NFL Underachievers


All eyes on Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson isn't facing a "make or break" season just yet, but he needs to show the Indianapolis Colts something in 2014-15.


Is Charles Tillman the best value for the Bears?

Was brining back Charles Tillman the smartest option for the Bears, or is it a gamble that could have major consequences?

Denver's forgotten star ready to shine again


Miller came into the league with all kinds of sizzle. Recently, Miller's game has been more fizzle.

Pierre Thomas is running out of time


Pierre Thomas has consistently been on the cusp of being an effective starting running back. Will 2014 be his year?

Austin hoping to return to form

Miles Austin signed a "prove it" deal with the Cleveland Browns this offseason. Can he return to 2009-10 form?

Andy Dalton needs a quick fix


With quarterbacks judged by their playoff success, Andy Dalton has quickly become an "underachiever" and some are ready to run him out of Cincinnati. Is it deserved and can he turn things around in...


Time is running out for Rob Housler

Rob Housler has a lot of upside and a lot of talent, but that hasn't translated into big-time stats. His time in Arizona could be running out.

Sam Bradford's search for a happy medium

Sam Bradford was the next Peyton Manning, then he was a bust. Can he settle in between this season?

Packers want Raji to eat up space again


Raji was part of a woeful Packers defense that gave up more than 2,000 rushing yards to opponents last season. Now, Raji and the Packers are hoping a move back to the middle of the defensive line...


Arian Foster's new reality

Arian Foster went from one of the most productive running backs in the NFL to the injured reserve list last season. He turns 28 next month, and will have to spend 2014 proving his best days are...

Is Kendall Hunter ready for prime time?


Kendall Hunter has been trying to establish his role in San Francisco since 2011. With a crowded roster of running backs around him, will he finally push through?

Dwayne Bowe wants to be No. 1 again

Kansas City's big-name receiver failed to live up to the hype, and his $56 million contract, in 2013. That has to change in 2014 if the Chiefs are going to keep him around for the long haul.

Can the Lions fix Stafford?

The Lions are going all-in on Matthew Stafford. What will it take for him to fulfill his enormous expectations?

Seahawks counting on Carpenter

James Carpenter hasn't lived up to his first-round pick billing and is entering a make-or-break season. Will 2014 be the year he finally puts it all together or does Seattle have a major liability...

Giant expectations

Sure, he's got two Super Bowl rings, but what has Eli Manning done for the Giants lately? The pressure's on for the younger Manning brother to turn things around in 2014.


Dre Kirkpatrick is running out of excuses

The Bengals invested a first-round pick in the Alabama cornerback, who has yet to be a reliable starter. Is 2014 his last chance?


Can Mike Wallace live up to his paycheck?

Wallace failed to live up to his monster contract in Miami last season. Can he turn things around in 2014?

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