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In my family's home in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area in the middle '70s, on a radio just like this one, I tuned around the AM dial and also to Armed Forces Radio on shortwave to listen to broadcasts of baseball games. In addition to the New York stations, at night I could pick up the Red Sox from Hartford on WTIC, the Orioles from Baltimore on WBAL, the Indians on WWWE, and — but only occasionally because WABC's signal was so strong and conditions normally didn't allow it — the Tigers from Detroit on WJR. Those signals, fading in and fading out, allowed me to follow my favorite team, the Kansas City Royals, through most of their Eastern swings.

I settled in Northern California in the late '80s, and although I still follow the Royals I became a Giants fan as well.

The origin of my SB Nation user name is a line of dialogue from The Mercury Theatre radio production of War Of The Worlds.

User Blog

Cactus League Game 25 Open Thread - Royals vs. Giants

You want to experience March madness? We've got Yordanomania right here, as the Royals travel over byways and backroads to take on the Giants and Tim Lincecum in Scottsdale, AZ. All of the action...

Long-Suffering Royals Regain Confidence


The Grey Lady reports that wCONF is off the charts this spring.

Jose Guillen was better

  1. Jogui as a Giant: .266/.317/.375, 1 FBI investigation
  2. Neifi: .244/.281/.321, 1 run scored on an infield fly
  3. Frenchy: .194/.206/.226, 1 bases-loaded walk
  4. There is no #4.
  5.  Brian Sabean says, "Thanks, Royals."

Hawk Harrelson not likely to change anything he does


...until he gone, an event that he wants to occur on the air.

Moustakas' uncle wants a word with his nephew


Moose's uncle, a hitting instructor and former major league coach, can't get him to answer his phone, much less sit down and watch video. Also, the uncle thinks the Royals' hitting coaches may not have been fundamentally sound in their instruction. (Thanks to royalyblued for the link.)

Broxton bounces back


...but leaves an impressive crater in our collective memory.

The Coach, the Biographer, and the Last Chapter


The world awaits Posnanski's biography of Paterno. Or at least Noam Cohen of The New York Times does.

From the Case Files of Dr. Frank Jobe


It happened to Soria. Now it has happened to Wilson. The San Francisco Chronicle examines what can happen when damage to the ulnar collateral ligament strikes twice in an episode we like to call, Come back to the orthopaedic clinic, Tommy John, Tommy John.

One more in Lake Elsinore - Game Thread 4/4


I will arise and go now, and go to Elsinore, And two small bullpens build there, on the lines on either side; Four bases will I have there, a bench for old Neddie's corps, And there along with the crowd abide.

Royals vs Indians: Free live audio webcast today


Your brackets will take care of themselves. Meanwhile the real madness of the spring must be experienced firsthand: it's Getz vs. Yuni, and only one can be the Opening Day starter. The heavens will provide the soundtrack for this epic clash with thunderstorms across the Arizona desert. Gameday

The Gray Lady Notices The 2012 Giants


Two former New York players in the same outfield earn the Giants generous mention in the NYT.


Sorting The Laundry

What was it that Jerry Seinfeld said? Something about rooting for the clothes? He has a fair point. But rooters take note: sometimes the laundry is tricky to sort, and Thursday's Cactus League...


Royals vs. Giants unsanctioned and unauthorized Game Thread

The Kansas City Royals, led by smirking clubhouse prankster Alex Gordon, right, face flying ace Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants at Surprise today in a Cactus League friendly,...

Three Baseball Guys Walk Into The Woods


Grant Brisbee has a look behind the Broxton signing.

Maz, Bing, and 1985 on MLB Network today


Not only will Game 7 of the 1960 World Series get its first airing in over 50 years, but also Bing Crosby's association with baseball will be highlighted (so since you no doubt watched him in White Christmas again on AMC this past weekend, you'll want to find out what he was doing with some of his Hollywood dollars). Also, the 1985 season will be reviewed, and that was a pretty good one, if I recall correctly.

Salary Caps Have Widened The Money Gap In Pro Sports


Salary caps: maybe not what you think, says Forbes' Mike Ozanian. Shysterball's summary of this article is here.


