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Note: Gregg Popovich is not happy. Ever


Coach Pop has not yet learned to love sideline interviews...I guess there's always next year.

DC's Farewell to Andray Blatche (or why I'm not too upset he's not coming to San Antonio)


Highlights would include: 1. Blatche hosting Lapdance Tuesdays at the local strip club 2. After being arrested he " agreed today to attend a day-long seminar offered by prosecutors for men who solicit prostitutes." 3.Refusing to play in a game 4. A desperate attempt to get a final rebound to tally a triple double that involved yelling at his teammate, pleading with Yi Jianlin (on the other team) to just let him get a rebound, and attempting to sprint down the court with three seconds left to shoot, miss, and get his own rebound. Maturity at its finest.


I'm a believer and some thoughts on S-Jax and Popovich

Been a while since I’ve written anything here, but then its been a while since the Spurs have truly made me a believer. Don’t get me wrong, I always believe, but more in that way that US...


The Perfect Playoff Seedings – Well Not Entirely Perfect

  Not that we really get to determine these things, but I can never help but stare at the playoff seedings and contemplate the dream matchups.  Here’s how, in an ideal world, and one that is at...

Ball Don't Lie: 'DeJuan Bear' woke up and the results were terrifying


After this season is over we're going to have to sit down and work out all the nicknames. One thing that's for sure... DeJuan Bear / Grizzly Blair / BLAAAAAAIIIIIIIRRRR, will all stick around. Speaking of which, why didn't the lexicon include a thesaurus of nicknames. Not to take anything away from it. It was a masterpiece. And I had no idea what SEGABABA meant prior to reading it...I apparently missed that conversation. Okay enjoy the article.

I didn't know Greg Popovich had a Vegas show...


Gonna be in Vegas friday and saturday and discovered this. I'm starting to see why the Spurs are having such a bad season. Popovich has clearly found a new pets to perform in his family-friendly weekend Vegas show. "Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theatre is a family-oriented blend of the unique comedy and world-championship juggling skills of Gregory Popovich and the extraordinary talents of his performing pets, all of them "ordinary" dogs and cats who have been rescued from animal shelters. During the course of the performance, you'll see a smorgasbord of amazing feats as housecats perform alongside dogs, birds and white mice. Whether it be jumping, dancing, flying through the air, or balancing in ways you've never seen before, Comedy Pet Theatre is guaranteed to delight and amaze every audience! Lunch & Dinner packages available."


Clippers Game Summary

  Author's Note: So this got posted late last night.  I think it was pulled for mild objectionable content.  I respect that decision and the offending content has been removed. So I was at the...

The Onion: "40,000 Revenge Seeking Bats Descend Upon Manu Ginobili"


The Onion: "40,000 Revenge Seeking Bats Descend Upon Manu Ginobili"

Slate Article: No ACL's No Problem


Interesting article about the science of DeJuan's knees.


An Ode to Gregg Popovich

We love our coach, and here's why.

Top 10 NBA GMs of the last decade


I think you know who's number 1...Marc Cuban. Just kidding it's R.C.


I'm Pulling a Phil Jackson

  So the Spurs are sticking to the team line.  "Yes, the Lakers are the favorites.  They won the Championship, thus they are the team to beat."  But when you get right down to it, how good are the...

Rookie Playoff Retrospective: George Hill (from draft express)


Interesting article about George's experiences in the playoffs.


Revisiting Finley’s Late 3 – A History of Referee Ineptitude

So an interesting debate sprung up on message boards across the country as news of Finley’s non buzzer beating three against Sacramento came out.  Undoubtedly a Spurs fan would write on a wall post...

Kinda makes you sick, doens't it


To think we let this walk out the door.


A Misleading Game (Clippers Summary)

Don’t be fooled by the Spurs’ 3 game win streak. If we play another game like that we may not win another one. Thank the gods that this particular game was played against possibly the only team...


Did we just lock up Maggette?

Found this article. Bill Ingram writes... "According to multiple reports this morning Maggette will, indeed, wind up in the Texas Triangle, and...

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