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Jon and Dave are Number 1!


way to go any of you McCoven who voted on FanGraphs, giving Jon and Dave twice as many ratings as any other radio team. Huzzah for larger sample sizes!

Broadcaster drinking game


According to FanGraphs crowdsourcing, K&K are the third best TV broadcast team in MLB, behind only Vin Scully and these Mets-Goes broadcasters. I submit that the only thing separating K&K from the Mets team is lack of a drinking game, ergo we should make one up. Suggestions: Chug your drink whenever Kruk mentions a Gamer Babe Chug your drink whenever Kuip calls a high DEEP ...blank field....Outta Here! Take a sip whenever it is mentioned that Kuip has only one career home run or that Kruk has more than Kuip. Take a sip whenever they mention Jon and Dave on the radio side. Take a sip whenever Kruk says "bring your glove, get a ball" Please add more suggestions in the comments!

Giants' clankmittery has not been worst in the league!


Not even in top 3 worst! Doesn't that make you feel better?

Argument against "Closers" from!?


a person actually on the payroll of mlb is actually advocating the best reliever should be used in an actual high leverage situation! #freeRomo

10 best things about being a Giants fan


I'm irked that Yahoo didn't choose our beloved Grant to write this, but it's a pretty good list.

Grant wrong: No Ludwick!


Ryan Ludwick signed with the Reds, not the Giants! We will not add this particular mediocre 30-something outfielder to add to our contingent.

Phillies to get Bocock'd?


He's on their roster. Brian Bocock, 2011 WS Champion? Since the Phillies HAVE to win with the BEST ROTATION EVAR right?

Fun Above Replacement


Who wants to do this for the Giants? 2009 Sandoval: 4.5 FAWARP 2010 Sandoval: 1.6 FAWARP

Giants pitchers getting some well-deserved props.


Jayson Stark provides some cool historical comparisons here.

Dallas TV Live from McCovey Cove


I don't think anyone beat me to this one, and it's pretty amusing.


Jose Guillen: A 2-hole hitter with Molina speed.

I wanted to know why a guy who was hitting .300 for the team seemed to be so useless in producing runs. So on Sunday afternoon, after the Giants were done pummeling Mat Latos, I systematically ...

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