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One more Kap Fan Post

I heard a quote from kings goalie quick (save the kings hatred and hear me out). It went like this ---Quick: "When you get to something like this, it’s not about statistics – it’s not...


Why the 49ers should and probably will pick up Aldon's 5th year option.

So I have done a lot of defending Aldon, Kap and Culliver in the comment section of these threads and the first thing I want to do is clear something up: I am not defending these players actions if...


The drastic decline in sports journalism (Kap Edition)

I love the internet! I love it because it allows me to confirm how piss poor journalism has become in this Country. This especially holds true for sports journalism, which sadly has started to...


What annoys me most about the Richard Sherman Debate

I just wanted to take a step back and give my take on the whole debate. First I would like to clarify that I am black and I also played DI ball (not for a school as prominent as Stanford). With...


A less homer-ish response to the declining product that is the NFL now that time has separated us from sunday night.

So after the game, I read and commented on a lot of post that were filled with subject matter dealing with poor officiating, NFL being garbage, etc... At the time everyone was upset about the game...


Prediction: Increased Read Option Success as well as Passing success with Return of Manningham

Going back and looking at the game against the titans, we could have had a lot more success if KW was a little better at blocking. The times Kap kept it and went to KW side, he usually whiffed his...


Could Kilgore be an upgrade over Goodwin?

This season, it just seems like Goody is not on the top of his game. Although I never thought much of Goodwin besides being an average center in terms of blocking, he doesn't appear to be taking...


Which team members are playing better this season???

As 49er fans we can fall on the more critical side when it comes to evaluating the play of our team. I have never seen so many fans as skeptical about a 3 win streak especially when we are putting...


Tremaine Brock: Eric Davis Clone???

While watching the post-game highlights of the Texans game, Primetime pointed out that Tremaine Brocks INT looked a lot like Eric Davis' INT on Troy Aikmen in the 1994 NFC Championship Game. I...


Offense performance and other takeaways after Texans game.

Just thought I'd post my takeaways from last nights game. 1.) Contrary to what most people think, I thought the offense finally looked like its starting to click all around. Yes the numbers...


1st QTR notes and 2nd QTR predictions

So I just want to do a quick recap on my thoughts on the 1st QTR and how I think the 2nd QTR will play out. THe niners are 2-2 and although most people had the niners at 3-1 at this point I don't...


Why are offense is struggling and reasons the sky is not falling.

Wow what a tough loss. Things seemed to pile up on the 49ers pretty quickly this last week and the team is going through some real adversity. But I wanted to offer some context on the season and...


Why Seattle Defense is slightly overrated because of their CLINK Play

First and foremost, I think the Seahawks have one of the best defenses in the league. However, after watching the game again, One thing really stuck out to me-- man the seattle D-Line is beating...

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