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Bismack Biyombo facts.

Since...the year Bismack Biyombo was born...low post defense related deaths have increased 1,000 percent Biyombo's wingspan is so long that his left hand has only seen his right hand in pictures.

Mock Draft: #8 | Detroit Pistons | Bismack Biyombo | PF | Congo

Scott Howard-Cooper, The closer the draft gets, the more some teams believe Joe Dumars needs the safe pick with better odds on a nice return with a new owner and a new coach. Biyombo is definitely not a safe-pick guy,but he projects as a game changer more than anyone still on the board.

ESPN Insider Chad Ford interviews NBA Draft international prospect Bismack Biyombo, a 6-9 power...

ESPN Insider Chad Ford interviews NBA Draft international prospect Bismack Biyombo, a 6-9 power forward from the Congo.

Not sure I've met a more interesting draft prospect than Bismack Biyombo in terms of the sheer...


Not sure I've met a more interesting draft prospect than Bismack Biyombo in terms of the sheer depth of his thoughts. Incredibly cognitive.

Bismack Biyombo: News Round-Up

Scott Howard-Cooper, Biyombo makes direct, if not challenging, eye contact and in clear English explains specifically what will happen. He will lead the NBA in rebounding. He will lead the NBA in blocks. It is more declaration than explanation, really, with peppered references to hard work softening arrogance into determination. .... The age issue, from differing reports about the validity of his earliest documents from the Republic of Congo, has basically faded. One general manager who has looked into the issue is asked how old Biyombo is and answers, "Your guess is as good as mine," but also stresses it is not a major concern. The difference between being 18 and, say, 25 or 27? That's a big deal because it indicates in stronger terms what Biyombo's ceiling is and it reduces the potential length of his career. But the difference between 18 and the 21 or 22 some suggest is minor by comparison. "At some point, it becomes like a little fun to me," he said. "I watch a lot of players. I watch a lot of guys. So why they trust the other guys in the Draft and they don't trust me? That's my question." We get up from the table in the coffee shop and Biyombo, with the largest wing span of any player measured here or at the Chicago pre-Draft combine, extends his right arm. He shakes hands and maintains eye contact in a way few with 10 years in the league do. He says he appreciates the chance to tell people about his story. There is no mystery man here. -- Aran Smith, The workout was a little painful to watch as he missed shot after shot from within 10 feet of the basket. At one point it seemed a little foolish to have him shoot so many shots when it's not the strength of his game. We counted his shots after the first couple minutes and he went something close to 12-of-35 from within 10 feet playing 1-on-none. He was able to redeem himself somewhat by knocking down 9 free throws in a row at one point to finish 14-of-20 towards the end. To be fair, this type of workout is difficult as the player is being asked to exert a ton of energy without a break and it's extremely intimidating knowing that so many scouts are watching every move and dissecting your game. It can start to play tricks with a player's head if they aren't mentally tough. Biyombo didn't look nervous but his shooting may have been thrown off to a degree. -- David Aldridge, A couple of NBA veteran personnel men compare Biyombo to Saer Sene, who rocketed from Senegal, seemingly overnight, and wound up being taken 10th overall by Seattle in the 2006 Draft, but never lived up to his high status and lasted just three seasons in the NBA. "This kid's way better than Saer Sene," the Central exec said. "He played big minutes on a good team. This kid's gonna go pretty early. He's got the mystery thing going for him, which is really important. Because we're all looking for upside, right?" But like the others, Biyombo could be both helped and hurt by moving up in the Draft will all the withdrawals. Helped in that he may be taken higher in the first round than he would have otherwise. But hurt because of the high expectations that are placed on top-10 picks.

Many swings and many misses. Much shooting and a proportionate amount of clanking. It wasn't...

Many swings and many misses. Much shooting and a proportionate amount of clanking. It wasn't pretty for Bismack Biyombo, who puzzlingly did little more than confirm his clear-cut offensive weaknesses in his workout for talent evaluators. Turnaround jumpers in the key (0/5), elbow jumpers alternating sides (2/10), free throws (23/41) – you name it, he missed it. When he switched to uncontested turnaround hook shots in the paint a few more fell, but he mixed in some air balls for good measure. On the plus side, Biyombo's body looked great and he's still an athletic freak. His combination of length, strength agility and explosiveness is almost unheard of, causing many to marvel at his physical gifts despite the low-skill level he displayed. Overall? Nothing new outside of a vividly clear illustration of just how raw his offense is at this point. One NBA exec put it best: "If you liked Biyombo going into today you are going to be set aside the weaknesses he showed and realize that setting couldn't have been any worse for him. The guy is not a jump-shooter, and no one is going to draft him to be one. You need to see through that. But if you came in here with question marks about him you surely came away with plenty more things to worry about. All in all, people who liked him will continue to, and those who don't will as well."

