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Wagons are already circling


First article citing sources saying Wulff is likely out as soon as tomorrow or Monday. I don't like coaches being fired, it just is a dirty business that feels like a bad marriage either way. I like Wulff as a person, but it is what it is. Keep him and half the fans are irate, fire him and it's the other half that are irate. And the last 4 years have been what they have been.

Lobbestael to start vs. UCLA


I would say there is still a chance this is gamemanship, but via Vince it looks like Marshall will start.

Post Football life for Bledsoe


I know we are more about beer than wine around here, but I found this article about Drew Bledsoe's winery in Walla Walla interesting, and having another one of our all time greats down the street (by Eastern Washington standards) is great for the program in my eyes.


For fans of Swingers (the movie) and Simmons (the Sportsguy)

Here is my attempt at his writing style, poorly executed of course. One of my favorite movies is Swingers, and based off of lines from that movie I have some thoughts for the Cougs and Coug fans...


The "Talent" Myth

Many posters on Cougcenter seem to be under the impression that this Cougar team is loaded with talent that should make them one of the top two teams in the conference and it is only coaching...


Benedict Tony vs UW gamethread

Since I don't see a gamethread at Dawgpound, and since we all have an interest in this game, and because I now have tomorrow off and a beer in my hand, I thought I'd put up a gamethread for the...

Article on Rankin


Rankin talked it over with his mother and decided to stay the course with Wulff and co-defensive coordinator Jody Sears.

Phase 3 of the Stadium


Press conference tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Maybe Phase 3 will pick up soon? We can only hope.


Money and WSU Sports

  The struggles of the football program, and some comments related to whether or not we can afford to fire Wulff, have led me to begin to question a few things about WSU athletics.  First, let’s...

WSU Transfer from WWU


Good article on Casey Hamlett, a refugee from the WWU football program who might figure into our DE picture in the next year or two. Sounds like a good kid who sees this as a great opportunity.

The Bowls, they are a changing....


Changes may be coming, sooner rather then later, in the Pac-10 Bowl structure. This hopefully is a sign of the seachange to come with TV contracts to follow.

Romar talks about the Bone hire


Hat tip to the Dawg Pound. It will be fun watching these friends go at it as rivals, adds a new dimension.

Grippi's update on Coach Search


"We are sure they interviewed UAB’s Mike Davis along with at least two others, Portland State’s Ken Bone and former Phoenix Suns coach Terry Porter, though when and where is still unclear."


Just a thought

I really want to do something to show both the school and the players that we stand by them and want to see continued success.  And I realized that maybe there is a way, already set up, for our...

Portland Oregonian writer endorsing Bone for WSU


Not sure if anyone linked this already, it's a good description of Bones years at PSU.


Oregon/OSU Game Chat

As you all know, tonights Oregon/OSU game can have some pretty big implications for our Cougs.  I figured that since this has a chance to effect us, and our team, there is a good chance some other...


ASU/UW goes to OT

This has to be good for us.  Wear down the SunDevils before Saturdays game.  As noted in other posts, we played our core guys for most of the second half.  Although Nik and Daven will be fresh, I...


Next Years PG

I know that this year has many games left, and it's really early to engage in speculation about next year’s team.  But indulge me for a minute.  We are losing 4 major contributors next year in...

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