The Hook

How age correlates to team success


By looking at team age data, we can get hints on which teams face the end of their runs and which teams have bright futures.

The NBA's speed movement isn't stopping


Back in January we noted that the NBA was collectively playing at its highest pace in two decades. As the season comes to a close, that remains true.

The best non-playoff teams ever


Since the NBA playoffs expanded to 16 teams in 1984, no lottery team has been better than the current Timberwolves, Suns or Mavericks. Two of them will not make the postseason.

Who will think of the Basketball PhDs?

An anonymous ex-player is fed up with NBA owners hiring people without Basketball PhDs for general manager jobs. What the hell is a Basketball PhD?

Future NBA stars don't need college

Another year means another NCAA Tournament where top stars' teams bow out early and their self-serving head coaches try to convince them to delay their professional careers to work for free.

Small reforms to end NBA tanking


There's no need to (re)invent the wheel. The NBA's so-called tanking problem can be fixed with small, sensible reforms.

An early mock draft


It's only March and we don't even know the draft order, but it's not too early for a mock draft because mock drafts are fun. As the NCAA Tournament gets underway, here's where we think the...

NBA Draft reform damages competitive balance


If you have some wild idea to end the so-called tanking epidemic, please be sure it also strengthens competitive balance. Chances are it will do the opposite.

The NBA age minimum serves no one


Forcing Andrew Wiggins and other top prospects to go to college for a year taught NBA teams very little. Why must we keep doing this?

Will the Sixers win again this season?


The Sixers have lost 18 straight and have 18 games left to go. What are the odds they finish the season with an NBA record 36-game losing streak?

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