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CBS's draft projection for raiders


It's ambitious and optimistic, in terms of who's likely to be available where....but for the most part, I like it.


Welcome to the SEC, folks

I'm sure there have been others from SEC blogs to post on this site, but allow me to extend a warm and rousing welcome to the SEC, the nation's premier athletic conference. You'll find our fans to...


The Draft, 2012

With apologies to D. Reese, who I think had some well-thought out suggestions, I'm going to differ. I agree with the areas of need he identified, but I think they should be addressed in reverse...


Randy Shannon

Rocky Top Talk "reporting" (for lack of a better term) that Randy Shannon (former Hurricane DC and HC) is set to become UT's new DC. They're talking about 5 years, $5 million, like its a done deal....


Dooley and 2012

I posed this question to Incipient_Senescence, with whom I've been having a mini-discussion, and I wanted to get some thoughts from others. In the interest of full disclosure, and as many of you...


Kiel commits to LSU

This can be filed under the "rich getting richer" category. Mr. All-Everything QB from Columbus, Indiana, is apparently enrolling at LSU next month, and will be playing for The Hat in the fall. I...


McElwain / Smart

I heard that McElwain may be in the lead for the Freso St job, and is likely in the mix for the Colorado St job, as well. Can't remember the sources, but it was in 2 different publications. If he...


Split Championship?

I'm hearing more and more grumblings from the talk radio gasbags about the possibility of a split title if Bama wins on 1/9. I'm sure you've all heard the same blabber, along the lines of "Bama...


Heisman Thoughts

Obviously, I want Trent to bring home the hardware with every fiber of my earthly being. He would be a worthy addition to the Heisman fraternity, far superior to at least a half-dozen of the jokes...

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