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No love for Sean Lee


Here they list the most critically acclaimed LB's in the league, the up and comers, the ones where potential vs production come into play, and also the ones on the downside. Bruce Carter is even mentioned in this article, but no Sean Lee.... WTH NFL.COM jeeze.

Should the boys consider Delmas as our FS?


This move could potentially be cheap, and allow Wilcox to learn before being needed to start again. What do you think BTB?


4-3 press man vs zone

Is Durant better than McClain


Would McClain have been a better fit over Durant in our system? I was just pondering...

Jamell Fleming under the radar possible Cowboy draftee???


I have read a couple BTB members mentioning him, and I sadly admit as a Sooner fan, I wasn't one of those people on the bandwagon. After checking out his good 40 time, but MOST importantly his 23 reps on the benchpress, have me paying attention now.

Best of the 2nd tier FA CB's


Best of the 2nd tier FA CB's

Ok gentlemen and ladies (I love it that our 'Boys are so visual and loved that BTB has some very knowledgable coed fans!), but I digress. I was wondering which of the 2nd tier CB's the best? I think Carr/Finnegan/Grimes will cost too much, I personally like Terrell Thomas, but I have also been interested in Tracy Porter since he was drafted. My question is, based upon a lower overall cap hit, which of the remaining CB's is the best of the crop? Any thoughts? Also, can someone PLEASE educate this newb on the PROPER way to post a fanshot, because I always mess it up, when it comes to the heading, etc.

Bruce Carter I don't know why we keep seeing posts about Dallas needing to take a ILB in this...


Bruce Carter I don't know why we keep seeing posts about Dallas needing to take a ILB in this year's draft. While there are some interesting prospects in this draft (Kuechly/Burfict), I don't don't understand why people are so quick to discount Carter's ability to not only man the position next year, but actually excel at it. No we really have no way to predict his effectiveness, but the limited snaps he got this previous season should be no indicator of how good he will be.

State of the Cowboys 1/3/12

State of the Cowboys 1/3/12 OK, where to start??? First off, I am sick of seeing Tony Romo have to literally run for his life, I am tired of having to worry about him getting injured from an unblocked pass rusher. We need to probably draft the stud Guard that everyone is raving about. Kosier is done, but I give him respect for being a good player for us when healthy. Switch Free back to RT, and move Tyron over to LT, as everyone predicted would happen anyway, just not so soon. Costa at Center was the mistake that kept giving all year long, PLEASE can we plug in Kowalski as our starting center, or AT LEAST have a real training camp competition, because Mr. High Snapper, did horribly this year in addition to being punked all over the field. Holland actually played decently, but he will never be a Pro-Bowl caliber player, but I can settle with him just being decent. On the defensive side of the ball, we NEED a HUGE NT, if that is Josh Brent, then so be it, plug him in, or draft another big body to fill the middle and PLEASE move Rat to DE, who cares that he made the Pro-Bowl this year, while his stats were better than last year, it is painfully obvious that at 280lbs, he cannot stand up to the constant double and sometime triple teams he routinely sees. I like Lissemore at the other DE spot, I like his motor and energy. The much maligned Brooking can become a LB quality control coach to get his butt off of the field, keep Brady James as a low priced backup if he accepts a reasonable deal. I also like Orie Lemon from the practice squad, because he looked pretty good in training camp. Start Carter, because it's time to see how our new ILB unit performs together. Of course, please let Spencer test free agency, I have always supported him, but as a converted DE/DT, he just isn't fast enough to be the bookend OLB that we need opposite D. Ware. We need to draft a stud OLB, but I am not sure we should do that before OR after drafting a CB. I wouldn't mind picking up Finnegan in FA, but if we can't the draft is the route to take. Of course Newman shouldn't even have been let on the team plane back to Dallas. I ALWAYS supported that dude, regardless of his "soft" play, but this year literally tore my britches in half. How many times did we see Newman jogging after a receiver or playing like 10-15 yards off of the line of scrimmage, and STILL getting embarassed? It seemed rather obvious that the dude just didn't care anymore and it showed in his play and body language. I was soooo disappointed. Scandrick, is a decent player but only in the slot, either he is too little or just not skilled enough to be a starting CB. Jenkins stepped up this year IMO and I am so glad he did, because he is our best corner. Ball...umm yeah, bye bye Alan Ball, thats all I can say on that topic. Sensabaugh deserved the extension even though most don't believe it. Elam played well initially, but seemed to taper off as the season progressed, maybe the loss in his family played a role, who knows? Basically I am curious to how everyone feels we should go in our first two picks of the draft.

Could this be the year of the cat? Felix Jones is showing signs this might actually be the year...


Could this be the year of the cat? Felix Jones is showing signs this might actually be the year he quiets the critics. Yes it is only the preseason, but I know everyone that watched the game last night saw a different look in the guy I affectionately like to call Felix the old man. He looked aggressive and a tad bit stronger than I can rememeber him ever running in the past. Maybe the commentators were on the money when they speculated that with MBIII gone, Felix has accepted the fact that he is now the man both in theory and most importantly on the depth chart. My only hope is: please Lord let me be reading BTB when the people that have often cried that we took the wrong running back, eat some of those unwarranted words.


What does everyone think of this?

Ok people, what would you rather the Cowboys do this draft day? I am all aboard the Tyron Smith addition at pick #9, but I am sure there are people out there that would prefer us to trade up to get...


Champy Bailey staying in Denver

My question for BTB is: With Champ staying in Denver, how does that affect the draft and MOST importantly, does that in any way increase our chances of being able to get Patrick Peterson? I know...

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