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Congratulations Cavaliers Fans! Any Photoshop kings willing to lend a hand?


From a Blazer fan, congratulations of getting LeBron to return to his home town. I greatly admired him from afar before the decision. To me he was the anti-Kobe. Never had hall of fame team mates, consistently unselfish. Always kept himself out of trouble off the court, great personality & seemed genuinely nice. The decision made me resent him every time I saw him suit up for the Heat though I'm sure not as much as you all. Glad to see him return home, once again congratulations. You guys should win the east next year. I hope you keep Wiggins at all costs, he is better then an overpaid/terrible defending Kevin Love. Bennett looks like he got his act together & Waiters will be good. Blatt has the european extra-pass oriented offense that the guys playing of LBJ will thrive in. Not to mention Kyrie! Happy to see a small market team get such a great amount of talent, lets hope the Heat tank next year so you guys can get another great pick. What a great story for sports, along with Johnny Football Cleveland is riding high. A question I have for any of the Photo Shop artists out there, would you out of the kindness of your team completing the greatest talent rebuild of all time be willing to put LeBron into a Cavaliers jersey for NBA 2k14(Ps4, I'm sure some would like other options)? I'd love to burn that dirty heat cover and proudly rep the much classier Burgundy & Gold LBJ. I've googled it & its never been done it looks like. I & many others who hate the Heat would greatly appreciate it. If not, its all good! You guys still have the most talented team in basketball.

Myself. Didn't want to make a fanpost.

Aldridge Still Playing Too Much Center

via www.nba.com LaMarcus Aldridge is officially an MVP candidate. Though, he could still be better because he still plays too much Center IMO. Let me explain. LA takes up 53% of our time at...


Around the NBA 12/3/13

Victor Oladipo just registered his first career triple double, in double overtime against Philly in a loss. So did Michael Carter-Williams. Via ESPN. Wonder when the last time two opposing rookies...


True TrailBlazers

During the piece of art that was the 2nd half against Chicago tonight, I had a thought. It was one that has been coming full circle & developing for awhile now. We have the championship team in 77,...

Ron Adams lead Bulls assistant will not return to Chicago


Worked with the Blazers from 96-98', he is an amazing defensive coach. Would be the perfect hire for our defensive coordinator if we decide to not go after Lionel Hollins.

Grizz give Hollins permission to speak to other teams


Lets go get him boys. He is the coach we need. Sorry Stottsy.

Grizz Lionel Hollins "optimistic" about return to Memphis


If there is any shadow of a doubt in their mind, I'd want Paul Allen to fire Stotts & get Hollins in here ASAP. One of the best defensive coaches out there(a big weakness of ours). Not to mention, he is a Blazer at heart having won a championship here in 1977. He is in the prime of his coaching career, has Portland connections & would cure what ails the team. A huge asset of his is his experience developing a legit Point Guard & Center, in Mike Conley & Marc Gasol. No one predicted the amazing strides they have achieved under Hollins. They have been the two mainstays under the coach & are both defensive minded. This year he overcame the odds after the team traded one of their best players(Rudy Gay) and still led the team to a franchise high in wins & another playoff series(and now 1-1 with OKC) Then there is the career revival of Zach Randolph that he helped orchestrate, aside from getting him to play hard on a consistent basis defensively, now Z-Bo is loved in the Memphis community-. Evolving from a player who was once almost universally despised. I've submitted my case. Lionel Hollins is the guy I want for the job & he is the guy Portland needs.

Jeremy Tyler waived by Hawks


Hey at this point in the season a guy like this should be getting bench minutes instead of Jared Jeffries or even Joel Freeland.

Michael Gelabale wants NBA deal


I'd take him over Pavlovich after that bone headed play!

Leon McQuay III is a potential future Duck. #3 rated safety in the Nation for the 2013 recruiting...


Leon McQuay III is a potential future Duck. #3 rated safety in the Nation for the 2013 recruiting class. Good size at 6'2", 183lbs & the owner of a totally stylish due. Might be my favorite Duck hair since Cliff Harris. Dat Fro! Those Chops! Good recruiting by John Neal as usual. ESPN describes his traits as Instincts, Man to Man, Zone & ball skills. His only two visits scheduled are Oregon(10/26) and Michigan(11/09). Pulling a talent like him out of the state of Florida would be a huge coup for this program as John Boyett(bless his heart) is a senior & they need a replacement after the recruitment of Shaq Thompson fell through. Here some a video of some highlights of Mr. McQuay's in his Junior year of HS

Hakeem Olajuwon to train Knicks front court players


What I wished the Blazers could have done at anytime. Smart move. NY will be an interesting team to watch if Melo can just not be a terrible team mate.

Daryl Morey thinks he can pull off an 08' Celtics/Garnett+Allen type deal


"Daryl Morey has positioned the Rockets for a blockbuster move after amnestying Luis Scola and selecting Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terrence Jones with the Nos. 12, 16 and 18 picks of last month’s draft. Beyond Lamb, White and Jones, the Rockets could use a combination of 2011 draft picks Marcus Morris, Donatas Motiejunas and Chandler Parsons in a potential trade for Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum. "It’s very similar to what Boston did," Morey said in reference to the Celtics’ 2008 trade for Kevin Garnett. "Hopefully, it will yield the same result." Houston is likely to have at least one lottery pick next summer, and could have another from Toronto as well. "We’ll be very well set up in a year," Morey said." If there was a blockbuster deal to go down next year like say a Rondo or Bynum I'd say the Blazers present a significantly better trade package all around then those middling talents(except Terrence Jones & Motiejunas, both of whom I'm a big fan of).

