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Franchise Reboot


If by some miracle Zach Parise signs with the Islanders ... That would equate to a "Franchise Reboot" ... What should of been 9 years ago, would happen. Zach in the Blue and Orange. OK ... I'll wake up now.

Healy unfairly digs at Atlanta Fans. Article cites Islanders' rabid fan base.


Interesting article where our old friend Glenn Healy takes shots at Atlanta and their fans ... The article cites this thought process doesn't apply to a team like the Islanders with low attendance but a very loyal and well informed fan base. The article also takes a good shot at Healy's logic that the Jets will improve... "the Jets will improve because the knowledgeable Winnipeg fan base will hold them accountable." The article's writer Jesse Spector implies sarcastically how that really heled the Toronto Maple Leafs ... Good Read.

Should Garth pick-up Stay At Home D-man Shaone Morrisonn?


With questions still lingering about the depth and solidity of the Islanders defense. Their Achillies heel so to speak, should Garth take on the year remaining on Morrisonn's contract to solidify what many, rightly so, feel are the Islanders' biggest weakness. He's a big tough stay at home defenseman with discipline. He may be a good mentor for Wishart, who has NHL chops ... but on most other teams with defensive depth he's a tweener (AHL ++). The knock on Morrisonn is that he had a bad final quarter of last season and moved down the Sabers' depth chart. With Ehrhoff joining the Sabers this offseason, Morrisonn became expendable with his 2.075M cap hit. Morrisonn didn't play in any of the four Saber exhibition games thus far, because Darcy Reiger said he couldn't risk him getting hurt, which would force him to move another player via trade or waivers. What do you guys think? Is Morrisonn a good fit for an Isles team looking to firm up the blue line? Or do we go into the season as is?

Not Crazy about Hockey Canada's WJ Camp Extra Activities


Parachute jumping ... wall rappeling? Isn't that kind of a dangerous extra curricular activity for these players who I assume have little to no experience? They have a tweet about Strome being the first to do the rappel wall. Maybe I'm over reacting ... but injuring a player a month before NHL training camp will not sit well with GMs and Coaches.

Isles Pens Game Inspire Youth


I know that this is old ... but I had to share it incase some haven't seen it. This is funnier now after the Feb 11th Pens / Isles Fight Fest. It could be captioned "This is what happens to Islander Youth Hockey after the youth are inspired by those Islander thugs that beat those poor innocent Penguins up." Just a mid summer's laugh to relieve the stress of August 1st and Yashin rumors. Enjoy all ... and stay cool.

This is why the Referendum Vote has to be August 1st.


I figured out why Nassau County wants the referendum vote to be August 1st... It's because Charles Wang has probably informed Nassau that he needs assurances of a deal because an RFP (Request for Proposal) deadline for the Willets Point development is August 12, 2011. Charles is kinda left with no choice if he doesn't get an RFP out by then. He needs assurances from Nassau ... and a YES vote will ensure voter interest ... but even a YES vote is no gaurantee.

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