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I love Olshey, but I'm not sure I believe him.

Neil Olshey can do no wrong. He's done an unbelievable job since arriving in Portland. Anybody complaining about anything he's done would probably complain about the poor customer service they...


The big gamble... do the Blazers take the risk?

I've had a few discussion exchanges with our BE family this week about the likelihood of an Aldridge extension next summer. Some feel like with a solid Blazer season and playoff appearance it is...


Olshey's Master plan - Is he following the Houston model?

Some have suggested that the right move was to move LMA and try to be bad next year. Almost certainly if we traded LMA this off season that would have been the right call. I, and many others, have...


Trade down and could you spell that last name again please?

It seems like the wish list for many Blazer fans this off season is to add a Center and a wing player to the team. The challenge has been to acquire those pieces with limited cap space and the #10....


Post-Draft Musings - How to use our cap space to mess with other teams.

Now that the draft has passed and we have addressed some of our needs, whether they are an immediate answer or not remains to be seen, we look to free agency with a good bit of money to spend. Only...

The Dream Shake writers talk Dragic and project that Rockets let him leave as Free Agent

Some interesting thoughts... -All 3 writers see Dragic likely leaving the Rockets -Rockets have expressed interest in keeping Dragic and don't like losing FAs -They project a Conley-esque deal for Dragic (5 years - $45M) -They project Portland and Utah as likely suitors I hope they are right. I don't like the Free Agent bigs. I don't see anybody trading a top quality center. I think we are left to draft a center. That lets us fill the PG spot with our cap space.I'm not sure I don't like Dragic better at 5/$45M than I'd like DWill at max money. Dragic plays significantly better D and is no slouch as a scorer and distributor.

VERY early candidate for best trade of the off season has to be...

Barbosa for Hedo and that ugly contract. Let's just say that so far Toronto is winning big. To be fair to Phoenix, this was on a "neutral" court. That ought to be worth a few points. Vancouver is a beautiful city. Perhaps they were distracted.


OT: MLB Playoff Races

So read after the jump if you follow MLB.

Sixers acquire Songaila, Brackins from Hornets for Green, Smith

I'm guessing that there may be somebody out there that believes this means we're going to get Chris Paul. And what is an out-court shooter? Is the bench considered "out-court"? If so, we had a player available who is known as a shooter and is going to spend most of his time "out-court" this season.

Another wing goes to a team rumored to have interest in Rudy.

So Delonte West signs with Boston. Where exactly are the teams that are to come clamoring for Rudy's services? Watching Rudy play in Turkey was going to increase his trade value. Instead it convinced Danny Ainge to sign a guy with questionable judgment. Do you know where your mother is? Are weapons charges less inconvenient than a Euro with a sense of entitlement?


Let's talk SGs that will show up to camp.

There is no question that Brandon will start at the 2. There is talk that he may play some PG, but it is questionable how good of an idea that is and until it happens we have every reason to...

Fated to be hated

This is mildly off-topic as it is not directly Blazer related, but this guy is one of the best sportswriters in the business and he raises an interesting question. How much will the Miami Heat be hated? Will it be a fleeting hate or have staying power? Could it approach our L*kers hate? My initial reaction is I could never hate a team more than the L*kers. Then, I ask myself "what team would you root for in a Lakers-Heat finals?" I start to let L... roll off my tongue and then my head explodes. What teams besides the L*kers and Heat do you hate? I suspect Jazz management thinks it's them. Does anybody out there think, "Well, if the Blazers don't win it this year... I hope the Heat get a trophy for Lebron to put in the Taj Mabron?"


It is difficult to turn Gomes' contract into Tony Parker, but other options are interesting

The rumors swirled on draft night, stirred by comments from Nic Batum, that Portland might be a future home for TP. One had to wonder if the salary tax flexibility created by the addition of...


Does the Gomes contract make us a player in free agency?

While much of the BE speculation has been packaging Gomes in a trade to benefit from his partially non-guaranteed contract, waiving his contract prior to July 1 will provide the team with...


How will the Suns try to exploit the absence of Brandon Roy?

Obviously, we will miss Brandon's scoring, but even when he isn't scoring Brandon frequently creates problems for the other team by occupying the other team's best defender and punishing the other...


