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Been a Leaf fan since the days of Vaive, Derlago and Anderson. Apparently, I am not getting any smarter with age.

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Gary Nylund And Luke Schenn: What Did We Learn?

Trading away Luke Schenn this summer finally closed the loop on the Gary Nylund comparisons.

Size Matters

Size Matters - at least in goal. (SFW - it's Allan Bester)

Gerry Ehman

Six points out with 15 to play? It's been worse. Ask Gerry Ehman.

Tomas Kaberle

Haven't had a real Leaf of the Day in ages. Thanks and good luck, Tomas.

The unthinkable has occurred

How horrid were the Islanders? For the first time in his Leaf career, Brett Lebda was a plus player. Plus TWO, even. This day will live in infamy.

Collector's Corner #11 - Love's Last At-Bat.

The final battleground for Love vs Hate has been determined and it's 1978 baseball. Given that set, it's no surprise love is losing.


Teeder's last game(?) on LeafsTV Jan 18 and 19

A Teeder Kennedy game (either his last or second last) will be on LeafsTV tonight and tomorrow. This is worth checking out. These are his last NHL points.

Collector's Corner #10 - In praise of badness

There are great cards, and there are bad cards, but sometimes you have to stop and admire the truly awful.

Kotter #3 - Nobody told me there would be any math.

Lacking anything substantive to post, I let another Kotter card send me down the rabbit hole. Barbarino would not have liked advanced stats.

Would Julie Kotter throw out Ron Wilson?

What can Julie Kotter tell us about changing coaches? There's no point we won't stretch.

Wendel Clark - HBTM :)

Any day is a good day for Wendel Clark day, but especially today. Wendel is Leaf of the Day.

Damian Rhodes

Leafs have multiple quality goaltenders in the system for pretty much the first time since Damian Rhodes was around. Damian is the Leaf of the Day.

Syl Apps - My Grandfather's Leafs

Today, let's remember a soldier that came home safely, great Leaf captain Syl Apps.

Barbarino was a Leaf fan.

What can Vinnie Barbarino teach us about the essence of fandom? Let's find out.

Eddie Litzenberger

Let's take a moment to remember Eddie Litzenberger

Norm Aubin

Nothing says "quick start" better than Norm Aubin. Norm is the Leaf of the Day.

Max Bentley - My Grandfather's Leafs

Yes, we do still do the Leaf of the Day here. Today it's one of my grandfather's Leafs, the great Max Bentley.

Nikolai Borschevsky

Nothing much to do with the Rangers, but radio chatter today was about rivalries, which brings me to Nikolai Borschevsky as Leaf of the Day.

Bud Poile - My Grandfather's Leafs

This year's tribute team will be My Grandfather's Leafs - the players from the 30s and 40s with few or no cards. Today it's Bud Poile.

Kyle Wellwood - 101010

Happy Binary Day (on Sunday, anyway). Who else could it be but Kyle Wellwood?

Paul Henderson

Leafs this year need solid two-way play and timely scoring, sort of like Paul Henderson used to give. Paul is Leaf of the Day.

Got Gas? The Esso stickers of 1970-71

Got Gas? If so, perhaps you got some stickers as well. 1970-71 Esso stickers reviewed in the Collector's Corner.

Tom Kurvers - let's never speak of this again

Today's Leaf of the Day is Tom Kurvers, whom I hope we won't be caused to think of this season.

Jack Shill - there's always a story to be told

Today's Leaf of the Day is Jack Shill, briefly an NHLer but a long-timer in hockey.

Bunny Larocque

Today's Leaf of the Day is Bunny Larocque. Having seen Toskala, Bunny looks a lot better.

The Rocket - Dave Reid

There was only ever one Rocket. Well, OK - there were several, but ours was Dave Reid. Again by request.

Peter Ihnacak - the things one learns

Peter Ihnacak might not have scored the first Leaf goal I saw live, but he's the Leaf of the Day anyway.

Mike Craig - as per request

As per request (really!), today's Leaf of the Day is Mike Craig.

Denis Dupere - the LotD Rides Again

The Leaf of the Day is back, and who better to start with than Denis Dupere?

Weak narratives and young droughts - the Leafs of 1967-68

The 1967-68 Leafs missed the playoffs because they hung on to the old guys for too long and never planned for the future - or maybe not.

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