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David Hyde Dolphins chatter


Let Jordan play special teams this year like Taylor did for 3 years. Especially if the Dolphins staff are unable to get him on the field as a starter. I'd like to see Landry/Miller rather than Thigpen as the returner. The team needs more burn at KR. Miller and Landry seem faster. Jalil Brown and Anthony Johnson are exciting. I'm glad the Dolphins saw fit to take a chance on Johnson. I'd love to see the 300 pounder (with speed) play both directions. The DOlphins could run power sets with him, then send him on a fly every 4th play or so. It would be fun to see a secondary trying to tackle Anthony Johnson. Or get him on a slant and let him run over LB's. Let's hope Delmas holds up and I am encouraged about the early play of DT Earl Mitchell. The men in the middle matter. A massive fall off in play from Solia could be disaster for the team. I love it that the Dolphins organization, coaching staff has seen fit to include the great Jason Taylor so far. JT should have played TE too. A potpourri of Friday night items: DOLPHINS CHATTER ### Some people inside the Dolphins wouldn’t mind conserving a roster spot by having Jarvis Landry replace Marcus Thigpen as the punt returner. Thigpen was 18th in kickoff returns, 19th in punt returns last season. But offensive coordinator Bill Lazor likes Thigpen and the Dolphins will need to find a spot for him if he proves to be their best returner. Though Landry says he can return kicks and Lamar Miller can, too, none of the other players who fielded kickoffs last week besides Thigpen (Damian Williams, Matt Hazel and Rantavious Wooten) might even make the team. ### The Dolphins have been making preliminary inquiries about some available centers, though it remains to be seen whether Miami will bring in any for a visit or sign any of them. Here’s how the remaining unsigned starting centers finished in the Pro Football Focus rankings last season, among 35 qualifying centers: Cincinnati’s Kyle Cook was 24th, Pittsburgh’s Fernando Velasco 25th, Jacksonville’s Brad Meester 30th, and the Colts’ Samson Satele 31st. Mike Pouncey, who is expected to miss two to six regular-season games, was 13th. The Dolphins also have shown interest in free agent guard Daryn Colledge. He has started 124 NFL games and played for Joe Philbin when Philbin was an assistant in Green Bay. ### Among the subplots we’ll be watching in training camp (first practice is July 25) are battles for backup positions on defense, several of which have become very competitive. At cornerback, Jalil Brown has made a strong case so far to make this team and perhaps even play ahead of Will Davis. But do you keep six corners, which seems excessive considering safety Jimmy Wilson plays in the nickel: Brent Grimes, Cortland Finnegan, Jamar Taylor (who are clearly your top three), Davis, Brown and rookie Walt Aikens? Impressive LSU rookie Anthony Johnson has a legitimate chance to beat out A.J. Francis and Isaako Aaitui for the No. 4 defensive tackle spot. And undrafted rookies Garrison Smith (Georgia) and Kamal Johnson (Temple) also have earned consideration. At safety, three things are set: Reshad Jones and Louis Delmas as starters and Wilson as the nickel back. The fourth safety job is very close among Jordan Kovacs (the new front office likes him), Don Jones (upside on special teams) and Michael Thomas (the end-of-game star against New England). ### Early reviews of defensive tackle Earl Mitchell have been encouraging. "They got a real good player," Pro Bowl receiver Andre Johnson, his former Texans teammate, told me. "He’s not a real big dude [by behemoth defensive tackle standards] but he plays like a big dude." ### Jason Taylor, who has been serving as a volunteer assistant at times during the Dolphins' offseason program, addressed a couple of issues on 790 The Ticket's morning show, with Jonathan Zaslow and Taylor's sister Joy: 1) On his Dolphins role from here: "I did a little bit in OTAs and mini camp and I will probably do some in training camp. I hope they have me back. It's good to be around the guys again and do football and share some of the knowledge you were able to gain. We'll see if I can do a little bit more in training camp and take it from there." 2) On whether it makes sense for Dion Jordan to play special teams: "The thing about Dion is he is so athletic he gives you an advantage on [special teams]. The problem is taking a little bit of gas out of the tank [on defense]. I played on the punt and punt return team my first three years." UM CHATTER Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/06/dolphins-roster-battles-um-advances-talks-with-cowboys-stadium-um-adds-player-heat-chatter.html#storylink=cpy


Is beating up Parker key to winning the series?

Wright on Diaw is a bad match-up and needs to stop. Wes is not able to guard Leonard. Leonard is way too long for Wes. Batum has to stay there. Reggie Miller was right in pointing out that the...


Small ball is on the verge of costing Portland this series.

Yes small ball has contributed to the regular season success of the Blazers. And small ball can be effective against other teams. Just want to get that out of the way, because that is a truth....

Thomas Robinson Is Finding His NBA Place with Portland Trail Blazers


Interesting take on T-Rob and Leonard. Leonard's quote in the article is honest and revealing. T-Rob knows his role. "I’m a high-energy player, a defender, and an offensive rebounder. Not a scorer. I love who I am to this team, I wouldn’t change anything."

