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Best Game of 2012

A morsel to slake your baseball thirst while we wait til spring....

What would happen if a pitch were thrown at 90% light speed?

Stolen from BluebirdBanter. I really like the part at the end about rule 6.08(b).

20th Anniversary- Homer At Bat

One of the defining television events of my generation.

The Greatest Thing Ever Written

Some of these are gonna be pretty familiar to us. Also, I never tire of seeing Victorino faceplant.


Your favorite TC Open Thread moments 2010

So with both the professional and collegiate football season approaching their end, I am left with the depressing realization that I will have nothing to watch on TV anymore. I don't care about...


The Complete OT thread.

So, since Smoltz's Beard seems to be completely AWOL I am gonna go ahead and steal his idea. Its been awhile since we had a non-baseball related thread for us to play around with, so I'm here to...

BtB on Nate McNasty

Some Sabermetric voodoo puts Nate's lamentable year into perspective.


05/20/2010 Where Were You?

On May Twentieth, in the year of Our Lord Two-Thousand-and-Ten, the diminutive Brooks Conrad delivered unto the faithful a divine jolt that did smite the non-believers of Cincinatti and would...

John Sickels reviews Martin Prado

As a part of his, "Not A Rookie" series Sickels focuses on our beloved second baseman.

Fantasy League, 5 Spots Open. Draft tonight.

Fantasy League, 5 Spots Open. Draft tonight.

The draft is at 8:15 EST tonight. 3/29/10 Yahoo, Head to Head, Standard scoring( Batters: R, HR, RBI, SB, Avg. Pitchers: Wins, Ks, Saves, ERA, WHiP) We have 7 signed up right now, and room for 5 more. Come join some of your fellow Talking Choppers are prepare to be dominated! Yahoo ID #565887 Password: hofheyward

Yahoo Fantasy Question: Troy Glaus I picked him up in round 22. As of this moment in time,...

Yahoo Fantasy Question: Troy Glaus I picked him up in round 22. As of this moment in time, Yahoo has him listed as a Utility player. Anyone know if there is any way to petition the Yahoo admins to put him at 1st?


Fun with Anagrams!!

So I ripped this idea from Royals Review, but thought some of the results were hilarious and figured we could come up with some for our guys.  So for those of you at work and needing something to...


Huntsville Stars

I recently moved to Huntsville and was pretty stoked to discover they had a minor league team. Even though I am a Braves fan, I plan on getting season tickets to y'alls AA affiliate but I am not...

Hanson demonstrates his pitches

Tommy Hanson is in MLBNetwork studios to demonstrate how he throws his slider and curveball. That first slider he throws is absolutely viscious. I'd hate to be a lefty facing that.


Upcoming Fantasy Leagues

  Okay, so last year was my first attempt in a fantasy league and I was less than impressed. I guess that could be expected as it was a free Yahoo league. None of the other players in it were...


A sensible look back at the Tex trade

I saw this on mlbtr in a discussion on the biggest/best/worst trades of the decade. I thought this view of the...

A Second Opinion on Jeter's Record

This is for anyone else who got fed up with the overexposure Jeter recieved when he broke the Yankee hits record. I love The Onion.


What the hell are they smoking over there in KC? Pulled this from Royal Review. ....seriously, wtf?

Phillies fans scared of Hanson

Was bored and decided to do a lil spying on the enemy. Kinda interesting to see how they view our farm system. Seems we got them pretty spooked with Tommy and Jey Hey.


check out the KC fans' reactions to their acquisition of Yuniesky Betancourt. I feel pretty badly for them, to be honest. Take special note to the fellow who suggests flipping Betancourt, Ryan Freel, + "some other guy" to us for Yunel. Lulz.


Snapshots in Time: Your Personal Bond with the Braves

Hey guys,      I always hear about how everyone is a "die-hard Brave fan." Well, now I would like to hear why. I would like each of you to share your favorite memory, on-field or off, of why you...


Fair Fantasy Trade?

In my Yahoo! public fantasy league, I am getting absolutely verbally mauled for my proposed trade with another member.    Frenchy's Fries (me) offers: Ryan Zimmerman & Jason Bay ...

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