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Pitt fans summed up in one picture

No commentary needed, really.

Elite olfactory nerves

or, Scent of a Hokie. I imagine the winner will be a mix of Skoal, Red Bull, and doe urine. Which, if I had to guess what a Penn State fragrance would smell like, wouldn't be too far off either.

Stay Classy, Illinois

I really don't have words for this one. Just a head shake.

Yeah, it is Ohio State, but this is pretty damn cool. I would be honored to lob urine-filled...


Yeah, it is Ohio State, but this is pretty damn cool. I would be honored to lob urine-filled balloons at this band.

PSU Week at OTE

During the offseason, OTE takes a week to examine each football program in the conference. This week, for better or worse, is PSU’s turn.

Virginia Tech releases 2012 helmet results

I don’t keep track of what helmets the PSU program uses, but I’m sure one of you can chime in.

Interim AD Sherburne Canned

Not a lot of info on why at this point, so allow your wild conspiracy theories to run amok.

BSD worth a cool $1.5 million

Grottoes, jorts, and neckbeards for everyone! Huzzah! Feel free to punch in some other websites and post the results below.

Alabama - LSU lowest rated BCS Championship

Shocker. Nobody outside of the south wanted to see a rematch of a low-scoring, nap-inducing game on top of the self-fellating SEC advertisements.

A&M to SEC...it's getting real

Via our comrades at Corn Nation. Which obviously would beg the question, who would be #14 for the conference? And does this reignite the merry-go-round, driving the Pac 12 and Big 10 to attempt to "keep up"? I like to smugly assume that the SEC wants to add teams because they hate the fact that the Big 10 pulled such a sweet move adding Nebraska.

CU-Boulder #1 Party School

...as determined by the highly qualified and knowledgeable staff at Playboy, who no doubt did an intensive investigation of every college campus in the U.S. using sound measurables. Penn State is #2, for what it's worth. Which is probably nothing. Let the faux outrage and asinine fist-bumping begin, brahs!


We got ourselves a kicker from Indiana, folks.

I actually feel pity for them.

Didn’t think it would ever be possible, but there it is…pity. I hate Michigan as much as the next guy, but even I’m embarrassed by their head coach getting all blubbery as Josh Groban’s music gets played at their football banquet.


NFL Week 1 Stats - Former Nittany Lions

I like to check in on how some of our former players are doing in the NFL, so I combed the box scores of yesterday's games and compiled the stats of the guys that popped into my head. Larry...

The 2010 Herbies

We are again the #1 student section. I'm beginning to wonder if Herbie is starting to mail it in with his picks? Notre Dame is #2 behind us? And I don't think I can honestly feel comfortable with our students claiming #1 after some dubious attendance last season, even with the logistical difficulties of the ticketing system.

30 Awesome College Labs

Being a nerd, I frequent Popular Science's site. Not sure if the link will go directly to it, but Penn State's Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship is slide 26.

It's Like Christmas for Me

First, 11 Notre Dame players get thrown in the paddywagon. Now, a Pitt player gets busted for chucking some goober through a window. What did I do to deserve such delicious schadenfreude?

State Patty's: The Aftermath

"Well, here on the 500 block of E. Foster the worst we saw yesterday was a drunk young man pooping (in broad daylight) in the front yard of our neighbors across the street — he had to use snow as toilet paper which is a bit of a consolation I guess." Dude's dropping deuces like Labradors sure isn't going to help your cause, State Patty's fans.

Urban Meyer, another coach that is outlasted by Paterno

In a shocker, Meyer is resigning for health reasons. No specifics yet, but Meyer will no longer be the head coach after the Cincy game.

Virginia recruit visiting this weekend

Fuller Hoepner, a 6'2" 220 lb QB/ATH from my area, Midlothian (suburb of Richmond), is heading to PSU to check the game out this weekend. Scout doesn't even have him in their database, and Rivals doesn't have a star rating for him. His stats as a QB don't seem all that impressive, and the article states William & Mary and Virginia Tech are recruiting him. I'd imagine with the number of schollies we have left, he would have to be a walk-on. Unless our guys see something in him.

I don't like Paterno, I'll be real honest.

Virginia Tech Recruiting Director Jim Cavanaugh complains about PSU recruiting tactics on VT radio show From the notes of the radio show: "Cavanaugh has always had a straightforward approach to recruiting. He's honest with players. Some coaches will promise playing time, etc., but you can't do that. In 40 years of coaching, Cav has told just one recruit he would start as a freshman, and he was a prep school recruit. That was Mike Quick, who played in the NFL for a long time. Even Michael Vick redshirted. Cav doesn't like Penn State because they have some questionable recruiting tactics. They make promises to players that they don't keep. They promised Michael Robinson he would play quarterback, but they didn't put him there until his senior season." I was informed of this guy's butthurt by my boss's boss (enormous Tech fan). It seems to be the general consensus down here in Hokieland that PSU steals recruits by making empty promises while Tech's recruiters are up-front and honest. And to that, I say a big "Waaahhhhh, crybabies". Maybe, just maybe, we're raiding your territory because we're a far more attractive program and you can't erect a Great Wall of 'Stache like Pitt. Everyone thinks their program is on the up-and-up, and when they come up short to one school routinely on the recruiting trail (Robinson, Newsome, Zwinak, etc), they resort to the tried-and-true stance of "they lie and cheat" as opposed to recognizing their own shortcomings.

Sweet, salty Wolverine tears

Rich Rod cried at his presser today about the allegations that he works the players excessively. Somebody mine some awesome teary-eyed Rodriguez stills from the video Deadspin has embedded, so that we may have fresh material for our MSPaint hack jobs.

College Football News sinks further into the darkness

The link goes to their preseason AA lists, which breakdown by position. I've made it as far as the first list, QBs, before shaking my head in disbelief. Arm Punter is #4, yet Clark is buried way down at #14...behind Juice Williams. It's like they aren't even trying over there. At least Jimmy the Emu Pickle Clausen is at #24.

In Uniform News...

Oregon outdoes themselves, yet again. Do they hire a 3rd grade art class to come up with these concepts?

LORD STANLEY, LORD STANLEY, GET ME THE BRANDY. Now if only the Pirates can sack up, Pittsburgh can...


LORD STANLEY, LORD STANLEY, GET ME THE BRANDY. Now if only the Pirates can sack up, Pittsburgh can get the trifecta.

Schlabach and tWWL skewers Big Ten OOC schedules

I'm starting to think they don't like us. But I have a hard time making a case against this point, this season.

Pete Carroll "disappointed" in Mark Sanchez's decision

Such a stand-up, supportive coach. I understand if he privately thinks Sanchez will tank in the NFL, but you don't publicly send mixed signals because you then look like a dick.

Whitlock Thumps ESPN

He carries a bit of a grudge for getting fired 3 years ago, but still makes excellent points, using his alma mater as a case study of all that's wrong with ESPN and sports journalism.

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