WSJ: Talking Basketball, in Spanish, Is Definitely No Slam Dunk


MIAMI—Broadcasters covering the NBA finals for Spanish-speaking fans from different parts of the world do it from a Tower of Babel where a dunk is not a dunk, but the play-by-play guys disagree about just what to call it. As the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks vie on the basketball court for the championship title, two of their broadcasters are duking it out with each other. "Some say donquear. That'd be Spanglish," says José Pañeda, the announcer calling the play on Miami's WQBA-AM radio. But donquear doesn't work in Argentina, where dunk is volcada, he says. In Spain, it's mate, which literally means "the kill," as when a matador administers the lethal thrust in a bullfight. None of those terms work for Victor Villalba, radio KFLC's Latino basketball jock, who is handling the finals this week for the Dallas Mavericks. Spanglish, a mixture of Spanish and English, makes his Texas audience uneasy, says the 51-year-old broadcaster. So for the word dunk, he prefers clavada, which comes from clavo, the noun for "nail." Messrs. Pañeda and Villalba are just two of the broadcasters who are confronting the vagaries of Basketball Spanish for an immigrant audience increasingly interested in the game. Basketball in English is already tricky, full of arcane terms like "cross-over dribble," "tomahawk dunk" and "alley oop pass." In Spanish, the challenge is magnified because listeners to Spanish broadcasts hail from or live on three different continents where language and dialects vary.

Donnie Walsh Is Leaving the Knicks

In a surprising announcement, the Knicks announced late Friday morning that Donnie Walsh would be leaving his post as team president when his contract expires at the end of this month. The team characterized Walsh’s exit as by mutual agreement between him and the team’s principle owner, James L. Dolan. Glen Grunwald, a senior vice president, will serve as interim general manager beginning July 1, the team said. Walsh had been negotiating a new contact with the organization for the last few months and was seeking assurances of full autonomy in basketball decisions. He had never given any indication that he wanted to leave the team. In fact, he has repeatedly said he wanted to finish the job he started in 2008, when he began rebuilding the roster. Walsh’s decision to step away would seem to indicate that he did not receive the promises of autonomy that he sought. HIRE JOD! DO IT DOLAN!

The Crossover on Display

The crossover is one of the most lethal offensive moves in the N.B.A. Miami’s Dwyane Wade found inspiration for his version from players like Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway.

Pick #8: Bismack Biyombo

Motor City, meet the next Ben Wallace. The biggest question surrounding Biyombo at this juncture is how much of what he does so well is legal in the NBA. The Congolese forward is a relentless defender, ferocious rebounder and the perfect complement to last year's top pick, Greg Monroe, in the Pistons' frontcourt.

Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., to Retire

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) announced Friday that he will not run for re-election in 2012, putting a battleground seat Democrats have held for over five decades squarely in play for the upcoming elections. "I am announcing today that I will not seek another term as your senator," Kohl said at a press conference in Milwaukee. "Rather, I will continue to devote all my energy and time in the next nineteen months to see to it that the people in our state are well-served." "I've always believed it's better to leave a job too early than a little too late, and that's how I feel today," he added. Kohl is the sixth senator who caucuses with the Democrats to retire this year. Two Republican senators have announced their retirement. Kohl turned 76 years old in 2011 and has been serving in the Senate since 1989.

Robert "Tractor" Traylor found dead


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Former NBA and University of Michigan player Robert "Tractor" Traylor has died. He was 34. Police in San Juan, Puerto Rico, said in a statement he was found dead Wednesday on the bedroom floor of his oceanfront apartment. Police and Traylor's team, the Vaqueros de Bayamon, said he had been missing for a few days and apparently died from a heart attack. The Vaqueros said Traylor was rehabbing a heel injury and had not been playing. They suspended their game Wednesday night because of his death.

NYT: 36 Hours in Detroit

DESPITE recent news stories of a population exodus from Detroit, there are many reasons to make a pilgrimage to this struggling city right now — and not just because Eminem’s slick Super Bowl commercial showcased the inner strength of the Motor City. No video can portray the passion one finds on the streets of Detroit these days, where everyone from the doorman to the D.J. will tell you they believe in this city’s future. While certain areas are indeed eerily empty, other neighborhoods — including midtown, downtown and Corktown — are bustling with new businesses that range from creperies and barbecue joints catering to the young artists and entrepreneurs migrating to Motown, to a just-opened hostel that invites tourists to explore Detroit with the aid of local volunteer guides. In the historic Brush Park district, architecture buffs will find some lovely refurbished houses, and along Woodward Avenue, restored film palaces are a wonderful reminder that this city’s storied past includes not just automobiles, but also the entertainment industry. No urban enthusiast will want to miss the recovery that Detroit is now attempting.

