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Das "schönste Säugetier der Erde": Newborn red panda twins at Berlin's Tierpark Zoo

Als Frederic Cuvier 1825 erstmalig den Kleinen Panda (Ailurus fulgens) wissenschaftlich beschrieb, bezeichnete er ihn als das "schönste Säugetier der Erde". Noch heute teilen viele Berliner seine Meinung und so zählt das Panda-Pärchen "Isabell" und "Quincy" zu den Besucherlieblingen im Tierpark Berlin. Dort erblickten am 22. Juni 2011 die beiden Jungtiere "Kit" und "Kitty" das Licht der Welt. Während sie die ersten 80 Tage zurückgezogen in ihrer Wurfhöhle verbrachten, beginnen die Zwillinge nun allmählich ihre Umwelt zu erkunden und wagen bereits erste Ausflüge auf die Bäume ihres natürlich gestalteten Geheges. Der Kleine Panda oder Katzenbär wird wegen seines fuchsroten Pelzes auch Roter Panda oder Feuerfuchs genannt. Er lebt im Rhododendron- und Bambusdickicht an den Südhängen des Himalayas sowie in den Bergwäldern im Südwesten Chinas. Dort ernährt er sich fast ausschließlich von Pflanzen, am liebsten von jungen Bambussprossen. Da sein natürlicher Lebensraum immer kleiner wird, gilt sein Bestand inzwischen als gefährdet. Der Tierpark Berlin unterstützt daher das WWF-Projekt zum Schutze des Kleinen Pandas im östlichen Himalaya und beteiligt sich mit seiner erfolgreichen Zucht am Europäischen Erhaltungszuchtprogramm, das vom Zoo Rotterdam koordiniert wird. Tierpark-Besucher, die "Kit" und "Kitty" bei ihren ersten Kletterversuchen beobachten möchten, sollten jedoch ein wenig Glück und Geduld mitbringen, da die Jungtiere zunächst nur zeitweise die sichere Höhle verlassen.

Andray Blatche’s coloring book for children


He’s trying to be a role model. That includes Blatche now authoring a children’s coloring and activity book out designed to help children eat a more balanced and healthy diet.

Sources: T'wolves hire Adelman


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Rick Adelman coached four teams in his first two decades in the NBA, each time taking a year off before starting his next journey. He didn't wait nearly as long to take over perhaps his most challenging job yet. The Minnesota Timberwolves are bringing Adelman in to try and turn around one of the NBA's most downtrodden franchises. Two people with knowledge of the agreement told The Associated Press on Monday that the team and the 65-year-old Adelman have agreed on terms and a contract is expected to be signed soon. The people requested anonymity because an official announcement has not been made. Adelman replaces Kurt Rambis, who lasted just two seasons on the job.

Pandas Release Secrets Of Biomass Processing - In Their Poop

Panda poop contains bacteria with potent effects in breaking down plant material in the way needed to tap biomass as a major new source of "biofuels" produced not from corn and other food sources, but from grass, wood chips and crop wastes, scientists reported this week at the 242nd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). "Who would have guessed that ‘panda poop’ might help solve one of the major hurdles to producing biofuels, which is optimizing the breakdown of the raw plant materials used to make the fuels?" said study co-author Ashli Brown, Ph.D. "We hope our research will help expand the use of biofuels in the future and help cut dependency on foreign oil. We also hope it will reinforce the importance of wildlife conservation." Brown pointed out that bacteria from the giant panda are particularly promising for breaking down the super-tough plant material known as lignocellulose in switch grass, corn stalks and wood chips. That advance could speed the development of so-called cellulosic biofuels made from these tough plant materials in a way that doesn’t rely on precious food crops such as corn, soybeans and sugar now used for making biofuels, she noted. Scientists have long known that giant pandas—like termites and cattle—have bacteria in their digestive systems to break down the cellulose in plants into nutrients. Bamboo constitutes about 99% of the giant panda’s diet in the wild. An adult may eat 20-40 pounds of bamboo daily—leaves stems, shoots and all. Until the energy crunch fostered interest in biofuels, however, scientists never thought to parse out exactly what microbes in the giant panda gastrointestinal system were involved in digestion. STORY: SEE ALSO:

