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Don't take everything I say so seriously. I'm telling the truth about me but at the end of the day I just post things largely to amuse myself. And besides it is a great anonymous escape from the reality of real life.

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Baseball Teams Takes Ole Miss Series


Our baseball team has not played that well to date, but this weekend we won a road series at Ole Miss and it is the first SEC series. Hopefully this is the beginning of some better play.

Andrew Steele Has A Concussion


He missed tonights game. I know this sounds like no big deal, but this is Andrew's 4th concussion. To be honest, it might be time for him to hang it up. I hate that, but each one is more dangerous than the last. My own kid has suffered 4 concussions and her doctor basically forbid her to play contact sports and snow skiing. This is serious stuff.

Shocking News: Tressel Suspended For 2 Whole Games


In a shocking development Ohio State is suspending Jim Tressel for 2 entire games at the start of this season for playing players he knew would be ineligible. Will the NCAA think this is sufficient punishment? I sure hope not.

Cignetti Gone


Really hate to see this 2 weeks before NSD. Maybe we can hire Clowney's HS Coach.

Auburn Outbid


Cam Newton goes to the NFL.

New Bama Players Enroll


Today is the first day of classes and some of our guys enrolled. I was excited to see DePriest in this list which means we have him now for sure.


Nothing Good Comes From Auburn's Win...NOTHING!!

Well I’ve already heard from some Alabama fans saying "Well, it is not so bad that Auburn won. After all the SEC now has 5 in row." Or, some even saying "It makes the state look good." Let me...

Ely Out With Back Injury


I'm not a big Ely fan as of yet, but you hate to see a kid have back problems at this age because it seems they never really heal.


Ok, Who do you want to win in the bowls?

  Well, the SEC has ten teams in bowls this year. I think it was a actually a down year for the conference (and CFB in general) and don’t think for a minute we have 10 teams worthy of bowls....


Where does the NCAA go from here?

  Ok, I’ve thought about this long and hard and I’ve come with this proposal for the NCAA: Start allowing kids to take money from schools, alums, agents, whomever they want. Allow as much money to...



Hard to believe we got so little out of him. Good luck BJ.


Where Will Bama Bowl?

In an effort to get away from scamgate and before we really focus totally on Auburn I thought I’d look at the possible bowls in which Bama may play. To begin with the outcome of 3 games will...


Question About GSU TV/Radio Coverage

Can't be at the game Thurs and I'm out of.state. Can you get video anywhere but ESPNU which I don't have? I looked for ESPN 3 and it did not list the game. Also, I have not listened to radio...


My Thoughts On The Ga State Game


Do you think Auburn can beat UGA without Cam?

  First of all you need to remember that Auburn does not have to vacate wins until after the NCAA declares them vacated. So, assuming the NCAA tells Auburn it is in their interest to sit Cam until...


Who are you rooting for now?

Ok, we aren’t going to win the NC this year, but I’m very optimistic about 2011. So, in light of that I do think how the rest of this year plays out could actually effect 2011. Obviously I want...


Is Sat. the defining moment of this season?

At the risk of simply stating the obvious I want to explain why I feel this game, LSU, will define our entire season. To begin with LSU is a very good and talented team. They are not a great team,...


Could South Carolina loss help us now?

I am well aware that our biggest game of the year is this Sat. in Baton Rouge. However, I believe the debacle that was 10-9-10 (SC) will actually play a part in this game. To begin with, and...


Why I'm Pulling For Ole Miss Sat.

I seem to hear a lot of Bama fans saying that we need Auburn to be ranked #1 so that if we beat them it will propel us into the BCS title game. I know in theory that sounds good but I can’t go...


I'm going to call out our fans

I wasn’t going to say anything about this but it has just been bugging me. I heard Coach Saban say that he appreciated the fan support Sat. night and no disrespect to him, but as a fan I’d give...

Julio May Play Sat.


Izzy reports that Julio is making one handed catches. I know many of you think it is crazy, but I would not bet against Julio playing Sat. The guy is beyond tough and he wants to play bad, especially since we lost. Getting him on the field will also get the team fired up even if he doesn't make a catch. We need leadership, we need emotion, this could be big.


I Want To BEAT Ole Miss.

  Ok, I’m done talking about SC. I was there, it was a horrible feeling and the SC fans have no class. But, we got beat on the line on both sides of the ball and that is what bothers me more than...


Is SC Our Most Likely Loss The Rest Of The Way?

I would say yes and here is why. To begin with this game comes right after our biggest test and our best effort. It is just a fact that teams, especially college teams have hard time duplicating...


As a Floridian I really want this game.

  I was born in Alabama, but at the age of 5 my parents forced me to move to Florida where I received most of my education (college at UCF) before eventually moving to GA at age 22. Thus I am a...


Special Teams Concerns Vs. Arky

Unlike most Bama fans I expect a very close game on Sat. I know we are the defending champs who blew these guys out last year on big plays. But I think Arkansas 2010 is better than Arkansas of...


Tell me why my PSU concerns are unfounded!!

  Ok, many people think I’m a total pessimist but let me say I do think Bama will win Sat. However, I have concerns about this game. Probably more concerns now than I had during the summer. So,...

Ingram Back At Team Meeting After Surgery


For those of you concerned about Mark Ingram's surgery he is already back with the team this evening. I think I'd at least take a day off if I had surgery!!


Bama vs SJS on ESPN 3


Mikhail Torrance?

Does anyone know anything on the condition of Mikhail Torrance?

Today's scrimmage


Looks like the defense was improved today over the last srimmage. I'm still concerned about the secondary but they were pretty tough.

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