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Live gym dogs scoring vs. gators


Gym dogs live scoring against defending national champions. Gym dogs scored 49.600 on bars, highest since 1999!


"It's" all a big misunderstanding. We need to all get on the same page folks.

Here's my little fanpost. I participated in the game threads during the UF game and like most others experienced sheer confusion during the end of the third quarter. I think we all can agree that...

Somebody still throwing CTG in the mix


Joshua (@The_Reddgie): I am going to be perfectly honest, guys: I am not an expert on our coaching candidates. I am assuming that like most of you, the extent of my knowledge on each of our respective coaching candidates comes from reading a multitude of different Eagle blogs. So, rather than recreate the wheel, I would suggest checking out, among others, Philly's Inferno, Sheil and Tim's Birds 24/7 and of course, Tommy's Iggleblitz for educated, in-depth opinions and analysis on a few of the more popular candidates. I am going to focus on Todd Grantham as my personal favorite, and I am going to use a quote that Tommy has in this article as the main reason as to why I want him to be our defense's Commander in Chief: Grantham figured out he was a 3-4 guy during a stint with the Indianapolis Colts from 1999-2001. At the time, Peyton Manning was maturing into one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. In practice every week, Grantham watched Manning diagnose and pick apart even-front defenses. As soon as the defenders lined up, Manning recognized the coverage and could spot any weaknesses. That wasn't the case in 2000 when the Colts faced the New England Patriots and first-year coach Bill Belichick. "When [Manning] went against an even front, he knew the coverage and what you were doing based on the alignment on the front," Grantham said. "But when he went against the New England Patriots and everything was balanced, he had a much tougher time. You could mentally and physically see the stress during practice of where the fourth rusher was coming from. Now, I don't know about you, but if Peyton Manning, the modern day equivalent of Einstein when it comes to NFL quarterbacking and analyzing defensive fronts pre-snap, is having trouble with identifying the defense's intentions in the balanced front the 3-4 provides, to the point where it was mentally and physically inducing him to be stressed, then I think that is reason enough to make the switch. Making the QB uncomfortable and unsure as they line up to take the snap is, in my opinion, the very first step to developing a dominant defense. And as you can see, Grantham already understands this. After watching opposing offense's pick apart our defense, primarily due to the predictive nature of the Wide 9, I want a guy who understands how beneficial a "disguised" defense can be. Grantham fits this specific criterion to a "T".

It appears to be a big lie


I dunno if anyone really cares, or, if this should be here or not. It's going viral and y'all might want to know about it.

Apparently Coach Bobo is on the list for Texas Tech


Coach bobo is listed as a potential candidate according to this Lubbock newspaper. Interesting......


November 30, 1991. Grant field.

Here's my story. As a member of the Redcoats, before halftime we were on the asto-turf waiting for the final minutes of the half to close. My roommate and I were directly behind the big Buzz blow...


BCS narrative, here we go.

I just have to comment on the major shake-up! Why? Because I have always been frustrated with the whole "national champion" thing. My position has never changed, the events of last night did not...


I'm already really frustrated with all this BCS talk.

I read Stewart Mandel stuff, used to like his writing, he's changed a bit over the last 18 months though and now I just get angry when I read his narrative. The latest mailbag has put me over the...


Maybe I'm old and soft........

I just have to say that the things I see on the sideline at the conclusion of big victories (rare as they are) really move me. As my handle says, I'm a '92 grad of UGA. BMUS in music education,...

Good article on Richt and fisher.


Nice little synopsis of things. Check it out.

Rece Davis. "Gameday in Columbia".


Rece Davis. "Gameday in Columbia".

Watching his mark may and hilts show this morning.

Bubba Watson

With football comes focus. Admittedly, the Ryder Cup snuck up on me and I suspect I am not alone. Here's to supporting Bubba this weekend! This blog site was very exciting during Masters week...


Let's figure this out, please.

There's a general sense of frustration I have been subjected to for the last 4 or 5 football seasons. It is my hope that I can write this post well enough that you all will know what I'm referring...


One way to become a Tebow fan......

I know life is more than college football. I like to think that Tim Tebow is a professional. Still, I am torn when it comes to rooting for the Denver Broncos now. There have been some great...

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