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Dear Somebody, Please Look Out for Dana Warrior

This'll be brief, but it needs to be said. For some time know, I've known about Warrior, his wife, and daugthers through a family member. I won't say how or who, but through them, I know that Dana...

Thoughts on the Wrestling Observer Awards (Part 1)

Cagesider Asterisk is here with a big breakdown of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards.

Matches in the WWE Hall of Fame? An analysis

Taking a look at the potential decision by WWE to put matches into its Hall of Fame instead of just former (and sometimes current) wrestlers.


Most Underpushed Wrestler: A Tournament Proposal

via With my four month hiatus from pro-wrestling finally over, it brings me great pleasure to be back in the Cageside community, and to return to such an exciting product. I've...


Dear WWE, Please Don't Put Jack Swagger in a Ladder Match

via Due to my notorious temper coming to a head with spending time on a website I actually like, I've done my best to pick carefully the things in our beloved fake and gay sport...


This Taker/Punk Angle is Dogshit.

via There have been many controversies in professional wrestling, and many debates among the Internet Smarks on issues of varying importance. I know this well, because I...


Mark Henry vs. Alberto Del Rio: Seriously

Henry looks like a lock for the EC victory, and him winning the match to face Del Rio at 'Mania is the best booking decision WWE can run with. Find out why:

Fine Nonetheless: A Personal Bias Analysis

Why one Cagesider defended Cena and Rock winning at the "Royal Rumble" to the death: Shouldn't a guy who was calling for Cena's head mere months ago be pissed that he's getting back the win from...

Life Has Meaning Again: Watch NJPW's 10-8-12 iPPV

That's all I need to say. NJPW's iPPV debut, 10-8-12 King of Pro-Wrestling, is the best PPV of the year by far, and better than any PPV from any company since Money in the Bank 2011. NJPW somehow...


Punk vs. The American Dragon: What is This Strange Feeling in my Chest?

via I have a deserved reputation for being a hardass when it comes to pro wrestling. In virtually every instance I make a comment, it's about how much the Miz sucks, or how terrible...


2011 Wrestling Observer Awards: What Michael Cole Deserves

via It's that time of year again, the pro wrestling fans of the world are busy writing their "Year End Awards" lists. Often, wrestling year end awards are hard calls, any die hard...


Kane is Back: It's Not Something to Celebrate

via Author's Note: I don't actually hate Kane on a personal basis, I don' t even hate Mark Henry on a personal basis. I just don't want to ever see either of them...


WWE's Problem Isn't CM Punk

I'm one of the more negative wrestling fans people will come across, I've made my visceral hatred of Mark Henry, Kane, and the Miz known in my comments and fanposts, as a result, I bet many would...

6 Things WWE Better Not Book for Wrestlemania XXVIII

While Wrestlemania season is still a long ways away, now we as wrestling fans loom on the far more titillating, yet agonizing, Wrestlemania speculation season. Most people take this time to fret...


It Doesn't Matter if Bryan "Daniel Bryan" Danielson Becomes World Champion

via It hurts to write this about a man I really admire and respect It's not entirely what you think, Bryan Danielson, champion or not, is still the best technical wrestler...


The Absurdity of Mark Henry's Main Event Push

Looking at Mark Henry's main event push and why it's just a bit absurd.

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