Jabari Parker must study World Peace's game

The Bucks rookie is a hybrid forward with a wide frame and lots of strength. One of Metta World Peace's workout coaches explains why Parker should study the former Pacers star's game.


Dante Exum is figuring things out

The Australian guard has been turning heads at summer league with his freakish athletic ability, but he has work to do to compete every night in the NBA.


How to turn Wiggins into a star

The 19-year-old forward has immense talent, but there are some obvious holes in his game.

Competitive balance in the East

The East is up for grabs with as many as a half-dozen teams eying the Finals. That won't make it better, but it will make it far more competitive.

Little margin for error


The Bulls could be the best team in the East next season, but a lot of things need to go right.

Parsons and Dallas' remaining questions


The signing of Chandler Parsons saved Dallas' offseason, but there are still a lot of questions regarding what this team will look like and what they still need to do.


Williams keeps searching at summer league

The former No. 2 overall pick is still trying to find himself in the NBA, and an unexpected trip to Las Vegas Summer League is one way to do it.

Rockets Smart to Decline Parsons Contract


Daryl Morey, once again, showed why he's the smartest man in the room by declining to match on Chandler Parsons. The contract offer was prohibitive to roster tweaking throughout the team's...

Coming to terms with "The Departure"


Although shocking and ultimately disappointing, Heat fans must accept LeBron's departure and embrace a new era in Miami Heat basketball.

Carmelo couldn't win

The 30-year-old superstar had to choose between financial security and contention, but he's subject to criticism either way even though neither choice was ideal.

LeBron's decision reveals his humanity

Why is LeBron James going home to the Cleveland Cavaliers? For the same reason anyone else does: It makes him feel comfortable.

The right decision

Even if it doesn't mean the easiest path to a championship, the return of the King to Cleveland means a young roster has the best leader it could ever hope for.

LeBron James is Back

LeBron James is returning to Cleveland


Donald Sterling's wild testimony continued

Among other things, Sterling said he will sue the NBA until the day he dies and called his wife a "pig" -- or worse.


Sophomores show off at summer league

Three players from the NBA's much-maligned rookie class of 2013 have impressed so far in Orlando.

Choose your own awful LeBron column

Whether LeBron James picks the Heat, Cavs, Rockets or... uh... other stuff, here is what sports columnists will say about his 2014 Decision.

The Heat's new big man doesn't play like one

New Miami Heat free-agent signing Josh McRoberts is unique: a big man that has the statistical profile of a point guard.


Good morning, we're all waiting on Melo and LeBron

And much more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

LeBron has a Dwyane Wade problem

LeBron's co-star is declining, presenting a complication that could drive him out of Miami.

Admit it, you love free agency

Don't lie to yourself and say otherwise.


Good morning, NBA free agency has imploded

That and much more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Bosh is free agency's quiet game-changer

A player of Chris Bosh's ability should command big money and tons of attention in free agency, yet the rumor mill has been largely silent. Where he goes will have a huge impact.


Raptors lock up an elite, affordable backcourt

With Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan in tow, Toronto is paying low overall rates for a potential double All-Star backcourt.

Wade, Bosh unsure if LeBron wants to stay

The four-time MVP isn't set on a return to Miami just yet.


Good morning, free agency is off to a spendy start

Take it away, Jodie Meeks and Marcin Gortat! Here's Wednesday's NBA newsletter.

Gortat's new deal will be painful down the road

The Washington Wizards paid a premium to keep their center, both in money and years. The money isn't a huge problem. The years, though, are.

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