The Hook

Will Utah's May-December brew work?


The Jazz have a number of veterans to augment a burgeoning kiddie corps. Will the combination get them back into the playoffs?

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Donte Whitner & Ted Ginn Jr. go back to Cleveland


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

Is the Blazers' tailspin over?


The Blazers held a fire sale at the trade deadline, but kept some key pieces and added two promising rookies. Will the tailspin continue, or is it all up from here?

Will the Thunder roll?


The Hook notes that Oklahoma City didn't really improve this offseason, so it's counting on even greater play from its star to stay ahead of the Lakers and Spurs.

Nuggets preview: Weirdest team in America


There is nothing normal about a run-and-gun team that trades for an eight-figure stopper and gives eight figures to a guy like JaVale McGee. But despite being a sideshow, Denver is legit.

Rise of the Timberwolves, take two


The Wolves roared out of the gate in 2011-12, but fell apart when Ricky Rubio got injured. So the team added some more pieces and looks to end its lottery streak.

Bucks preview: Shots, shots, shots

Starring a backcourt with no basketball conscience whatsoever, Milwaukee should be exciting to watch at the very least. But so much depends on whether, without Andrew Bogut, the Bucks can...

Believe in the Pacers!

The Pacers made a huge leap last season and gave the eventual champions a tough series along the way. After retooling a couple of positions, is Indiana even better?

Pistons preview: Monroe, Stuckey and ... yikes


Greg Monroe is one of the best young centers in the NBA, and Rodney Stuckey is a darned nice piece. But the rest of Detroit's roster is full of question marks and curse words.

Cavs preview: Can Cleveland keep up with Kyrie?


The Cavaliers have a legitimate star in Kyrie Irving, but everything else ends with a question mark. The Hook considers whether Cleveland is rising or still praying.

Bulls preview: Chicago waits on Derrick Rose


The Bulls' fate is sitting outside of Derrick Rose's rehab gym, waiting to see whether this season will be lost completely or preserved incredibly. In either case, The Hook has a few things to say...

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