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Just how good is Mike Trout at age 20?


This is a NerdGraphs leaderboard of the results of all 20-year old players from 1900-2012 (baseball's "modern era"). Small sample size caveat, obviously... but just look at where his OPS puts him historically based on his start this year. To stay up that far on this list, he'd need to continue raking the way he has all year and adjust to pitchers as much as they'll adjust to him. As you look at the names in that list, though, the thing that stands out is that there just aren't many players that put up the kind of stats he's putting up at this age. The vast majority of those went on to become superstars and Hall of Famers. It's good company to be in. FYI: This link can be bookmarked to check in on it all year long. I know I will be.

Trout not in Arkansas lineup 6/23


Can't find any other info, could just be a night off... but you never know...


BREAKING: Scott Boras signs with The Devil, 27 years $1.2 billion

A.P. Reporting, 12/21/2023, 11 hours 6 minutes ago -- Agent Scott Boras has come to terms with The Devil for a contract spanning 27 years and just over $1.2 billion.  Reports from inside sources...

End the Mathis Era


Completely pointless online petition but I thought it was funny. Sign using creative fake names and I'll post my favorite of those in a week or two. If you are the winner of the favorite fake name, you will win... well... absolutely nothing. But at least it's funny. I also have no idea if they spam the email addresses, so you should probably make that up too.

Torii to hand CF to Bourjos


Wow. This is fantastic. Scioscia would never have made the move, but Torii knows it's for the good of the team. For anyone questioning this move watch this.

Bullpen help, anyone?


Anybody else find it frustrating that the Angels keep sending out a fairly horrific front end of their bullpen while Rich Thompson, our wily Australian, has yet to allow a run in AAA in 14 innings?

Quit with the panic switch


Here's a post from April 17th of last season. The Angels were in the midst of a 2-6 string of games from Apr 14-19. All hope was gone. 2009 was not to be. What really sealed the deal was a second 2-6 stretch from Aug 20-27. It was simply too much to recover from. A lost season. Look people, I freaked out then. And I'm not going to say I'm not concerned now. But seriously, get it together. It sucks to start the season this way, but it's really early. The money quote: "And all the while, Brandon Wood languishes in AAA with a 1.065 slugging and nowhere to fit in the crowded Angels lineup." Give him some time folks. He had a couple of opposite field shots today, and he's also a notoriously slow starter. I should clarify that. He's been kicked off of winter ball teams what, 2 years now? And I believe his spring last year was bad too. My point is just simply that it's such a small sample size to judge. Quit with the panic switch (for now).


Why Joel Piñeiro was Good Last Year!

According to FanGraphs, Joel Piniero's adopting a two-seam fastball made all the difference in his success last season.

Cliff Lee to Mariners falling apart?


LL kinda freaking out over there. Please, oh, please...


Why the Angels can't let the Mariners sign Bay

Thanks to the pending Mariner signing of Figgins, the Angels are in line to receive the #18 overall pick in the draft next year (thank you, Seattle!).  Should Seattle also sign Bay, this really...


The Angels Need YOU!

Update:  I woke up to big car trouble this morning on the way to work, and it's going to be expensive.  So as much as it breaks my heart, I really can't afford to go or to organize this anymore.  F...


Who needs to be hitting for the Angels to win?

Seems like a lot of stories recently have been questioning who the Angels MVP is this year, and whether we have multiple candidates for league MVP.  So, I thought I'd take a look at who it takes to...


Minor League Report: COBY SMITH Credit where credit is due

While I'm admittedly a huge Sean Rodriguez and Brandon Wood fan, every once in a while you have to acknowledge insane performances from unlikely candidates.  And that is exactly what happened today...


Angels have no power in the minors!

Our whole farm is entirely devoid of any kind of decent hitting prospects.  Oh no!  Whatever will we do!?! Oh, except these guys today: AAA SLC:S-Rod 3-4 today with his 19th HR in 206 AB.  That...

Scioscia prepping Matthews for a trade?


That's my take. He seems unhappy by his recent benching, but somewhat understanding, yet unwilling to continue riding the pine. Sounds like Scioscia is showing him what it will be like for the rest of the year if he isn't willing to waive his no-trade clause. It seems like a smart move to me, as GMJ clearly wants to play (and truthfully, probably should on a non-contender). We can only hope... let's go Juan!


SLC puts the beatdown on Tacoma

Much like the MLB teams, Angels AAA affiliate SLC took down the Mariner's own very best (worst) Tacoma to the tune of 20-7 last night.  Box Score Here.  Wow, Seattle really can't catch a break...

Hiroki Kuroda, perfect game through 7


No, really, Dodger Hiroki Kuroda pitching a perfect game through 7 innings. A perfect game. Literally. Like no hits, no walks. A perfect game. Just saying, just saying... not that as an Angel fan one would want to jinx a Doyer PERFECT GAME.


Angels #1 Prospect?

It's a bit early to call this, maybe, but we might have a new #1 prospect after this year.  Here are the numbers from 2008 so far, and what they project to based on 575 AB at SLC.  AAA - SLC ...

Suck on this, Choakland! 5 runs. No, really. GA's shot passed right by us. Next time.


Suck on this, Choakland! 5 runs. No, really. GA's shot passed right by us. Next time.


2008 Prediction Thread

Let's have a little fun with our magic 8 balls today and make some predictions for 2008.  Here's my take: Boston/NYY/Tampa Bay/Toronto/BaltimoreDetroit/Cleveland/Minnesota/Kansas City/Chi SoxA...


Halfway in, Spring Training recap

Alright everyone, we're about halfway into Spring Training, and so let's take a second to look at what we've seen thus far, and insight into what we'll be looking at these last two weeks before...


Reminder: MLB Gameday ST

Just a reminder from last year, this is how to get to gameday links for spring training. Example link: The only 3...


Red Sox sign Colon!

Per ESPN Too bad its only a minor league deal.  This should make them contenders this year.  It might just be enough to push them over the top.  The scale has been tipped in their favor (pun...


Glaus For Rolen? has announced, per Ken Rosenthal, that the Blue Jays and Cardinals have swapped 3B Scott Rolen and none other than our very own ex-Angel Troy Glaus.   This seems, at least...


Stoneman - "World's worst shopper"

Interview with Bill, from He's not talking about baseball in the quote, but it is funny how many would agree with this in the baseball sense, as well: "Stoneman: Oh, Diane handles that...


Hilarious Fox Sports Story

Fox Sports MLB page Click on the fourth picture of the main stories. Big picture of Big Bart. Headline: "GETTING THIN" It's a story about how thin the free agent market has gotten at this point,...


Kuroda to the Dodgers

Per, Tony Jackson of the L.A. Daily News reports that the Dodgers have signed Kuroda to a three-year deal worth between $36-40MM, pending a physical.  The Dodgers will go with...


How much have we upgraded our power?

We've spent a lot of time talking about whether or not Hunter is enough extra pop in the lineup to make us successful.  So, I put together a chart to see what a 2008 lineup would look like vs what...


Poll: Division vs WS Champions?

I think we have all grown to realize we're odds on favorites to win the AL West through at least 2009. Given that our potential (potential bastards) trade partners, the Marlins, have won 2...

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