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The Fix is In


First, Simon Borg comes up with his "independent assessment" that Dempsey did not intentionally punch a guy in the balls but was rather trying to sway his hand away. Hours later the MLS Disciplinary Committee takes no action against Dempsey for something that the general public agrees is inexcusable. Not sure how they're fulfilling their mission statement. Mission Statement: To preserve the integrity and reputation of the game and Major League Soccer, and to assist in ensuring player safety.

Michael Bradley Quote


"On turf, it’s about playing off second balls, tackles, interceptions, loose balls," Bradley said. "It’s not a day for putting together a million passes and necessarily playing through the midfield. It’s about putting good balls forward and moving your lines."

And the hits keep coming


it keeps getting weirder and weirder..

You Want Some Mass Confrontation?


too bad the ref didn't do the same to seattle!

Who do You trust...the American Journal of Sports Medicine? Or the FieldTurf (TM) Marketing Department?


Study concludes ACL sprains 67% higher on Fieldturf (TM) and eversion ankle sprains 31% higher during nfl games.

Boateng Walks Off Pitch (This is Pretty Intense)



WhatAre We?

I had to run down to Orange County this weekend to take care of some family affairs and was able to take in the Galaxy / Sounders game on Sunday night. I got to answer the standard lot of...



Last night during the LAG-Van game I had a a flop house full of 20 year old guys pounding cheap beer and yelling at the tv. That's right, in college a group of about 20 guys and I...

Merritt Speaking at "Leaders in Football"


Is this a joke? What exactly is he going to talk about where he can use "leadership," "football," "success," and "himself" in the same topic?

NTR...But What a Goal


The "Born in the USA" is a classic Dutch touch!

Bruce Arena's Sked Comments...How Awesome is This?


check out the youtube comments too! it seems the only people in favor of this are garber and his cronies.

beIN Sports Request Link


So, Serie A and La Liga are getting ready to start and DirecTV is still clueless. beIN sport 1 and beIN sport 2 go live on Aug 1st. If you're a FSC/GolTV guy like I am you wont have access to Serie A and La Liga this year unless they add the channels. Google is no help so I posted the request link above. P.S. Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson have left GolTV and signed with beIN.

Slide Rule Pass is Up


this is how I felt after Cal FC (now im just numb), this is a brutal write-up


Atmosphere Outside Seattle Section

I thought I would take yepyou’reright’s advice and put together a quick summary of what happened outside the ECS section. I have settled down a bit from my semi-coherent rantings last night but my...

Eric Wynalda on BTP


discusses the Cal FC Timbers/Sounders games, Philly fans twittering for him to become their new coach, and U.S. player development...good stuff I really think Merritt needs to at least interview him and get his guess is its completely different from what he's hearing from gw/js. his point about yelling at players and calling them out struck a chord.

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