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Playing from behind

Not really long enough for a fanpost, too long for a fanshot. This post is like me in the lunchroom the first day of high school--it doesn't really know where to go. While watching last...

Pederson: Smith best QB in the league


Link to an ESPN article posted this morning

The difficult life of Dwayne Bowe


It's the offseason. This is sort of football related--neat pic that deadspin got a hold of.

Alex Smith/Captain America


Cool pic of Alex Smith, family man

Colorized photo of Len Dawson after Super Bowl loss


Found this pic on reddit, from user zuzahin--pretty epic picture. He/she went through and added color to the originally black and white photo.

5 Offenses Coming off the "Big Swing"


Stats and analysis heavy article that claims the Chiefs will see a dramatic increase in points scored per game next season. Great read for any numbers guys (or gals).

Deadspin investigates sportsmedia's evaluation of KC bbq from All Star game week


Collection of various media personalities' twitter responses to eating KC bbq. Looks like Gates and Oklahoma Joes are the favorites.

Gifs for all 32 picks...


A gif's reaction to every pick. Pretty funny stuff, but it takes a minute to load.

Chargers' Pro Bowl guard Dielman retiring


Apparently last season during a week 7 game Kris Dielman suffered a concussion, was very wobbly and struggled to make it to the sideline. He was then sent back into the game. He had a violent seizure on the plane ride home and wasn't checked by a doctor until he returned to California.

"No team in the AFC West will win more than nine games"


"Maybe the Chiefs can turn their current four-game win streak into a monster finish; maybe Carson Palmer’s arrival will send the Raiders soaring; maybe San Diego will wake up for the last few weeks, like it usually does. Right now, it’s hard to see any of these teams putting together any sort of long run against difficult competition. And the schedules ahead will be trying for all three teams still in the AFC West race (Sorry, Denver). If any team can surpass nine victories, it might be the streaking Chiefs, who could be 6-3 after games with Miami and Denver."

17 Top Fantasy Football Team Names


All team names are play on words based on NFL players. And 3 of the 17 are based on players from KC.


Who gets the rock? (warning--lots of stats)

Since the lockout has ended, Chiefs fans (as well as nearly every team's fan base) are very optimistic of the coming season. We have LOTS of new weapons this year, and everyone seems to be...


It's a great time to be a free agent

News came down today that the most recent rumors of the new collective bargaining agreement will have a salary cap minimum and maximum.  What's new is that the minimum is expected to be VERY close...


Is Cassel a Super Bowl Quarterback?

First and foremost, I don't care if Matt Cassel ever wins an MVP award.   I only want him to be a Super Bowl winning quarterback.  My honest opinion about Matt Cassel is that we will never win a...

Steve Smith might stay in Charlotte


I've got to say, after reading this article about Steve Smith claiming he isn't forcing a trade, I want him more than I did before. I especially like what he had to say about his motives for selling his $5 million home. The guy has a lot more character than I gave him credit for.

Bill Simmons' take on labor talks


I know opinions on Bill can be as divided as those regarding the labor talks going on right now. But at the very least here's an entertaining take by someone in the media finally taking a side.


Can we predict our future by looking at the past?

We had a great turnaround season in 2010.  But despite our inclinations to think that this sort of thing is unique, it isn't.  From 2001-2008, 27 teams have improved their record by 5 or more wins,...


Free agency game

  Here's how it works.  We have lots of free agents (25) but we won't be able to bring back all of them.  Here you'll have the opportunity to choose who to bring back.  Every player listed below...


What will you do after the (possible) lockout?

In 1993, the MLB had a lockout, ending the season early and canceling the playoffs.  Fans didn't like this much, and it showed in attendance.  Average numbers dropped from 31,600 per game to 25,200...

Mike Pouncey is a risky pick


I'm a huge Gators fan (nearly as big a fan as a Chiefs fan), and all year Mike Pouncey has had LOTS of trouble handling the rock. In a single game, an ESPN analyst counted 13 poorly given snaps. He's especially poor at snaps to shotgun. Lots of high snaps, lots of snaps hitting his own butt, etc. This was a problem all year long and was never fixed despite attempts to fix it. He's a great blocker (although the line wasn't what it was last year when his brother was still on the team), but makes lots of errors snapping the ball. Interestingly, he seems to mess up more once he's made the first error. There are many other links to support this, but this one is the first I found when researching.


Drafting a WR

After the Ravens game, it seems a hot topic is the possibility of drafting another WR.  I went through and looked at all the wide receivers Pioli drafted.  Lots of busts, some success.  Please keep...

Denver's addition of Elway to be announced this week


Just an update on a story Joel told us about a few weeks ago.


All about the money

Even from a management perspective, your ultimate goal is a championship.  But beyond that, you want wins.  And you don't want to pay a lot of money for those wins.  It doesn't make financial sense...


Slow starts

So while I was watching today's game I noticed that I wasn't the least bit surprised that we had another slow start.  After the game I did a little research and found out our slow starts are worse...


Diva Free Chiefs

So admittedly I was over at ESPN.COM this afternoon reading up on the Revis-Jets drama playing out in NY and my initial reaction was, "I'm so glad the Chiefs don't ever have hold outs that distract...

Ochocinco plans to send a pinata containing $2,000 into the stands


If Chad scores tomorrow, he plans on sending a pinata into the stands behind the Cincy bench. Since this isn't going to take place near the end zone, he isn't expecting to get fined. Anyone want to get rid of tickets on the Bengals' sideline for Sunday's game? ...I wonder if this will cause any sort of violence in the stands...


What do we want?

Every football fan wants his or her team to be a dynasty.  And not just a dynasty, but a neverending one.  We'd love to not only be competitive, but to win year in and year out.  If I had my way,...

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