NYT: Leaving Detroit for Tulsa, the Shock Lost Their Way

TULSA, Okla. — Once, it seemed an intriguing idea for prefab success, dismantling a three-time W.N.B.A. championship team in Detroit and relocating it brick by brick to this regional hotbed for women’s basketball. The Tulsa Shock planned to be relentless and hounding as they opened play in 2010. The coach and general manager, Nolan Richardson, was a local favorite. He had never coached women or professionals. But he had won the National Invitation Tournament with the University of Tulsa in 1981 and an N.C.A.A. title with Arkansas in 1994. His drag-strip, trapping style, known as 40 minutes of hell, had been attractively and disruptively frenetic. Anticipating her blistering speed in a frenzied system, Richardson signed the disgraced sprinter Marion Jones. She had won an N.C.A.A. basketball title at North Carolina in 1994. This would give Jones a chance to resume her athletic life after she lost her Olympic gold medals, and even her freedom for a time, in the fallout from a doping scandal. Instead, Tulsa’s ambitious experiment failed. Richardson is gone. Jones is gone. Several indispensable stars from Detroit never arrived. One of the league’s greats, Sheryl Swoopes, resumed her W.N.B.A. career with Tulsa this season, but there is only so far that 40-year-old shoulders and knees can carry an overmatched team.

WANTED: one wealthy industrialist

Anyone who’s spent any time around foundations eventually realizes two things. First, there’s no shortage of good works to be done, and foundations are doing plenty of it. But second, the impact of direct philanthropy pales in comparison to the impact of shaping more effective and efficient uses of the vastly larger public resources available to government. For this reason, farsighted philanthropists all come to realize that advocacy — i.e., efforts to shape how public resources are utilized — offers the best possible bang for the charitable buck. So if the choice for a high-net-worth patriot is to (a) devote him or herself to a foundation, or (b) run for president or invest in related efforts, there’s no question that the presidential campaign is the path to greater impact. That’s because there is simply no better vehicle for advocacy than a presidential campaign. It’s the moment every four years when the press and public are attuned to a broad discussion of the nation’s future. And with our two parties poised to run grossly misleading campaigns next year in their drive to win 50 percent plus one, the opportunity to break through with real answers and straight talk is enormous.

Tae-bo, the male red panda at the Green Bay (Wisc.) zoo, gets a much-needed dental...

Tae-bo, the male red panda at the Green Bay (Wisc.) zoo, gets a much-needed dental exam.

Rust-colored yarn-knit red panda mittens with a tan face and eye mask, and white fur-fringed ears....

Rust-colored yarn-knit red panda mittens with a tan face and eye mask, and white fur-fringed ears. Knitwits by deLux are made of natural New Zealand wool containing water-resistant lanolin.

Out-of-work NBA players back in college

In recent years, Kenny Donaldson gently reminded some of UCLA’s former basketball stars that he could help them return to school to finish their degrees. As UCLA’s athletics assistant director of academic services, Donaldson hoped that any former Bruins who had left school early to play in the NBA would eventually find their way back to campus and work toward graduating. Thanks, in part, to the NBA lockout, Donaldson’s had a handful of players take him up on his offer this summer. UCLA’s American Popular Culture class now has four out-of-work NBA players – Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, New Orleans Hornets forward Trevor Ariza and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Baron Davis – among its students. In addition, Milwaukee Bucks forward Luc Mbah a Moute is taking two classes this summer. Having begun their professional careers, all of the players are paying for their tuition and books.

I know that many DBBers are Droid-o-philes. I just got a Nexus that runs Gingerbread. Any hints on...


I know that many DBBers are Droid-o-philes. I just got a Nexus that runs Gingerbread. Any hints on how to maximize the Droid/Google experience? Which apps would you recommend?

Dervisevic vs. Daye: One on One

LOS ANGELES -- The game between league leaders Hank's Blazers and Cheaters II at the Drew League on Saturday was tight, but the game inside the game was even tighter. It was an unexpectedly classic one-on-one battle between an established NBA'er and college player that attracted most of the attention at Colonel Leon H. Washington Park in South L.A. Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye and Long Beach State forward Edis Dervisevic went at it on both sides of the court for possessions on end, much to the delight of a packed house at the park gymnasium, an attendance again boosted by rumors that Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade planned to attend (the superstars were not there).

mr. lawrence frank. my name is coachDP

mr lawrence frank. my name is coachDP, i want to cognratulate you on becoming coach of detroit. and BRINING new direction to entire pistons PROGRAM, as a fellow coach. let me share some EPINIONS...

NYT: Can Microsoft Make You ‘Bing’?

Microsoft’s assault on Google in Internet search and search advertising may be the steepest competitive challenge in business today. It is certainly among the most costly. Trying to go head-to-head with Google costs Microsoft upward of $5 billion a year, industry executives and analysts estimate. As the overwhelming search leader, Google has advantages that tend to reinforce one another. It has the most people typing in searches — billions a day — and that generates more data for Google’s algorithms to mine to improve its search results. All those users attract advertisers. And there is the huge behavioral advantage: "Google" is synonymous with search, the habitual choice. Once it starts, this cycle of prosperity snowballs — more users, more data, and more ad dollars. Economists call the phenomenon "network effects"; business executives just call it momentum. In search, Google has it in spades, and Microsoft, against the odds, wants to reverse it.

