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Lakers finalizing deal for Howard, Philly getting Bynum


Lakers finalizing a trade that would send Howard to L.A., Bynum to Philly, Iguodala to Nuggets, and some other folks involved to Magic.


The Top 10 Greatest Playoff Performances in Miami Heat History (So Far)

With the NBA Finals only a few days away, for us Heat fans (and I'm sure, for the Thunder fans as well), the time spent waiting for game 1 can be slow and filled with apprehension. During that...


Rockin' and Rollin' through to the Finals

I don't know about you guys, but the smell of the playoffs looming around the corner just makes me downright impatient. I can't for the Heat to blaze through the first two rounds, take the ECF to 6...


A glimpse into the future.

Gosh, it's a slow day today. As a result : Guys, you won't believe this, but I'm from the future and I've seen what's in store for the Heat. I went a few months into the future, July, actually,...

Awesome piece by Yahoo! on D-Wade.


Personally, I found this write-up on D-Wade's past year as rather touching. This is why in spite of the Heat's villain status, you just can't bring yourself to hate Dwyane Wade.

Troy Murphy chooses Celtics over Heat


Well, I guess that's it for Murphy. I'm still confident we're getting Bibby though.


Perplexed Face Guy's Christmas Wishlist.

Well, it's Christmas Eve (from where I live), and I have nothing to do, so I decided to make a Christmas wish list for the Miami Heat and for all the Heat fans out there. Most of the wishes I made...


Could this happen on Wednesday?

  While rummaging through the Michael Beasley college videos on YouTube, I managed to stumble upon a video that shows two freshmen Power Forwards, both were the stars of their respective teams and...

Warriors to sign Wright


Well, sad day for me. I never got to see Dorell Wright become the starting SF of the Heat. I guess LeBron will be OK to take Wright's place :) Best wishes to Dorell. Tear it up out there in the bay.


Worst Case Scenario

I know. I know. I'm in Peninsula is mightier. Where Dwyane Wade leaving is not an option. But we should brace for the worst. What if Dwyane Wade does (forgive me) leave Miami? When the unthinkable...

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