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10 places the NFL Draft should visit next

New York has benefited from the NFL Draft for far too long. Now we look at some alternate locations to hold the big event.

Atlanta-themed names for the new MLS franchise

They are mostly OutKast themed, AS THEY SHOULD BE.

The SB Nation guide to naming your winter storm


Because winter storms apparently get names, now, and because The Weather Channel does not necessarily seem up to the task.

You'll never guess the Maloofs' latest investment

Actually, of course you will.

A list of situations that need Greg Schiano


Greg Schiano, head coach of the 0-4 Buccaneers, says that the Bucs' situation was one that "needed Greg Schiano." This is one of many situations that need Greg Schiano.

Rejected new names for the Toronto Raptors


The new Drake-led Raptors are keeping their name. That's probably for the best.

The worst possible home run celebrations


Wednesday night, the Brewers' Carlos Gomez celebrated his home run by rounding the bases while wearing a hat made out of plastic. Spencer Hall, Bill Hanstock, David Roth, and Jon Bois thought of...

Rick Reilly kickers, fake and real


Rick Reilly is, of course, the undisputed master of the last line. Can you spot which ones are authentic and which we made up?

125 coaches ranked by their rap names

There are 125 FBS head coaches. Not all of them have names that would also make for great rap careers. But they're all being ranked accordingly anyway.

The List: Unsportsmanlike NFL celebrations

Make sure you don't celebrate excessively.

The List: ESPN Body Mag Modesty Props


The real heroes of the ESPN mag: the carefully placed props that keep us from seeing what Disney doesn't want us to see.

What should LeBron be worried about?


After his second NBA Championship, LeBron James proclaimed he "ain't got no worries," but oh, how wrong he is.

Type REDBLACKS in all caps or go to prison


The CFL's newest expansion franchise, the Ottawa REDBLACKS, have requested that the media type their name in all caps. Here are some other requests they may as well have made.

Worst possible horse names


Orb is a pretty bad name. But over the years, we at SB Nation have gotten pretty good at coming up with horrible horse names, and we think we can do betterworse.

Worst people an athlete could possibly train with


If you're looking to resurrect your floundering athletic career, remember never to train with the following individuals.

Potential Fox Sports 1 shows


Fox Sports 1 is a network that will broadcast sports television programs.

Expectations set by downtrodden Chiefs fans


Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have struggled to properly set expectations over the last 19 years and one month and change since their last playoff win. Here are some of them.

Worst possible Dwyane Wade nicknames


Dwyane Wade has assigned himself a new nickname: "Way of Wade." That is a terrible nickname. Here are some that would be even worse.

How to start a fight on the internet


The List today are things you should never, ever say on the internet.

Let's make some trades!


It's the trade deadline! This probably isn't what you're looking for, though.

Slogans for potential Olympic host cities


The U.S. Olympic committee has sent letters to 35 cities to gauge their interest in hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics. Here are some slogans they can use.

Pro wrestlers of the ACC


Which pro wrestlers would ACC schools be fighting to sign for the 2013 season? We take a totally serious look at this issue.

Gronk's Valentine's Day plans


Gronk is a passionate man. He may have some misguided notions about qualifies as "romantic," though.

Further Adidas innovations


Adidas is revolutionizing the sports industry! What could possibly top their innovation of "sleeves"?

Recruiting fake people


National Signing Day got us thinking. Who would have been the cream of the crop, had they actually existed?

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