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M.C. Snacks: 11/20/2010 - 2/20/2011
Snax: 2/20/11 - 4/22/13

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User Blog

NFC bEast Eternal Thread #108: A Gold Medal in Freedom

Spoiler Alert: If you are watching NBC's coverage ignore this. NBC will air coverage of the 2nd week of the Olympics over the course of the next 3-4 weeks. Enjoy The Olympics are finally...


NFC bEast Eternal Thread #105: Global Warming

The Eagles lost in the playoffs again and United States froze over to simulate our pain for everyone else. Other than that, meh. Rule#1 - Don't be That Guy - THIS is most important. Don't ruin...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: ChuckCool Wins!!!!!!!!

Felt like just yesterday that we began this pool with around 80 participants (which is odd because I felt like I've been eliminated for 2 years). But here we are down to our last 4 players. The...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 9

We've reached a stalemate... Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 10stride Rams Texans Saints Chiefs Eagles Bears Packers 49ers AnthroEagle ...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 8

Keep waiting for the Jags to pull an upset and end the pool, but they're setting records in futility. Oh well, at least we can tout this season being the best Suicide Pool season last (especially...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 7

We went from 13 to 12 participants in week 6. Going hard for that BGN Suicide Pool Championship belt I see. I have a "good" feeling about this week though. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 W...


BGN Suicide Pool: Week 6

One of the big underdogs pulled the upset, so that pretty much halved the number of people we have now. That's what happens when people don't fall on the "Pick against the Jaguars" strategy. This...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 5

Week five... The only people that got eliminated were the people who chose the Bengals. Also had a lot of people beating themselves up because they picked the Broncos over our Eagles. No one...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 4

In a week where all we had to do was pick Denver or Seattle, we saw 20 people eliminated. Some people tried to get fancy and pick Minnesota, underestimating how bad they were. Some people tried to...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 3

Unfortunately, not a lot of people got eliminated last week (about 10). Half of them missed their picks, the other half picked the Eagles (and someone picked the Panthers). 50 Remain. ...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week 2

Welcome to week 2. We had 80 something participants (Aprrox) and now we have 60. People who doubted the raw talent of future hall famer Geno Smith got screwed. There were also people picking the S...


BGN Suicide Pool 2013: Week One

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Bleeding Green Nation Suicide pool (woo!). For all the newcomers, this is just a game that we run during the season here at BGN. Winners get to feel great self...


NFC bEast Eternal Thread #95: Are we there yet?

Rule #1 - Don't be That Guy - THIS is most important. Don't ruin someone else's fun...I mean just don't do that. Rule #2 - All Pictures and .Gifs Must Have Subject Lines -Please put subject...

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