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SEC Network Info

The folks over at GoodBullHunting have a posting on the SEC Network and where it can be found on DirecTV and all the other carriers. This includes DISH, Comcast, TimeWarner, at&t, Charter, Cox,...


Lets talk some golf

So, I am working from home today and thought "I'll watch The Masters". Well, apparently you can't watch The Masters. Every channel with any coverage is just showing everyone on the practice tee. ...

Have you seen this?


Lost Letterman says "We know that Houndstooth is the unofficial pattern for the University of Alabama, so why not come out with a helmet to honor the late, great Bear Bryant? With the massive script “A” on the side, this helmet is perfection." Read more at


A Letter to Santa

I had to share this... Dear Santa, How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I hope everyone, from the reindeer to the elves, is fine. I have been a very good boy this year. I would like an X-Box 360...


Navy Vs Army Open Thread

Hey everyone. I thought I would start a post for the Army/Navy game. I thought it would be nice to get those together that were watching the game and also get the Army/Navy veterans and active...

Alabama Food


Ok guys, I could not remember which thread we talked about Alabama food in, but here is a link to "Buy Alabama's Best". It has Conecuh Sausage and Golden Eagle Syrup on it. I am posting this for those who, like me, live somewhere outside the great state of Alabama. Enjoy!


Lest we forget

Looking around the Internet, I found an interesting article in Forbes from last year. Mr. John Tamny thought we should fire Saban after last years championship because he could not possibly win...

LSU/Clemson Thread


I hope this works, it's my first attempt!

Krystal joins the anti-Auburn bandwagon


Krystal joins the anti-Auburn bandwagon

High school coach takes issues with Alabama’s recruiting tactics


Graham Watson at Dr. Saturday posted this. Interesting situation.

Kent State vs Alabama (AKA DirecTV Apps)


If you are on DirecTV you may get this game on channel 634. It is called MSG Network. It is entirely new to me and appears to be a New York focused channel. I am passing this along because it seems so odd a place to see the game. Of course, it may be on GamePlan and DirecTV is just not advertising it yet. Good Luck!

While speaking with Patrick, Spurrier also groused about Alabama getting favorable treatment from...


While speaking with Patrick, Spurrier also groused about Alabama getting favorable treatment from ESPN, relative to the other teams in the SEC. He said he even mentioned it to league commissioner Mike Slive. ESPN was on Alabama's campus for an All-Access program during preseason camp a year ago. (It's at Oklahoma this year for the behind-the-scenes program.) It also ran an ad featuring fans saying "Roll Tide" during the bowl season. "I said, 'How much did Alabama pay those guys to do that?'" Spurrier said, recalling his conversation with Slive. "He said, 'Oh, they didn't have to pay them anything.' I said, 'Well, what happened to Go Gators or Rocky Top or Go Gamecocks?' I didn't think that was all that fair."

Nice shot of Julio!


Nice shot of Julio!

I wonder if UA and AU will be happy with this?


Using football tickets to snag dead beat dads. And then having your officers dress in Alabama and Auburn gear? I am betting the schools will not look favorably on that.

How would this look at BDS?


I don't think I like it. Our players would disappear in it. Dr. Saturday has a look at Eastern Washington's new red field.

Cripes! Get back to fundamentals...


If you are a hard core football fan AND a hard core Crimson Tide fan then this website is something you should check out. There is currently some great coverage of Saban's defenses and a write up on the issue of the Jets' playbook seen on Saban's desk during the recent "All Access". Some of it is quite deep, so have your thinking caps on when you go there. And by deep, I mean in football, not in anything philosophical.


ESPN could'nt tell Cory Reamer from Greg McElroy

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this.  It is amazing that a "professional" sports journalist cant figure out who is who.  How about checking the jersey number?  Anything is better than...

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