Barry Jackson compiled a nice collection of commentator quotes here regarding the Bully-Gate fiasco.


It includes things like this:

Most thoughtful analysis: From ESPN’s Cris Carter, who dismissed the "boys-will-be-boys" locker-room narrative and instead has consistently delivered astute, measured, compassionate commentary. This, from Carter, rings true regardless of what Wells’ investigation determines:

"The NFL locker room is a workplace," Carter said. "And the NFL’s committed to the belief that all employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, intimidation, discrimination, racial or sexual harassment, as well as harassment related to employees based on religion, national origin, age or disability...

"When you drive through the gate, give them your IR, you are in an active workplace. So all these ideas that in the locker room you can do this, that is not true. In an NFL locker room you are not allowed to act like an animal and a savage."

Man up.


The perspective, the questions raised by this author are seemingly a minority viewpoint on the Phinsider. Is that correct? Poll Yes/No Opinion on the whole situation…. Abusive culture out of control. Coaches fault. Martin is just soft… Free Incognito! Incognito is a cancer. It is Ireland’s fault….obviously. Both the coaches and Ireland.

A position of strength By David Roth


Superbly written while making many good points about this self imposed, horrendous circus. The author speaks directly to so much of the mentality prevalent on fan sites everywhere. A read of Matt Ufford’s anti-hazing piece, fanshot by Kevin would be a good read for the hazing apologists.

Incognito served as 'ring leader' in Jonathan Martin harassment


La Canfora paints a picture of persistent harassment of Martin lead by Incognito. Also that the harassment was widely known by the team and that Incognito has been 'reprimanded in the past for his actions toward team employees'. This does not play out well for Philbin's high character persona nor for the reputation of the Dolphins organization. Sad state of affairs inside the Dolphins locker room when Incognito is a team leader on offense.

Bad trend



A Recap of the 2013 NFL Season, Based on Nothing But the Outrageous Predictions of NFL Players


I thought this was funny. From the article, "This is the time of year reserved for baseless, outrageous predictions by groups of pathologically competitive men drunk on football and hope."

Dolphins stadium blitz a misdirection play The Super Bowl is at issue; but is that reason for renovation?


Hyde, asking the right question....... "You can understand why the Dolphins feel deserving of money. Every other South Florida team has received a huge pile of public funds. But does it make sense to hand out big money to another billionaire?"

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland plans to draft expensive positions


Interesting read to get an overall sense of Ireland's approach to the off-season, 'core positions', draft ranking.


Am I the only one who is unimpressed so far and concerned about how the draft will play out?

Hartline, Gibson and Ellerbe are all very shaky signings and overpaid IMO. Ellerbe is getting way more money than what Baltimore wanted to pay him, evidenced by their offer combined with their...

Analysis: 6 reasons why it’s not crazy for the Miami Dolphins to pay CB Sean Smith $7-8 million per season


When you factor in how important 2013 is for the Dolphins, that Smith is still a young, ascending player with elite measurables, that there aren’t many great options available in free agency, that $7-8 million is the going rate for most free agent corners, that rookies take at least 1-2 years to develop, that the Dolphins have plenty of cap room to sign Smith and make several other moves, and that they can probably back-load the contract with funny money, it doesn’t sound so crazy to pay Smith and bring him back for next season.

Has Jeff Ireland learned from mistakes? On the first day of offseason, GM takes center stage


Many fans celebrate the job Jeff Ireland has done in Miami. Dave Hyde dispels some of the illusion. Let’s hope he has learned all those lessons.

Dave Zirin Dave Zirin * * | * * | * Syndicate content RSS Feed Where sports and politics collide. Text Size A | A | A Notre Dame and Penn State: Two Rape Scandals, Only One Cry for Justice


What is up with that? was my 1st reaction, as I had not even heard about this Notre Dame scandal. However, on 2nd thought I was not so surprised as the media can freeze out ideas or issues. Ultimately as Jessica Valenti wrote at TheNation.com, "It’s time to acknowledge that the rape epidemic in the United States is not just about the crimes themselves, but our own cultural and political willful ignorance. Rape is as American as apple pie—until we own that, nothing will change."

"I am not backtracking at all": Bob Costas in his own words


DZ: What many are saying is that it "wasn’t the right forum" for this discussion. Do you feel it was the right forum? BC: I’d say close to 100% of those who feel that way do so simply because they disagree and didn’t want to hear the particular thing I had to say.

"I am not backtracking at all": Bob Costas in his own words


DZ: What many are saying is that it "wasn’t the right forum" for this discussion. Do you feel it was the right forum? BC: I’d say close to 100% of those who feel that way do so simply because they disagree and didn’t want to hear the particular thing I had to say.

Harrison: I've had "double-digit" concussions


CRT padding appears to be a good idea. Plus Harrison is right about Goodell's misplaced priorities. Knee pads required yet he allows the type of season (possibly career) ending vicious cut blocks like the dirty freaking Jets did to the Texans LB the other day.