Where To Drive Drunk In Detroit

If you drive blottoed, you down’t want to land in the court of Judge Kimberly Small in Bloomfield Hills. Here, you are pretty sure to end up in the slammer, even for a first offense. In other areas, you must be a repeat offender to do time. And in Detroit, the stays are short, and the fines are affordable. If you are a low income drinker, Judge Marylin Atkins in Detroit will give you a discount. See, downtown Detroit isn’t all that bad. And some enterprising soul really should put that information into the navigation system.

They only look like baby pandas.

These little bundles of joy are actually chow chow dogs that have been dyed black-and-white to look like pandas. Dyeing pets has been a trend in pet pampering for quite some time. At last summer's Pets Show Taipei, there was a fierce dog-dyeing competition. But dyeing your pets to look like other wild animals is a more recent development.

[Kemba] Walker, to this point, is a question mark as a classic distributor at the NBA level, and he...

[Kemba] Walker, to this point, is a question mark as a classic distributor at the NBA level, and he doesn't have the size or shoot nearly well enough to play the "2." For the money he’s gonna cost the best move would be to trade him now.

CONTROVERSY: Cousins gets T’d up … in a streetball game

When DeMarcus Cousins becomes a very good NBA player, some people are going to have to apologize for writing him off prematurely as a hot-headed malcontent incapable of behaving like an adult within a team context. But for now, Cousins is just making it too easy. While we were all barbecuing and playing beach volleyball and otherwise celebrating America’s independence, Cousins was busy earning a technical foul during a streetball game in Washington, D.C.’s legendary Goodman league, according to the Afro. Again: He earned a technical during a streetball game in a league that, according to every description I’ve read this morning, is part serious (there is lots of talent every summer) and informal, with some running trash-talk play-by-play from the commissioner and lots of the highlight showboating you normally see in streetball action. Cousins got called for traveling and threw the ball out of the gym. In a streetball game. SI STORY: ORIGINAL REPORT:

NYT: The Young and Entrepreneurial Move to Downtown Detroit, Pushing Its Economic Recovery

Recent census figures show that Detroit’s overall population shrank by 25 percent in the last 10 years. But another figure tells a different and more intriguing story: During the same time period, downtown Detroit experienced a 59 percent increase in the number of college-educated residents under the age of 35, nearly 30 percent more than two-thirds of the nation’s 51 largest cities. These days the word "movement" is often heard to describe the influx of socially aware hipsters and artists now roaming the streets of Detroit. Not unlike Berlin, which was revitalized in the 1990s by young artists migrating there for the cheap studio space, Detroit may have this new generation of what city leaders are calling "creatives" to thank if it comes through its transition from a one-industry.

N.B.A. Draftees Know How to Dress

An air of giddy anticipation hung over the arena as the first pick of the 2011 draft was announced. As expected, Kyrie Irving, a 19-year-old point guard from Duke with a choirboy smile, was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 8,400 spectators erupted into applause. Irving coolly exchanged hugs with family and walked onstage with the studied calm of the Oscar winner for Best Actor. He wore a sleek navy pinstripe suit with a lavender striped necktie — courtesy of Giorgio Armani, and fitted at the designer’s megastore on Fifth Avenue a few days before. .... Perhaps the most GQ-ready look was found on Tristan Thompson, the fourth player selected, also by the Cavaliers. The forward from the University of Texas wore a custom charcoal suit by Paper Brown Bag, a Harlem label, that called to mind a very fashionable Pee-wee Herman with tapered pants and a shrunken jacket. Thompson, 20, comes to the league with a taste for Ferragamo, YSL and Comme des Garçons. "I definitely like a European look, pride myself on the European style," he said.

Tim Donahue on the NBA collective bargaining agreement.

The CBA: My Last, Best Offer by Tim Donahue A few days ago, David Aldridge published his ideas to avert the work stoppage. While the NBA Blogosphere and Twitterverse were both very receptive to Mr. Aldridge’s ideas, I was not. The unfortunate few who follow me on Twitter (@toothpicksray) saw my criticisms. These primarily centered around the $20 million exception and the bi-annual amnesty clause. Though I still would not like to see his proposals implemented, my complaints were unfair in two aspects. First, I did not give sufficient weight to his 50/50 BRI split. Second, I committed the sin of attacking someone’s ideas without offering alternatives of my own. What follows are my alternatives for a 10-year CBA.

