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SIS: Let's Go to Church

I drive a big assed truck. I love the beach & I really enjoy beer. Therefore, I tend to enjoy songs about trucks, beaches & drinking. That's why for the last year or so, I've really gotten into...

Larger than Life Johnny Bench


This painting was added to the dealership today. It was done at the 2012 Johnny & Friends event to raise money for the character and courage foundation. I was lucky enough to be there that night. This is a very large painting and was completed in about 10 minutes. I'm excited that it's now a centerpiece at my place of business.


RR Fantasy Football Survival League

Many of you that participated last year have already gotten your invite and registered for this year's Red Reporter Fantasy Football Survival League. For those of you that didn't play last year, I...


Duke vs. Kentucky 1992: 20 Years Later

Duke vs. Kentucky 1992: 20 Years Later. 'tHan takes a look at the 20-year interregnum between now and the 1992 classic Regional Final between Duke and Kentucky.


20 Years Later

Twenty Years Ago, 10 year old 'tHan suffered one of the biggest heartbreaks of his life. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. Sitting in my grandmother & grandfather's living room...


'tHan's tHoughts

1. I got to work Monday morning & had to pee. Every single stall was full of #PublicPoopers. Do people just hold it all weekend so that they can blow up the public bathroom as soon as they get...


'tHan's tHoughts

1. I’m much less interested in the academy awards now that Billy Crystal is hosting. 2. Moerlein House looks dark & stuffy. I hope the outdoor area is a little more upbeat. 3. I don’t...

Ryan Braun Tests Positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs


Well, this improved my mood. Looks like a 50 game suspension is forthcoming. reviews Sammy's


The first review from the RR Burger tour blog!


RR Outing: Trivia & Game 7 Edition

The title pretty much says it all.  A group of us are getting together tonight to play pub trivia, drink beer & watch game 7 of the world series.  The best news is, all of RR is invited!   The...


SIS: Public Restroom Etiquette

It's finally that time!  It's time for Red Reporter to have an in depth discussion about one of the worst places on earth.  It's a place many of us dread, but also a place many of us take delight...


Who wants to lose at Wiffle Ball?

The reds are hosting their annual REDS SUMMER WIFFLE® CLASSIC, and Red Reporter would like to field a team this year.  via

Thanks to Boobs for the #Shoutout! @the_vole


Thanks to Boobs for the #Shoutout! @the_vole


2011 NBA Draft Open Thread

It's time once again for one of my favorite annual threads on Red Reporter!  That's right, it's time for the NBA Draft!  In the past these threads have produced lots of discussion, lots of good...


Off Night NFL Draft & Office Open Thread

Looks like a night of television with plenty of options.  A new Big Bang Theory, new Community & The farewell to Michael Scott on The Office.  Also, for sports fans, tonight begins the NFL Draft. ...


2010 Red Reporter Survival League

It seems like there is less going on in terms of Fantasy Football on Red Reporter than in previous years.  However, I have always enjoyed the knockout leagues when we've done them.  That's why I...

Our very own Snohio can be spotted at the 1:00 mark of this video. I bet he really really enjoyed...


Our very own Snohio can be spotted at the 1:00 mark of this video. I bet he really really enjoyed last night's game & Chapman's debut!


Tonight's Game is Sold out, but I have one extra ticket!

You guys may or may not have heard, but a couple of days ago, I won 4 tickets to tonight's Reds vs. Rockies game.  These tickets are in the "Bud Thirst Row"!  They appear to be 4 isolated tickets...


NBA Draft Open Thread

In case you haven't heard, the National Basketball Association is going to be hold their draft tonight (Starts at 7:00 Eastern; Coverage on ESPN).  Many players from local schools are hoping to...

The First John Wall Commercial Debuts during the NBA Draft Tonight. Sure it's for Reebok, and the...


The First John Wall Commercial Debuts during the NBA Draft Tonight. Sure it's for Reebok, and the shoes are ugly, but he got paid a bunch of money and it features the John Wall Dance!


Who wants to go to the Reds/Cardinals Game Tomorrow Night?

I have been given 4 tickets to the Reds game tomorrow night (Friday May 14th, 2010).  Therefore, I am trying to arrange a mini Red Reporter outing.  So far, 3 of the 4 tickets have been claimed. ...


The Reds Finally Realize Game 2 is a Big Deal

It looks like Red Reporter may have an effect on the Reds after all.  As you all know, for several years now, it has been a Red Reporter tradition to get together and go to Game 2.  We have braved...


Sunday Night Grammys/Pro Bowl/Royal Rumble/Open Thread

Looks like there is a lot going on tonight.  Three once a year events have all been scheduled for around the same time.  The Grammys celebrate the "best" in music, The NFL presents the 3rd or 4th...


Sunny Sunday Open Thread

Wow!  What a beautiful day in Cincinnati!  It's supposed to creep up into the seventies today, and there is a ton of sun shine!  You can not complain about this weather for a Sunday in Cincinnati.  ...


OSU vs. USC Game Thread

I'm sure the majority of us will be watching the big football game tonight.  For roughly three hours, Columbus will be the focal point of America, and I would love to have a place to talk about it. ...


Chandrathan's Terry's Turf Club Experience

'tHan's Burger Rankings   Gordo's Zola's Terry's Turf Club Five Guys Bard's via


First Saturday of the Football Season Open Thread

Looks like certain Red Reporters got up early to talk College Football!  There has been quite a bit of chatter (trash talking) on Facebook, and I hope that there is enough interest to sustain an...

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