CONTROVERSY: Kings staying in Sacramento for 2011

The owners of the Sacramento Kings have dropped plans to move the team to Anaheim next season and will stay at least one more year. "We are heading back to Sacramento. It was a tough decision," team co-owner George Maloof said, according to The Sacramento Bee. "Ticket holders were reaching out to us, and it was the right thing to do to give it a shot at one more season." The decision gives Sacramento one more chance at planning the new arena the Maloofs say they need for the Kings to remain in California's state capital. Previous efforts to assemble a plan and financing for a new arena have fallen short. Team co-owner Joe Maloof told The Associated Press the team would remain in Sacramento for one more season to give mayor Kevin Johnson a chance to follow through on his promise for a new arena. If the city doesn't follow through, the Kings will be relocated to another city, he added.

Welcome... to the Wallace-hood! (formerly: Let's Depict tads!)

DBB community member tads needs an avatar—bad. Although our previous attempt to depict Trout Jefferson ended in a spectacular flame-out, there's no reason that the present effort can't succeed....

Kemba Walker: UConn Star Reads First Book

University of Conneticut star guard Kemba Walker didn’t surprise anyone when he announced that he would forgo his senior year with the Huskies and enter into the 2011 NBA draft. He did, however, shock people when he admitted that just weeks ago -- at age 20 -- he finished reading a book for the first time ever. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Walker says he went through high school and college without reading an entire book cover-to-cover. What’s even more surprising is the fact that Walker is actually graduating with a degree from UConn a year early. LINK: The Root LINK: Sports Illustrated

Finding a Niche For: Bismack Biyombo

Any scouting report must start with Biyombo's dimensions, which are downright freakish. He measured a 7-7 wingspan (which would rank fifth longest in our expansive database) at the Nike Hoop Summit, despite standing just 6-7 ¾ without shoes. No player of record has ever measured a wingspan that is nearly 12 inches longer than his actual height—the closest is Jason Maxiell, who is 6-5 without shoes with a 7-3 ¼ wingspan. He also sports a chiseled 243-pound frame (4.8% body fat) that he should have no problem putting additional weight onto. .... What makes Biyombo so interesting, though, is his willingness to utilize his physical tools. He plays the game with incredible emotion (think Joakim Noah or Kevin Garnett), often putting opposing players and teammates in harm's way with his desire to make his presence felt. He competes on every possession, often to the point of physical exhaustion, something that will need to be honed. Still, it's an extremely desirable trait in a prospect. .... Once he catches the ball in the paint, Biyombo usually has one thing on his mind: dunk. He can take off from incredible distances (well outside the restricted area) and still finish plays because of his sheer length and explosiveness. He absolutely crushes the rim any opportunity he gets.

Bismack Biyombo is now a free agent.

Breaking News: Bismack Biyombo has unilaterally terminated his contract with Fuenlabrada, following several breaches, his agent tells us. More in a second at Now your thoughts.

How old is Bismack Biyombo? Who cares? He's ready for the NBA.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- So how old is this Bismack Biyombo, the African triple-double prodigy who may be in the NBA next season? "A lot of time people are saying I can't be so young, that I am much older,'' said Biyombo, the 6-foot-9, 243-pound forward/center from Congo who is listed as 18 years old. "It is not the first time I hear this, but I really don't care.'' Biyombo produced the first triple-double ever seen at the Nike Hoop Summit on Saturday, with 12 points (5-of-7 from the field), 11 rebounds and an astonishing 10 blocks in the World Select Team's 92-80 loss to the U.S. Junior National Select Team.... ...Biyombo...exploited his 7-7 wingspan and the most NBA-ready body on the floor. After a disappointing first quarter, the visitors adapted as Biyombo asserted himself defensively and Polish guard Mateusz Ponitka (who scored a team-leading 17 points) attacked the basket. "He runs the floor, he defends and he's cat-quick,'' said an NBA scout of Biyombo. "His offensive skills need to be developed, but his athleticism screams out.'' "He's Ben Wallace, basically,'' said another NBA executive.

