Troll Tuesday

The trollingest column in sports.

Troll Tuesday: Why won't the Jets unfriend losing?


The internet's first and foremost Worst Sports Column of the Week focuses on America, Greg McElroy, and the medicine that can stop us from leaking greatness: teamwork and smiles.

TROLL TUESDAY: Derrick Rose owes you an apology


It's been 12 months since he hurt his knee, and Derrick Rose still hasn't played for the Chicago Bulls, and he still hasn't apologized to you. What's wrong this picture?

Welcome back, baseball


Welcome back, old friend. Welcome back, indeed.

TROLL TUESDAY: Don't get seduced by Cinderella


Instead of celebrating the success stories like Duke, Ohio State, and Indiana, college basketball is transfixed by Marshall Henderson and Florida Gulf Coast's Globetrotters routine. What's wrong...

TROLL TUESDAY: March Madness and basketball's soul


March Madness is here, but Kentucky basketball is missing out, and the rest of the field is weaker than ever. Are we in the middle of a crisis? You be the judge.

TROLL TUESDAY: Welcome to the NFL dog days


Percy Harvin was traded to Seattle on Monday, and the biggest prize of the NFL free agent season became our biggest reminder yet that the whole system's broken.

TROLL TUESDAY: Manti Te'o can't outrun the past


Manti Te'o went to the NFL Combine this week with a chance to face the skeptics and prove them wrong once and for all. It didn't quite work out that way.

TROLL TUESDAY: Lane Kiffin, builder of empires


Lane Kiffin is building a dynasty, but he needs the right tools and a leap of good faith to make his dream a reality.

A-Rod is a true Yankee

So what if Alex Rodriguez is connected to another PED scandal? He's a true Yankee, unlike that shortstop 30 feet to his left.

TROLL TUESDAY: Colin Kaepernick is not elite

Colin Kaepernick is a very good player, but the 49ers couldn't quite finish at the Super Bowl on Sunday. It's the difference between great and good, and it's teaches some important lessons.

Does NOLA deserve the Super Bowl?

After a year of spewing outrage at the NFL and Roger Goodell, the city of New Orleans gets to host the Super Bowl this weekend. Does this make sense to anyone?

Ray Lewis, football's last great hope

The Baltimore Ravens are back in the Super Bowl, and it's all thanks to Ray Lewis, the middle linebacker who's taking football back to its roots. Bear witness, America.

Lance speaks, but the memories speak louder


Lance Armstrong will talk to Oprah Winfrey this week and he will reportedly confess that he used performance enhancing drugs. But if you think this changes Lance's legacy, think again.

TROLL TUESDAY: Alabama ruins everything

Alabama won another National Championship in Miami Monday night, but it's Tuesday now, and it's time to start asking some tough questions about the Crimson Tide and college football.



The Santa charade is fun every year, but it's time to get real: A million letters to the North Pole is a road to nowhere for the rest of us.

TROLL TUESDAY: Three words explain the NFL

When Robert Griffin III went down, Kirk Cousins stepped up and kept the Redskins alive. That's what the NFL is all about.

College players deserve more money than your dad

Your dad is great and all, but he makes more money than he deserves. Money that ought to go to paying college football players.

Troll Tuesday: Southern Miss needs Brett Favre

Brett Favre is America. And Southern Miss needs America to coach their football team.

TROLL TUESDAY: Jay Cutler has a lot to learn

The Chicago Bears were blown off the field in San Francisco Monday night, and it wasn't a coincidence.

TROLL TUESDAY: Notre Dame is why we watch sports

Notre Dame football is back where it belongs, and it might be the best story in sports we've seen in a long, long time.



The Alabama Crimson Tide are the best football team in the country. It's time for them to prove it to NFL fans once and for all.

Alex Rodriguez ruined the World Series


The Giants and Tigers are set for the World Series, and baseball's set for another disappointing finish. If you want to know where it went wrong, it all starts with A-Rod.

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