James Harden: Will consider signing with Suns if OKC doesn't match


James Harden will consider signing with the Suns if his contract expires after next season. "Yeah," he said. "Of course. I love it there. My mom lives there still. So that's definitely my second home as far as my comfort level and going to school there. But obviously, I'm with the Thunder right now and what we have is special." Oklahoma City will be able to match any offer Harden receives. "That's out of my hands," Harden said. "That's not my decision. That's the front office. I'll let them decide that." ---- Unfortunately for Portland, that about stomps out the Harden possibility for 2013.


Valanciunas: Whats the price?

Blazer fan stopping by. Doing some rogue ambassador work for Blazers Edge. I did a similar post over at BrightSideOfTheSun on Marcin Gortat. I would like to gather some opinions from you, the R...

Orlando Sentinel: Dave Twardzik & six others fired


Interesting. I understand they want a clean slate in Orlando. With that said, he would be a solid assistant GM candidate for Olshey. Why? Well he has experience with big men talent at the top of the draft, he selected both Alonzo Mourning & Joe Smith. Could give you another opinion on the matter, whether that be Drummond or Leonard. He also was the one who signed the legendary shooter Mark Price to the Warriors as a free agent & had a part in getting him to sign with the Magic as a shooting coach. Who is my ideal candidate for our shooting coach, perhaps Twardzik could lure him here. Speaking of luring, he also was on the team that got Brendan Malone to sign in Orlando as an assistant- A great assistant coach from the Chuck Daly coaching tree who I'd love to see here if we landed his son Michael Malone as a head coach. Twardzik could be the guy to go & get Bill Walton to do some lessons w/both Aldridge and a young center prospect in the draft like Drummond or Leonard. Same goes for him trying to get Lionel Hollins away from the Grizzlies in 2013(If we don't go the Malone route). Hollins has connections w/Mark Price who he worked with in Memphis. Bob Gross as an off guard coach ?!? Uitilize Lloyd Neal as an asset to keep players out of tax trouble? Hope you see where I am going, we need to make use of our legendary 77' Blazers, they can help lead us back to the promise land. In short, the dude has some player personnel experience & some good coaching connections. Hope Olshey considers him.

French Phenom Rudy Gobert called up to French Senior Team(Will play in Olympics)


Kim Tillie refused medical examination, therefor Gobert has now been called up to play with our own Nicolas Batum on the French National team! This could be huge for Goberts stock, with a good olympic showing. Already projected as the #4 overall pick in 2013.

Andre Drummond in Portland for workout today


UCONN Freshman Center Andre Drummond will be in Portland today for a workout. Projected to got anywhere for 2-6 in this years NBA draft. A true physical specimen in the mold of Dwight Howard.

Quick: Blazers GM Neil Olshey Discusses Need For PG Production

Jason Quick of The Oregonian has some thoughts from new Portland Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey, who discusses his team's need at the point guard position. --------------------------- "Clearly point guard is a need, and it is going to be addressed," Olshey said. "But right now, I can't answer which vehicle we will use to address it. But once we address it and acquire it, you will know," the direction the franchise has taken. "Look, what's hard for some people to realize is you have to get all the (prospects) in at (picks) 6 and 11 so you can accurately value what the pick is really worth before you start putting things into play," Olshey said. "What we know today is that we have picks six and 11. What we don't know is what six and 11 will become: Do they become young players? Do they become trade assets? Right now, they are just tools, and depending on how they are used is kind of going to set the direction we go." --------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page

Our guy. A GM/Coach/Player Development Hybrid! NEIIIIIIIIIIIIL.... THE REALLL DEALLL.......




Gortat... Whats the price?

Blazers fan stopping by. First I'd like to say thank you for the gift to Basketball that is Steve Nash & the entire Seven Seconds or Less era. It got me through the JailBlazer era in Portland. That...


Next TrailBlazers Head Coach?[w/Poll]

Finally after the long drawn out process of hiring a general manager, the Blazers found their guy in Olshey. Regardless of what you think of him, the next step is finding a head coach to lead the...

Nando De Colo to join Spurs in 2012-2013 season


Let me guess... He's awesome. Spurs and their international scouting are insane. Not only that but they manage to get their Euro's to come play for them more often then any other NBA team.

Shaq a legitimate candidate for Orlando GM job...


Apparently him & Dwight have been talking through out the season. The Magic think this move could keep Dwight in town long-term. Wow. Imagine if they landed Shaq as GM and Sloan as coach, what a tandem hahahaha.


You're The GM. Whats your move?

Want to see who would go what direction with the team going forward. We don't have any control over it, but it is fun to talk about. I'll lay out a few options... PG: Option 1 – Trade: Rajon...

Teaford: Blazers Still Haven't Contacted Lakers Regarding GM Kupchak

Elliot Teaford of the Los Angeles Daily News reports that the Portland Trail Blazers have yet to contact the Los Angeles Lakers to request permission to speak with executive Mitch Kupchak about their open GM position. -------------------------------- The Portland Trail Blazers have not asked for permission to speak to Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak about their opening for the same position, team spokesman John Black said before Game 4 on Saturday night. ... Kupchak has a multi-season contract with the Lakers and publicly, at least, has not expressed any interest in leaving for another job despite persistent rumors that he was unhappy with team executive Jim Buss over offseason cost-cutting moves. The Lakers did not renew the contract of Ronnie Lester, Kupchak's longtime assistant, last summer and trimmed the scouting staff. -------------------------------- ed: text edited, bumped to front page
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