Dan Marino discusses Tannehill's batted passes, talks about pocket-awareness drills he used to work on


Danny, the Dolphins had a nice game going through the first quarter, really dominating things, had some nice drives, the defense is stopping Houston, they can’t getting anything on third down, the special teams look good… everything was going great. Then--I’m sure it’s happened before and I just don’t remember—in like six minutes, four turnovers and 24 points so quickly. Can you ever remember anything like that with you? "No. It was like bam, bam, right? That’s what just demoralizes you when it happens like that. I loved their effort, and there’s a lot of things our team can build on down here." The defense just got stuck in crummy field position: "Plus, they were on the field a lot." They only had three plays in the third quarter. "Well, that’s it, that’s it." That was a tired defense. I’ve gotta tell ya, they played their a—off. I know the pass coverage wasn’t great, the run defense… They had had guys flying around. Effort, the coach will be happy with what he saw from that. "The fact is, three plays with those turnovers, and your playing a team a team like Houston that’s pretty solid, they’re going to be around at the end." Can you talk about Ryan Tannehill’s batted passes? He had problems with it in college and the preseason, too. I’m calling bull on the offensive line being blamed. "It can depend what the protection is. If you’re doing a quick pass, three-step drop, sometimes the offensive lineman’s gotta cut the guy, get their hands down. And you change up your protections sometimes. Sometimes you cut them, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you go after them if it’s a quick pass. … But a lot of times, man, it happens so fast that you’re not… you can’t look at where a defensive lineman is standing and jumping. I mean, you are looking at a picture downfield, it’s almost like a television screen … it’s part of your vision underneath, but behind it are receivers and defensive backs and you know your reading the coverage at the same time, you can’t tell that, unless it’s a screen pass or a dumpoff or something when you know you have time. But when you have patterns that are timing patterns, even when there down the field a little bit, that’s hard to judge that, either way, I don’t care who you are." Did you slide around? "That’s part of it, too, but what I’m saying is that it’s the play call. What’s the play call? Is it a screen? Is it a quick three-step slant? Is it an out? Is it a high-low, is it a back underneath with a wide receiver or somebody behind it, and you know you are looking at a vertical high-low stretch. So, it’s all different, it really is…. Defensive ends, they’re not dumb, they see it, too. If the quarterback is setting up quick, they can see that through the linemen, and if he’s setting up quick and he’s not going to get there, he’s going to stop and jump. As soon as you snap it, cut him, you can do that, too. That’s legal. Not chopping down on someone (while engaged with another blocker) but straight-up, you can do it. … The other thing as far as being in the pocket and that, I remember when the offensive line used to go do one-on-ones [in practice] or maybe work on some team defense stuff, you go back there in the back of the pocket and take snaps with them and get a feel for the pocket. You don’t have to throw, just dump it off. You just do things like that. I used to do that all the time. I did that twice a week, where youi just work on moving in the pocket and dumping the ball … You slide around and you just get a feel for it. That’s a little extra work for you that you could do…. We’re coaching ‘em up right here!" That’s what we do here on Monday mornings from 8-9 a.m. We know everything. "I do know that, though. That does work. I don’t care what anybody says. I know that."

Ireland on hot seat as season begins


Interesting read. The percentages of how many 6-10 teams achieve winning records the next year are surprising. Additionally, the break down of how needs were addressed ... and created.

David DeCastro, G, Stanford @ pick #8


I’d be happy to see David DeCastro, G, Stanford, Nick Perry, DE, USC go 1-2 for the Dolphins today. From there who knows but some combination of Marvin Jones, WR, California Juron Criner, WR, Arizona Andrew Datko, OT, Florida St Donald Stephenson, OT, Oklahoma James Brown, OT, Troy Josh Chapman, DT/NT, Alabama For the 3rd and 4th round picks would look pretty good. I like the route running and sure hands of Jones and Criner. I like the size and athleticism of Datko and Stephenson. The Dolphins may want to bring it up to a Baltimore level of defense who run a big defensive line. I would not be sad to see a DT in the 3rd to play next to Solia. Walter football DeCastro is no ordinary guard. He's the top player at his position in a very long time. Most consider him to be the next Steve Hutchinson. Want to see success at the QB position, now and in the future? Of course you do, so do I. Adding DeCastro to the interior would be the biggest impact pick for the offense and the QB position the Dolphins could make at #8 IMO.

Blame past decisions, philosophy for lack of splash in Fins free agency


This is an interesting break down on where the cap money is going and perhaps even provides an insight into the organizations approach for building the team.


Batum at the 2

I'd like to see the Blazers become longer and more athletic across the roster. IMO LA’s game has suffered from not having that young athletic big at the 5 to absorb the 1st biggest guy on the other...


Sparano and Ireland are coming up short for the franchise and both are not adequate for creating a long term winning organization

I am a lifelong Dolphin fan and this is my 1st fan post. I grew up in Oregon and signed into SB Nation  as a Trailblazers fan hence the handle. I’ll say up front that I have been against the...

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