Your Royals All-Time Win Shares Update

Retro's pre-2007 ranking of the 100 Greatest Royals in his terrific retrospective series is based on Win Shares and "slight adjustments" according to subjective analysis. A quick review: Retro's...

Finally on iTunes


The Giants' NL West clincher, Game 162. Also some band from Liverpool. But you can read about that elsewhere. You came here for news.

White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson spent an entire game complaining about umpire Joe West


Joe West's strike zone yesterday was indeed a thing of whimsy, but Hawk Harrelson apparently saw it as evidence of conspiracy.

BtB Power Rankings, or We're No. 22!


Now with data through the end of the regular season, here the Royals are ranked ahead of the Orioles and 7 NL teams including one that remained in Wild Card contention through late September. And the relative ranking of the Royals and Giants raises a number of questions about the methodology.

Hillman: People don’t want to take the time to learn. It’s challenging because most of the time, ou...


Hillman: People don’t want to take the time to learn. It’s challenging because most of the time, our local media and even our fan base, they don’t want to hear about the process. They don’t want to be educated on the process. But it is a process. ...People don’t want to take the time to learn, because we’re not bred that way, culturally. It was an easier sell in the other culture, in Japan, because they’re very used to processes. And they don’t care how long it takes, as long as you get it set to last.

Not a parody of Hillman but the real thing; cookierojas73 quoted this gem in another thread and I thought it deserved its own FanShot with a link

Italian group claims to debunk Shroud of Turin


Interesting report on the activities of the Italian Committee for Checking Claims on the Paranormal. Having obtained its results on the Shroud, the Committee now turns its attention to claims of visitations of St. Willie the Outfielder.

Royals firsts in New York

  1. First game in Yankee Stadium: June 9, 1969 - Royals 7, Yankees 1
  2. First time 2X2L pays attention to the Royals: August 17, 1971 - the Mets are in LA so I'm listening to the Yanks on the radio
  3. First game in renovated Yankee Stadium: April 23, 1976 - Royals 3, Yankees 2
  4. First Royals game I see in person: July 6, 1976 - Royals 3, Yankees 1
  5. First game in the new Yankee Stadium: September 28, 2009

So, it’s one of those things where you just have to go out there and relax and just have fun. My t...


So, it’s one of those things where you just have to go out there and relax and just have fun. My thing is that I always have a smile on my face, because I’m blessed in this game. God has blessed me with the talent to play baseball and I want to show kids that it’s a game. It is a game, and it’s fun out there. It’s definitely a big business, but overall it’s a game that we’ve been playing since we were three or four years old. - DDJ

BP says: 87% smile opportunity conversion rate

Selecting players based on possibilities, and not probabilities, makes you the Kansas...


Selecting players based on possibilities, and not probabilities, makes you the Kansas City Royals. – Dave Cameron

byword n : a word or phrase used proverbially

Gil Meche’s fastball


"Assuming he gets healthy, Meche may still have problems if hitters lay off his fastball, if this survey is any indication."

Many of you pointed out to me that one of the big reasons that Trey Hillman left Greinke in after...


Many of you pointed out to me that one of the big reasons that Trey Hillman left Greinke in after taking a shot off the elbow was so that he would be eligible for the win. Greinke's already the AL Cy Young favorite even with "just" 14 wins, so 13 wouldn't look that different. The logic for leaving him in is short-sighted, in that the award does nothing aside from offering the Royals some bright spot in an otherwise dark season. Greinke threw a short pen session on Saturday, and while there was still some bruising on the joint, there doesn't appear to be any real damage or reason to keep him from making his next scheduled start tomorrow against the Red Sox. With three more scheduled starts, Greinke will be bumping up against the 230-inning mark, one that always seemed to be an issue for another Royal, Kevin Appier. That Appier shows up high on Greinke's PECOTA comparables list should make some Royals fans nod, and others shudder.

Will Carroll's Under The Knife column at BP, "Milestone Madness?"

What went wrong


Missed this article over the weekend at Circling the Bases. Bloggers, let this stand as a caution: some calamities are just too massive to cover in 5 paragraphs. Lest you leave yourself open to comments such as, "Let's not forget the defense!!" if you need 6 paragraphs, or 10, do not stint.

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