Let's make a trade that makes us worse! (this year)

This is not a post to say that I would rather sneak into the draft lottery than make the playoffs. I absolutely want to see this team make the playoffs and with a healthy Brandon Roy I think it...


Trade Drawer 1-16

There seems to be a division among those who think a trade is needed to thin out the ranks in the backcourt while adding a center and those that dislike the idea of an in-season trade. Antonio...

Interesting commentary on truehoop about Blazers-Lakers game

it's just the Curse of the Willamette. L.A. has now lost ... nine times in a row in the Rose Garden Arena, and 22 of the past 26. It's so bad that Jackson joked he just marks the Portland games as losses when the schedule comes out. One thing's for sure -- L.A. has no shot if Bryant needs three times as many shots as Roy to get the same number of points. Should he fail to outplay Roy in the rematch, there's a good chance the Lakers' Rose Garden skid will hit ten. Somebody had posted this link in another thread. Thanks. I thought it deserved it own.

Just wondering if we'll ever see Freeland in a Portland Uni?

There are a lot of trickle down effects as a result of all the injuries. Joel will not be opting out of his contract and it may scare teams away from offering a big enough deal to pry him away after his deal expires. If KP likes him backing up G.O., and I think he does, I imagine a new deal would be in the works. Penderbeast should get a lot of run through the rest of the year and could have a solid grasp on the backup PF position when this season is over. Freeland brings a skill set more similar to L.A. with his perimeter shooting. Jeff P gives us the banger that is nice to pair with Aldridge. Would Joel F leave a $$ offer to play in the ACB to come over and be a 3rd string player here? It's very possible the Freeland is the best of our EuroLeague assets with the smallest liklihood of having a future impact for the Blazers. I could see him being the final piece in a deal with one of our veteran PGs being moved to get some help along the frontline. What do you thnk? Will we ever see JF in a Blazer uni?


Christmas Day Trade Drawer

As we look at trades right now, the goal should be filling in the gaps for this year and making the team better for the future. Other teams are looking to steal from us as they may feel we are...


It should come as no surprise that the 3rd string PG is not getting floor time.

There is angst in Blazerland! Free Bayless the masses scream! I enjoyed Ben's great post about Jerryd's improved play and agree that he has earned more minutes. Where does he get them? The obvious...


The official "Let's hope we don't regret passing on Sessions" thread.

I am not disappointed that we have added Andre Miller to our team. I think his ability to create easy opportunities for himself and others is exactly what this team needs. I do think that Ramon...

4 teams talking to Sessions... sure hope we're one of them!

I would link to (or whatever the SBN site is) but there is no Sessions talk going on there. These Bucks fans are sure nervous about losing Sessions! Most say he's easily worth the MLE. What do they know that we don't? Is taking all of our cap space into the season really our best option?


Andre Miller, Ramon Sessions, or Steve Blake

Let's look at a few basic stats for each player (last 20 games): Andre Miller 16.2 Pts/game, 5 Reb/game, 6.2 Assists/game, 2.6 Turnovers/game Ramon Sessions  13.4 Pts/game, 4.4 Reb/game, 8.2...



Who's your "and 1" Maybe a post like this has already been done, I'm sure some of this has been discussed on the main page and in the myriad of Hedo posts, but I thought it would be interesting...

Another reason to pass on Hedo

If Detroit wants to target Hedo instead of Ben Gordon... please let's not get in the way. My hope is the day after Gordon re-signs in Chicago, Hinrich will be having a press conference in Portland. Not sure this sportswriter can be trusted as they identify one of the primary free agents as Mike Bobby. They also justify Hedo as a target because Gordon would duplicate Rip Hamilton's position. I wonder if they have ever heard of Tayshaun?


S&T for Sessions that gets you a solid sf to replace Jefferson

I'm sure many of you would really like to keep Sessions and I honestly think Bucks management will do just that if the $ are around a mid-level deal. On the other hand, if the Blazers come and...


One fan's guess on how draft night might go down

This is all pure speculation and if any of this goes down as I suggest, I will be as surprised as any of you. The major point of this speculation is that POSSIBLY what we do may be determined by...


We need a point... and a counterpoint! Here is how it could happen!

My first post. Be Gentle! It seems many of the posts (except for Hinrich and Conley) targeting specific players with our money under the cap have been free agents. There are only a few teams...

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