Red Pandas like NutraSweet

A threatened species native to the Himalayas is helping to shed light on how we taste sugary sweet foods — researchers have found that red pandas unexpectedly have a sweet tooth for aspartame, better known to soda drinkers as NutraSweet. .... The researchers tested the taste preferences for six artificial and six natural sugars. Each animal was given access to a sweet solution and water for 24 hours. If the animal drank more of the sweet solution, that was taken as a preference for it. As expected, the lion, a cat, did not prefer any of the sweet solutions. The remaining species preferred at least some of the natural sugars. But surprisingly, the red panda drank large amounts of the artificial sweeteners aspartame, neotame and sucralose.

Taronga Celebrates Red Panda Breeding Success

Taronga Zoo has celebrated another conservation breeding success with the arrival of the 44th Red Panda cub in the Zoo’s breeding program. The young male, ‘Pemba’ which means ‘Saturday’ in Nepalese was born on Saturday, November 29, last year to Taronga’s female ‘Wanmei’ and resident breeding male ‘Mayhem’. It has just started to venture out of its warm nest box to explore the lush outdoor exhibit. The Red Pandas at Taronga Zoo are part of an international breeding program for this endangered species, and 44 cubs, including ‘Pemba’, have been born at the Zoo since the program started in 1977. Taronga has the best breeding record in the southern hemisphere for Red Pandas and coordinates the Australasian Stud Book, making recommendations as to which individuals can be paired for mating to increase genetic diversity and introduce new bloodlines into the insurance populations for this captivating species.

A fascinating Isiah Thomas interview.

Isiah Thomas talks with Jason Whitlock.

The Odd Challenge for Detroit Planners: How to Shrink a City

DETROIT — When Marja M. Winters was studying urban planning in graduate school, she learned the art and science of helping cities grow. Now Ms. Winters, a native of Detroit and the deputy director of the city’s planning and development department, finds herself in an utterly unexpected role, one that no school would have thought to prepare her for: she is sorting out how to help her hometown shrink, by working through difficult decisions that will determine which neighborhoods can be saved and which cannot. .... Actually carrying out such an effort, particularly in a city as vast as Detroit, is like solving a complicated set of interwoven puzzles, as Ms. Winters has discovered over many long days and some nights poring over thousands of pages of maps and statistics in her 23rd-floor downtown office. How to reconfigure roads, bus lines, police districts? How to encourage people — there is no power of eminent domain to force them — to move out of the worst neighborhoods and into better ones?

The (weak) case against Dennis Rodman.

The Hall of Fame is not for supporting players. Here are Rodman's scoring averages for his three seasons with the Bulls: 5.5, 5.7 and 4.7 points. And if you're going to tell me that scoring isn't everything, I agree with you, but would also note that the Hall of Fame isn't for players averaging four or five points a game. Even though the majority of Rodman's shot attempts came on put-backs close to the basket, his shooting accuracy never reached 50 percent in Chicago, and it was 43.1 in his final season there. He couldn't create his own shot and let's not even talk about him as a perimeter shooter. Oh, what the heck, let's talk about it -- he averaged 23 percent on three-pointers for his career. Rodman was a great defensive player and bebounder, but both must be viewed through the prism of his having limited offensive responsibility.

Why Kemba Walker Moves Like Nobody Else

Kemba Walker wasn't any older than four when he started walking himself into the laundromat on University Avenue in the Bronx, the one that always spilled out reggae music in the summertime. He'd go up to the first person he spied, tap their hip and then, as soon as their attention turned his way, he'd bust out dancing. Walker's mother Andrea laughingly remembers how people used to give him money. Much has been written about how Walker, Connecticut's star point guard, forged his game on the courts of New York City. But what hasn't been discussed is how the city—and in particular the music of the Bronx—is embedded in the way he plays. Walker's father, Kenya, says the skills his son has used to get to Saturday's NCAA tournament Final Four—the feet that can take him anywhere on the court in a flash, the body that nimbly contorts through a tangle of limbs, the devastating timing, even his megawatt smile, have a common origin. "That's where it all comes from," Kenya Walker says. "The dancing."

UPDATE: Detroit's RoboCop statue

In a demonstration of the Internet's ability to connect like-minded people, the exchange led to a Facebook group promoting the idea to build a RoboCop statue here and a fund-raising drive with worldwide reach. So far, more than $60,000 has been raised from metro Detroit and many other countries through the Kickstarter page set up by Imagination Station, a nonprofit that's building a creative campus in Corktown. The fund-raising was set to officially end on Saturday. Detroit artist Jerry Paffendorf, who's involved in the statue drive, said he hopes a 10-foot-tall replica of RoboCop will be completed this summer. The planned location is somewhere in Wayne State University's TechTown research and technology park. Wherever it winds up, "it's going to be a world-class statue, like you would see Thaddeus Kosciuszko on Michigan Avenue," says Paffendorf.
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