohoo!

The Magic's impure Presti Plan gambit


Has Orlando bottomed out enough to effectively rebuild from scratch? Here's our team preview.

Grizzlies: the West's last bruisers

Memphis is rare among Western teams in being defense-first. Is that why everyone appears to be so afraid of them?

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