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Been a Leaf fan since the days of Vaive, Derlago and Anderson. Apparently, I am not getting any smarter with age.

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My Mount Puckmore Four

A day late and a dollar short, 1967ers finally gets around to a Mount Puckmore post. :)

Former Leaf Mike Stothers now an Atlanta assistant.


"The Atlanta Thrashers have named Mike Stothers as an assistant coach, club announces" Mike Stothers was a 6'4" defenseman picked up from Philly in early 1987-88. A Brophy type, big and tough, Mike played 18 games - contributing 1 assist, 42 penalty minutes and a -6. He finished out the year in Newmarket. Mike asked to be traded back to Philly. The Leafs obliged, but he never got out of the AHL again. At the time, it was said that he'd rather play in the minors in Philly than in the NHL with Toronto. There were probably extenuating circumstances, family etc., but I remember being pretty bent out of shape over that one. Wore #25, I think. (Ed. Note: Yup)


Teeder's Teeth and Other Stories

Teeder's teeth sold! Oh, and so did Henderson's sweater - both for a surprising amount.

Apparently, 1967 was a long time ago (annual drought post)


Yes, the drought is long. It's just not unusual, though, no matter what Royson James thinks.


53 Questions - nine to go. Hints included!

Unanswered questions in bold.  Answers in italics: 1. Bill Barilko's Game 5 OT goal to win the 1951 Stanley Cup was possible only because another Leaf scored with the goalie out in the last...

The Sweater, yes, but what about Teeder's Teeth?


Teeder's Teeth - for those who want more than just Paul Henderson's sweater.


Moar Trivia! 53 Questions!

OK - I'm going to cop out and recycle this one.  No cheating by looking up the old thread.  There are four freebies because I just asked them 10 minutes ago. 1. Bill Barilko's Game 5 OT goal to win...



Trivia about the Toronto Maple Leafs

Did The Leafs Really Miss Out On Bobby Orr?


Why look at Leaf history if it's so universally bad? (Hint - because it isn't.) And why would the Leafs reject Bobby Orr?

Nice little Bester video


Nice little Bester video

Tomas Kaberle


With a season recap that really isn't, today's Leaf of the Day is Tomas Kaberle.

1984-85 Team - Dan Maloney


The Leaf of the Day is back (for the moment) with the head coach of the 1984-85 Leafs - Dan Maloney.

John McIntyre


For Brayden Irwin, today's Leaf of the Day was another rookie 44 - the energetic John McIntyre.

1984-85 Team - Al Iafrate


The last player of the 1984-85 team (from the postcards, anyway), it's the Human Highlight Reel - Al Iafrate.


The Leafs, the Dodgers and the Human Condition

Roger Kahn could have been a Leaf fan. Who knew?

1984-85 Team - Bill Root


From the 1984-85 team, today's Leaf of the day is noted Blue-killer Bill Root!

1984-85 Team - Dan Daoust


Today's Leaf of the Day, from the 1984-85 team, is everyone's favourite scorer-turned-PK-specialist, Danny Doooooo!

Luke Richardson


Today's Leaf of the Day is as good of a hitter this team has had not named Wendel - it's Luke Richardson.

Michel Petit


Too many defensemen? Paid too much? S'OK, flip him for Gilmour. Today's Leaf of the Day is Michel Petit.

History #24 - Back When the Leafs Were Great


Today is the preamble for another history series dealing with the Leafs of the 40s. Hint: think New Jersey Devils.

The Rocket - Dave Reid


Today's Leaf of the Day is the one and only Rocket - Dave Reid.

1984-85 Team - Jeff Brubaker


Ready for fight night, today's '85-85 Leaf of the Day is number 23, Jeff Bruuuuuuuuubaker!

Lou Franceschetti


In honour of LUUUUUCA, today's Leaf of the Day is LOOOUUUUU Franceschetti. Energy and enthusiasm abound!

Bob Rouse


One of the better acquisitions of the Great Purge of 1990, today's Leaf of the Day is Bob Rouse.

Rick Ley


Today's Leaf of the Day is former Leaf and Whaler blueliner (& Leaf assistant coach) Rick Ley.

1984-85 Team - Rick Vaive


From the 1984-85 Leafs, today we have the captain, Rick Vaive.

Required Reading for the Leaf Fan - Deceptions and Doublecross: How the NHL Conquered Hockey


In books, it's Deceptions and Doublecross - the one book you really need to read before talking about where the Leafs came from.

Paul Henderson


If you need to beat Russia, this man had some idea how. Paul Henderson is the Leaf of the Day.

1984-85 Team - Borje Salming


From the 1984-85 team, today's Leaf of the Day is the King of Sweden, Borje Salming.

1984-85 Team - Jim Korn


From the 1984-85 team, today's Leaf of the Day is #20, tough guy Jim Korn.

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