Tom Gores hires Dave Checketts as consultant

Former New York Knicks president Dave Checketts is serving as a basketball consultant to new Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores, according to sources close to the situation. The news of Checketts' involvement coincides with former Knicks great Patrick Ewing's emergence late last week as a candidate for the Pistons' coaching vacancy. Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars continues to serve as Detroit's lead basketball decision-maker, with Gores announcing when he officially took control of the franchise earlier this month that "we're going to lean on [Dumars] pretty heavily." Yet sources said that Gores is also taking a level of input from Checketts, who headed up New York's management structure when the Knicks were built around Ewing.

Sport Science: Brandon Knight

Sport Science: Brandon Knight

Bismack Biyombo's NYC workout: "sources...were present to see him dunk on opponents repeatedly"

Matching up with Josh Harrellson, Joe Trapani, Talor Battle, Malcolm Delaney and Travele Jones, Bismack Biyombo had an excellent workout for the Raptors in New York City, where he showed a significantly better offensive arsenal than he had last week in Treviso, according to multiple sources who were present to see him dunk on opponents repeatedly.;_ylt=Amlgbf_6T_tEgWS8FJwKbqq8vLYF?slug=ycn-8674693

"Situational Statistics": Bismack Biyombo, beyond the box score

Box-scores don't always tell us everything we need to know about what happened in an actual game, and seasonal stats can be misleading at times in attempting to project what type of NBA player a NCAA or international prospect will become. That's why it makes sense to branch out and explore other alternatives that are available to us, including those offered to us by Synergy Sports Technology, who've logged virtually every individual possession of every game this year's NBA draft class has taken part of. .... Like Valanciunas, Biyombo saw more than 80% of his shots at the basket, but he finished them at a 12% lower rate, making just 56.1% of them last season. He also turned the ball over on 25.8% of his half court possessions, the highest mark in this group, showing that, despite his ridiculously large hands, he struggled to hold onto the ball in traffic at times. Considering this was Biyombo's first taste of high level basketball, it isn't surprising to see a player with so many physical tools, still struggle. There were a couple of bright spots for Biyombo though. Seeing 33% (1st) of his touches as the roll man on the pick and roll, he finished at a solid 65% (6th) and draw fouls on nearly 31.8% (2nd) of those possessions. The Congolese center has a remarkable frame, and that shined through at times when he bowled his way through contact or finished a lob pass with a dunk. Part of Biyombo's problem revolves around his desire to do too much at times. When he wasn't turning the ball over, he managed to finish his post-up plays (63% FG, 1st) and cuts (73%, 3rd) at a solid rate, getting fouled about 20% of the time in the process, so picking and choosing his spots will likely be a key for him. Considering he played just over a dozen games before opting to attend the Hoop Summit, Biyombo's sample size skews his data a bit, but the raw aspects of his offensive game are clear. Ball security and experience are two priorities for Biyombo as he aims to play efficiently in a simple offensive role to match his elite defensive ability.

CONTROVERSY: Bismack Biyombo not invited to NBA draft

Every year, the NBA tips its hand as to who it believes are the top 14 or 15 prospects in the draft with its annual "green room" invitations. These players are invited by the league to sit in a special room with their families and agent on draft night. When their names are called, they leave the room and go up on stage to shake commissioner David Stern's hand. .... The only conspicuous name left off the list is Bismack Biyombo from Congo.

Synergy Sports analysis: Bismack Biyombo

As much as Biyombo's ability to alter shots off-ball is great, it's his ability to change them on the ball that was especially impressive. Of the 21 charted defensive post plays for Biyombo on Synergy Sports Technology, he blocked 6-7 shots on the ball and severely altered 3-4 more shots. Nasty. Granted, a limited sample size, but still nasty. Overall, Biyombo's post defense was stellar this year. On those aforementioned 21 post plays, his opponents managed to shoot just 22% (according to Synergy). Holds his position well, even against veterans, shows good balance and shuffles his feet well. Very sound in his approach. Also, seems competent guarding outside the painted area. Shows hard on pick/roll and moves his feet well on the perimeter. Can legitimately guard both frontcourt positions. Though, he's not without his flaws defensively. Sometimes loses sight of the ball and has a tendency to over-help. Biyombo might struggle a little adjusting to defending NBA talent, which is expected of any newcomer. But he will be much more prepared than any college prospects to defend against NBA offenses thanks to his time dealing with the talent and precision of many of the ACB teams.

Detroit Pistons anagrams.

  1. Tayshaun Prince = Shun at any price
  2. Charlie Villanueva = A helluva nice rival
  3. Joe Dumars = Ream us JOD
  4. More in a second.
  5. Now your thoughts.
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